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Wheel application list

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Tom's Mini Trucks, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. This may be an old subject ...but does anyone have a list or can provide info regarding which import car or truck 13" & 14" wheels will work on these mini trucks?
  2. volkswagen50

    volkswagen50 Member

    What I did was find out exactly what the bolt pattern was on my truck (93 mitsu 4x114.3mm) and then go to some of the regular car aftermarket wheel makers. Some of them list the cars by make with the stock size and bolt pattern on the site, but not always the offset. A trip to the junkyard to get one steel wheel from the car you find will be worth the trip and the 10-15 bucks for the wheel. Then you can test back spacing.

    The database of knowledge is still small for our trucks, so post your findings here when you get some. Good luck. Greg
  3. blackbelt5

    blackbelt5 New Member


    Tom if you will do a search i posted this a few weeks back hope this helps
  4. eeric

    eeric Member

    does anyone know the bolt pattern and offset for a sambar van? Btw, can you tell me what is offset? I'm no knowledge about this ...thanks
  5. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    There's already a thread on this in the Subaru Sambar section.
    It's here ---->>>> http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?t=113
    p.s. don't forget the "Search" button [either search the whole forum or each section]can be your best friend for digging up this kind of info:)
  6. Does anyone know of a wheel adapter that will work with a 4x110 mini truck hub and adapt to a 14" wheel of some sort? I am considering having them manufactured if I cannot find one. Also I would include a 4x100 and 4x115 adapter if I do....Anyone else interested in these? Any comments or suggestions are apreciated.
  7. Colin

    Colin Member

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  8. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member


    i got a set off ebay , 110 to 114.3

    check the mazda rx 7 web sites they often have them.
  9. Wheels and adapters

    Thanks for the reply,I have seen plenty of adapters that will change pattern within the 4x100-110-115 Mini trucks and atv wheels,I am looking for an adapter that will allow a 14 small truck or car wheel import or domestic.This will allow one to put a light truck 14" tire on a mini.
  10. Colin

    Colin Member

    What's the difference? Hubcentricity? 4x100mm is the same regardless of application, and they use 12x1.5mm studs on those spacer/adapters.

  11. Wheel adapters

    As we know not all mini trucks are a 4x100mm they also have 4x110 and 4x115,What I am after is an adapter that would go from all of these patterns ..to a 5 hole 14" wheel... japanese or domestic... something fairly common with an offset that would allow them not to stick out too far.I realize there will be some protrusion,no getting around that.My goal would be to be able to put on a taller, mud and snow type 6ply light truck tire.In Japan they have 145/R12 6ply light truck tires for these trucks,you cannot buy a tire like this anywhere in the USA.You can buy 155/R12 and 145/R12 "P" series tires here but this is only a 2 or 4 ply, passenger car tire,or trailer tire.These do not hold up well on our gravel roads,but I have had good luck with the 6ply tires that came on some of my trucks from Japan in these conditions...So I thought it would be nice to lift the truck and put a taller 14" 6 ply light truck type tire for this application as You can buy a 14" 6ply tire here in the USA.
    Most likely this will be something I will be having manufactured,as I cannot seem to find anything of the sort.Just wondering if there is any other demand for these,or suggestions.
  12. Colin

    Colin Member

    Why bother converting to five lug? There are plenty of 14" wheels with a 4x100 pattern. :sly:

    Both nateisanas and I are running 175/65-14 tires on our stock-height Sambars. He has 91-96 Escort LX wheels, mine are some American Racing units I pulled off an '82 320i.

  13. Wheels and adapters

    Great news!...This is what I am after this will help with the 4x100 needs for sure..However I need 4x110 and 4x115mm for my application.Any thoughts here?
  14. Wheels and adapters

    I spoke too soon,I just found the 115to 100mm on the link you provided...thanks...I cannot find a 110 to 100mm however...this site is Great!
  15. Colin

    Colin Member

    I bet they could make a custom one-off 4x110 to 4x100 spacer. Just a little different setup on the mill.

  16. Wheel adapters for Daihatsu

    Well I have done it ..if anyone out there is interested in a wheel adapter for Daihatsu (usually a 110mm bolt pattern) I am having sets made up as these adapters are not available.These will be 110mm x 4 to a 100 mm x 4 pattern with a 12mmx1.5 stud size. Thanks to Colin and more research I found that there are many wheels available in this 100mm x4 pattern in 13" 14" and 15".
    The Daihatsu 110mmx4 pattern is a rare size and only a Mazda RX7 79-85 ever used this bolt pattern and they do not fit the mini truck.
    I will be receiving my prototype next week and will maybe have to fine tune it but will be able to supply them soon. Cost will be about $50 each,post a reply if interested.
  17. gumballf355

    gumballf355 Member

    intresting... what about 1st gen wheels don't fit the hijets? Centerbore size too small?
  18. wheels and adapters

    Yes the RX7 centerbore is too small for a mini... I will post soon results on my adapters.
  19. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    why not just run a 110 to 110 spacer that will get the wheel out past the center bore?
  20. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    are the wheels stamped somewhere with what lug size they are? or do you have to know what car to get them from? i remember some of the old wheels having stampings in the for the offset but not the 4x100
  21. Wheels and adapters

    The 110mmx4 Mazda rx7 wheel is a hard wheel to find because this 110mm pattern was only used on the 1979-85 RX7 GS and Sport 1...the 1984-88 GSL & SE used a different pattern (114.3mmx4)and so did all of the 1986-92 RX7 Models.Since I need a spacer to adapt them I thought it made more sense to produce an adapter that one could have option choices..like 13",14" and 15". I will be posting a list of all available 100mmx4 wheel bolt pattern types available soon.
    I also have researched the 114.3mmx4 (commonly called a 115mmx4) wheels used over the last 30 odd years and will post them as well.
    This will be a list of all domestic and foreign make wheels with size (13,14,15 inch),center bore dimentions,width and lug size.
    Hope someone finds this info usefull????
  22. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    i am interested in all the 4X100.
  23. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    I got this off this sight awhile back. I can not guarantee the accuracy but hope it helps.

