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'94 Scrum / Carry lift completed

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by JInman, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. JInman

    JInman New Member

    Just completed my lift...well almost! I need to do a little body trimming around the front wheel wells and finish up a few odds & ends. I am also going to lower the rear shackles by 1-2" to make the truck sit more level - but most of the hard work is done. It was done in the same fashion as many others have done before, it's been great to refer to other's posts on the topic.

    In the front, I made 4" strut spacers, used 250lb springs, 2x3" rectangle tubing on the differential and engine cross members. I lowered the steering pivot (and diff mount) 3" welding in a new round tubing and lowering bracket so the diff and steering pivot is 3" lower. The front suspension support arms were modified to drop 3" and lengthened about 1.25 inches to reach without moving the brackets. Pitman arm was extended using a fabricated 3" drop bracket. I extended the brake lines by using 6" premade extensions and female to female connectors from the local auto parts store front and rear.

    Mid-truck, I moved the e-brake cable mount with a custom bracket, (also moved the driveshaft loop), and lowered the rear trans cross- member 2 inches. Motor mount brackets were fabricated to keep the engine in roughly the same location so hoses, lines and cables reach how they are supposed to.

    In the rear I did the spring over conversion with new spring perches welded to the opposite side of the axle tube. The previous owner installed lift shackles but I will shorten them around 2" to bring the rear end down just a little. I used a hockey puck as a 1" rear driveline spacer as it needed to be a bit longer with moving stuff around.

    It now has a new set of 14x7 wheels (4" back spacing) and 27x8.5x14 tires. Doesn't seem to have any binding on the ground or when jacked up - neither CVs or drive shafts. That said, I have only driven it a little with minimal steering since I need to trim the body. Also have yet to dial in the front alignment but that will happen in the coming weeks along with a few other things. I decided early on that these changes weren't going to be easily reversible - but I am okay with that and have no intention of putting it back to stock. Next is the timing belt for good measure and maybe custom bumpers. It's been a fun project!
    20170313_170157.jpg 20170313_170117.jpg
  2. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Nice job. Looks like you're doing it right!
  3. allen0288

    allen0288 Member

    Looks good!
  4. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I am planning about the same Body lift on my 91 Carry!
    I have a few questions?
    First what was the hockey puck used as ?
    Next do you have a pic of what and or how you did the front dif mount and pitman arm?

    And mostly, WHAT are those tires?
    I love the set up, I am planning a piece of plate steel across the entire front end, extending out to under the plastic front bumper!
  5. JInman

    JInman New Member

    The tires are Kumho 27x8.5x14 - "Road Venture" mud terrain. I purchased them new off Ebay but tire-rack has them too. The wheels are Bassett from Summit racing. The hockey puck was used as a rear driveline spacer (between the back of the driveline and the rear differential. Doing the spring over axle move in the rear caused the driveline to be too short, so that was an economical solution instead of having the driveline lengthened and rebalanced. I can take some pics of the front modification - the pitman arm is simply a piece of steel I made out of scrap that extends the arm down 4 inches to match everything else with the lift.

    I would say the most difficult part of the lift was cutting out the frame tube that supports the steering pivot and front diff. Not sure if your 91 is the same, but on my '94 there's a horizontal tube that connects the left/right sides of the frame together and both the differential and main steering pivot are mounted to this. I cut it out and welded a couple of 3 inch extensions to it then welded that to a new tube. Once that was all done I welded it back to the truck. Really wasn't all that difficult except for limited access underneath trying to cut / weld.

    If you search the forum you'll find pictures of others that have done it the same way in the front - in fact reading through here is how I modelled my lift - from reading through others who had already done it!
  6. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I've tried to view the other threads but the pics don't work for some reason?
  7. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    And yes I have the same cross pipe!
    I still don't understand the coil over shocks and the puck?
    Didn't you just use a set of coil over shocks in the back to add capacity?
  8. JInman

    JInman New Member


    Not a coil over, in the rear it was moving the rear axle to sit under the rear leaf spring instead of on top of it - that gives about 3" of lift. It requires welding in new spring perches on the top of the axle and new u bolts. Once that's done, the rear driveshaft was too short, so the puck sits between the driveshaft and the rear end (where the shaft bolts to the rear end)...longer bolts between these two and the puck.
  9. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    Wow Got you!
    So in thereo you could do the rear dif over the leaf spring and add 3" of lift!
    Then move the rear lefs forward 2" maybe?

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