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[SOLVED] What is this dash light?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Automator59, Feb 17, 2023.

  1. Automator59

    Automator59 New Member Supporting Member

    My '96 HiJet S110 lights an icon when starting, and it stays on, blinking a little, then shuts off. I can't figure out what it means. Does anyone have an idea?
  2. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Well-Known Member

    Overheated Catalytic Converter.

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  3. Automator59

    Automator59 New Member Supporting Member

    I wasn't sure if I have a cat, but since it only comes on when I first start it cold, I don't think it is overheating. It may be an O2 sensor, but since it goes off in a few seconds, I don't think I will worry too much about it.

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Tripthyme

    Tripthyme Active Member Supporting Member

    Not an o2 sensor but a heat sensor. You can cut the wires and geound them to make it go bye bye forever
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  5. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    This is only on all Japan spec cars. Cats have a temperature feeler on the cat to give a warning when the cat is glowing hot (870 degree C). There is no effect on the engine management, just the warning in the check control. . On my 1988 BMW Japan spec. the initial warning signs in the cluster are cat, owners handbook, that is a test procedure for the japanese spec. cars that the warnings work, there is nothing wrong, that comes always on when you switch ignition on. When it comes on while you drive, then the cat is super hot.
    That was the reason that Japan regulations require a cat temp sensor. Japan was one of the few markets that required temp sensor on the back of the cats to warn you when the cats are overheating. if you look at Japans equivalent to the EPA pollution rules for cars you will see that there is a requirement for cat temp sensors as a safety device. A badly overheating cat will glow cherry red and ignite any paper or grass etc that its parked over. That is why this relay is installed, on my BMW it is p/n 61311382095 made by DEGUSSA, Germany. Thermo switch 870 degree Celsius
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  6. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that you said that Fred.
    I thought he was "SMOKING" something in the Cab. LOL!!!

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