    4 on 100mm (3.93")

    Acura - Integra to '89
    Audi - most models to '89
    Audi Fox
    BMW 1600, 2002
    BMW - 2002, 300-series to '89
    Chevy - Chevette '76-'87
    - Spectrum, Nova '80-'89
    Dodge - Omni, Rampage, Aries, 024 '79-'85
    - Charger, Daytona (FWD) '82-'89
    Honda - all (except '76-'80 Accord, Civic) to '89
    Isuzu - Impulse, I-Mark to '89
    Nissan - Pulsar, Sentra '87-'89
    Opel Kadett
    Plymouth - Horizon, TC3, Reliant, Voyager '78-'89
    Renault - all to '89
    Toyota - Celica, MR2, Tercel '86-'89
    VW - Dasher, Fox, Jetta, Rabbit, Scirocco to '89

  24. Wheels and adapters

    Nova/Spectrum 88-89 13x5.5 4x100mm 12mmx1.5 -
    Prizm 90-on 14x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 -
    Aries 81-86 13x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Charger 2.2 82-86 13x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Colt 93-94 13x4.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Daytona 82-84 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Neon 94-96 14x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Aspire 94-on 13x4.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Escort LX Wagon 91-94 13X5.5 4X100 12mmX1.5 54.1
    Escort GT 91-96 15X6 4X100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Escort LX 92-97 14x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    continued next post
  25. Wheels and adapters

    Accord 82-89 13x5 4x100mm 12mmx1.5 56.1
    Civic 80-96 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    Civic EX 89-on 14X5 4X100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    CRX SI 86-91 14X6 4X100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    CRX,Prelude 80-91 13x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    DELSOL Vtech 92-on 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    Prelude SI 86-91 14X6 4X100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    I-Mark 83-89 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 -
    I-Mark turbo 87-89 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 60.1
    Impulse 83-92 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 60.1
    Stylus 91-on 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 60.1
    continued next post
  26. Wheels and adapters

    Rio 2000-on - ? 4x100mm 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Sephia,Spectra 94-0n 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    Miata mx5 90-on 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    MX-3 92-96 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    MX-3 GS 92-96 15X6 4X100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Protege 90-01 13x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    323 90-94 13X5.5 4X100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Topaz 91-96 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Tracer 91-96 14x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1

    continued next post
  27. Wheels and adapters

    Mirage 93-96 13x4.5 4x100mm 12mmx1.5 56.1Mirage 94-97 14x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    Mirage coupe 97-on 14x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 56.1
    NX 2000 91-93 14X6 4X100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    Pulsar SE 87-90 14X6 4X100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    Pulsar XE 87-90 13x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    Sentra 87-on 14x6 4x100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    200SX 95-97 13X5 4X100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    200SX 95-97 14X5.5 4X100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    200SX SE-R 95-97 15X5.5 4X100 12mmx1.25 59.1
    Horizon Omni 79-90 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Reliant 81-85 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    Voyager 81-85 13x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 57.1
    continued next post
  28. Wheels and adapters

    Celica 86-91 13x5.5 4x100mm 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Corolla 88-96 13x5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Corolla 88-97 14x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Echo 00-on 13x4.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    MR-2 85-89 14X6 4X100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    MR-2 spyder 00-on ? 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Paseo 92-96 14x5.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Prius 01-on ? 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
    Tercel 83-97 13x4.5 4x100 12mmx1.5 54.1
  29. Doug Waggonner

    Doug Waggonner New Member

    This may be a dumb question but......to use 14" or 15" tires and wheels on a minitruck wouldnt have to lift it?
  30. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    No not a dumb question at all.
    It's all in relation to the overall diameter of the tire.

    I'll show you how it works:

    Stock kei truck tire is: 145/R12 [usually with a LT afterwards as they do make proper truck tires in Japan]
    The actual O.D. of this tire is: 21.134 inches and the section width is 5.71 inches
    The next bigger rim size [13"] with a 155/70/R13 yields the following:
    Tire O.D. = 21.543 inches and section width = 6.10"
    The difference in circumference [how far the tire rolls in 1 revolution] is 1.94%
    bigger, making the vehicle speed 71.36mph when the speedo reads 70mph.
    A 165/65/R13 is even closer at 21.445 inches O.D.
    Want to run 14 inch? Then a 165/65/R14 is 22.445 O.D. / section width: 6.50"
    which gives a circumference difference of 6.2% [Actual speed = 74.34 when speedo reads 70 mph]
    still perfectly do-able in stock trim.
    Want to get crazy? How about a 195/40/R16 tire - They really do make this size tire!
    Tire O.D. = 22.142 inches [almost the exact O.D. of the 12" stocker]
    Section width= 7.68 inches [the width is probably getting to max]
    The two big draw backs with this combo:
    1. Unsprung weight of the tire rim as it's probably alot more than stock.
    2. Lack of a side wall with 40 series would make for a "interesting" ride:D


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