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Who owned your truck?

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Mighty Milt, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    my truck has a lot of kilometers on it i just turned 106k. and with mileage and time the truck takes some wear... and tell tale signs of who originally owned it.

    when i first brought it home it smelled horrible & i spent a lot of time scrubbing nicotine stains off the paint inside of the cab, inside the dome light lens, scraping it off the glass and vacuuming ashes from everywhere.

    the seat back was broken in 3 places it killed my back and the lower cushion was cigarrette burned, worn and torn on the right hand side.

    based on all this i can surmise that that the original owner was a chain smoking dirty little hobbit of a man... probably all of about 5 feet tall, close to two hundred pounds and suffering from scoliosis!! :rolleyes:
  2. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Milt...I did better on my truck. Mine had nice seats, all floor mats, wood grain steering wheel, radio with cassett, no scratches on inside or out, 5 new tires, window guttering. I think for a 1994 truck this has to be the best shipped to America. The bed looks brand new inside and has a thick rubber matt in it. Told my budddies I kinda whished it was banged up some so I could go play with it and not feel bad. I get about 40 mpg using it around the farm and driving it about 4 miles a day to the local coffee shop. ray allen
  3. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Yes, these trucks are mainly drivin by stinky old Japanese laborers. They have a certain funk common to most, and It's difficult to get out of the vehicle.

    My truck was owned by a Marine who frequented our shop. He was an avid 4 wheeler racer, and always had it in the back of the mini.
  4. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Interesting comments. Mine was definitely 'babied' by whoever owned it in japan. The bed was in perfect condition and I'm thinking it probably wasn't used for much hard work.
    (though I'm thinking that whoever would buy a new subaru auto 4x4 in japan wouldn't really want to be using it for super hard work and abuse it over there)
    Interior also is in amazing condition.
    But I would be interesting to see all the different owners and uses these little trucks had over there. Either way, its great that so many over here on the other side of the world can enjoy them now and give them a 2nd life.
  5. gregw98

    gregw98 Member

    Other than a ding or two, mine is a near perfect example of a red 2wd Jumbo. The paint is slightly faded the interior is great with no tears or rips, even has HiJet floormats. The cigarette lighter is as new, never been used. Same with ashtray, never used. Only thing I found wrong is the drivers side window weatherstrip (door squeegee) is starting to crack. But the truck has zero rust to be found. With A/C and a 5 speed, I feel very lucky to have found my trucklet.
  6. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Haha..just read my own post, and it sounds kind of mean..didn't intend it that way.

    Mainly here on this island, the fellows are smokers and drinkers (no open container law here).. the trucks get used and abused fairly well since they are work vehicles.
  7. D'Animal

    D'Animal Member

    The previous owner of mine was a horse ranch and I tracked the owner before them and it was a golf course.

    Mine is pretty beat up.
  8. Ted Diehl

    Ted Diehl Member

    That's funny. You left out he probably sold it because he could not breathe anymore. I'm waiting for my Sambar to arrive from Japan. I got my fingers crossed that it won't be too bad and smell of cigarettes _ I quit smoking a year or two after my tour in Vietnam with the USMC. Back then, cigarettes were .35 a pack. sure am glad I quit
  9. 39Lasalle

    39Lasalle New Member

    My previous owner was a player! I found his wallet and in it was his driver license, a traffic citation and 5 little blue pills!
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  10. Ernies Imports

    Ernies Imports New Member

    My first truck was owned by a library, it was a 93 jumbo Hijet with the extended cab and AC,
  11. KevinK

    KevinK New Member

    We are definitely not the original US owners of our Hijet.
    In its previous life, it was a ranger/maintenance truck at Out of Africa wild animal park.

    Bow it lives its life as a hay feed truck hereat the ranch

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