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What accessory or part do you want next?

Discussion in 'Performance' started by xroadsimport, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    A previous post gave me the idea for this post. Why not let the guys with the mini trucks tell us what they want next. We have several things in development but what do we finnish first? Do you want a performance part? Cosmetics? Want a new lift kit for a particular truck? How about new wheel &/or tire options? Want a better parts department? What would make it better for you?

    The point is. You tell us what you want. If your idea is popular then we will see what we can do.
  2. shreddog

    shreddog Member

    1- a rear bumber/hitch combo that still allows opening and closing of rear engine door on subaru sambars please.

    2- Performance parts. lets make these little units go faster

    3-aggressive street legal tires

    theres my wish list
  3. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    1. We have a rear bumper that will work for you

    2. Not much for performance parts here or in Japan for that matter

    3. We just got some new tires that may be what your looking for
  4. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    Have any agressive tires that will fit on stock rims???
  5. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Carlisle superlug 6x12 will fit. I have the 23x8.5x12 Carlisle power tracks in stock but they require a 7" wide wheel.

    Very agressive tire...looks like a tractor lug tire.
  6. CHAD S.

    CHAD S. New Member

    rear glass

    How about cosmetic items? We have had several people looking for glass. I particularly would like to have a sliding back glass for my 94 suzuki.
  7. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    1. 13" wheels for the minis

    2. Back bumper for Honda
  8. kiowacampers

    kiowacampers Member

    A front bumper with receiver hitch and a bull/brush guard that fits with room for hood to open up on newer Suzuki models. Love my truck but would like a little extra protection if I happened to run into something. The bumpers wont do much since they are so low....If ya know what I mean....Thanks for the inquiries...
  9. mini me

    mini me New Member

    side body kits

    anything for performance want to make mine rip exhaust headers, cold air in take, drifting tires, steering and handling components anything for street racing
  10. MeZ

    MeZ Member

    1 - A Mini Truck (most likely suzuki carry)
    2 - Body Kit
    3 - Mod engine ;)
  11. cmaranto

    cmaranto Member

    13 inch wheels

    My first run of 13 inch wheels (13 x 5.5) are due in 1 week. Available in all lug patterns and finished either in Chrome or Black Powder Coat
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  12. mitsu911

    mitsu911 Member

    Hi angle front axle

    How about replacement front axles, such as a high-angle. In other words three CV joints instead of two kind of like they do on driveshafts that require to steep an angle. That way we could get more ground clearance. Please reply to k20arctic911@hotmail.com if what I am saying doesn't make sense.
  13. o8k

    o8k Member

    My first part would be.

    Used Mini truck;
    Quantity 1
  14. Birdfever

    Birdfever New Member

    transfer case swap

    I have a 2005 suzuki with auto transmition. The transfer case is a single stage case . Do you know if a high low case can be exchanged in place of the single gear case? I would like to put a high low in it.
    Or can a guy change out the ring gear and pinion for a lower gear.?
  15. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    i say aggressive mud,snow street legal d.o.t tires would be cool

    if you can get them i will buy 8 of them off you.

    say in
    225,45,15 (23")
    225,50,14 (22.9")
    225,55,13 (22.7")
  16. Half Life

    Half Life Member

    I think Steven said it best. Customer Service is where vendors will distinguish themselves. Not just some jobber to sell something but the Customer Service to stand behind their products. Face it, most of the vendors here sell basically the same items; lift kits, wheel/tire combo's, tune-up kits, etc.

    Sales and support systems, ie, Customer Service is what we the owners could really use.

    My $0.02, no more no less. Thanks.
    buy no2 vaporizer
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2011
  17. j0z3

    j0z3 Member

    1-Central locking kit.

    2- cheap audio system

    3- bumpers

    4- bixenon
  18. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    i drive my mitsu on the street so i would like a lower valance kit like you can get on the vans
  19. Service & Support Infrastructure

    It's always good to hear from truck owners as oppossed to dealers or importers. No offense guys!

    Being in the mini truck auto parts business, we do the best we can to consult with our customers and help isolate and resolve issues. However, we want to do more than sell parts.

    As a Data Network Engineer by trade, I have many years of experience in technology, IP data communications and customer support. I am leveraging my experience to build a readily available support infrastructure available to everyone in North America, be it owners, dealers, importers, repair shops or just curiousity!

    Although we have not widely publicized our intentions during development, I feel we've reached a stage in which the new site could be very useful to thousands of truck owners.

    We have been working very long hours to upload tons of data to the site as quickly as we can. Uploads will continue on an ongoing basis I'm sure, but I think even in it's current stage, it could be useful to many right now.

    Even the name is appropriate, Mini Truck Central.

    Visit the site and feel free to send your comments. MiniTruckCentral.com

    Community suggestions concerning future content can be emailed using the email link in the bottom of the main page. I encourage you to send your comments and suggestions as this helps us to fully understand what the market really needs in the way of support.

    Best regards,

    Mini Truck Supply
  20. tyfyeq

    tyfyeq Member

    front and rear bumper combo that you can put a wench on either
  21. scfountain

    scfountain New Member

    How about some of these tube doors for a Daihatsu!!!

  22. scfountain

    scfountain New Member

    I would like to see it WITH the plate to mount the factory mirrors. Thanks for the speedy response.
  23. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Good idea! Might be better to have an aftermarket mirror option instead of using the OE mirror. Also a mount for a spot light option. It would also be nice to provide a hinge like the jeep where the tube door can be easilly removed too.
  24. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    We will be working on this beginning next week. I am thinking a mount for a low cost mirror and not use the OEM one due to cost to replace. Mount for spot light on both doors make sense also. As I have all three of the trucks here I will take them to my designer and we will get some measurements started. Expect about 3 week to get them prototyped, priced and into production. Expect them to be available then.

    They will be powder coated... White or Black? My thought is white.

  25. scfountain

    scfountain New Member

    Sounds good. You guys move fast. If only my project team at work was that fast...

    Anyway, BLACK, BLACK, BLACK! From my experience, most people aren't leaving their trucks white. If you have a paint job, camo wrap, etc, white will just have to be re-painted.
  26. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Black, Black, Black!
  27. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    New products be developed for Mini Trucks by MichTrucks

    Ok we got the idea that Black is the preferred color. Se you gotta remember white is the color I sell so it just seemed natural...Sorry.

    "Quick in design" is because we have a designer and fabrication company we've been working with and we have some New products designed, tested, priced and now in production for release next week.

    Those currently done are:

    1 - Heavy duty front bumper with receiver for late model Suzuki's. (bolt on No Welding to Truck)
    2 - Heavy Duty Rear Bumper and Receiver for 1999 to current Suzuki (bolt on NO Welding to truck).
    3 - 3" Body Lift kit for 08 and newer Suzuki. Includes adjustable camber plate ( might fit earlier years, we need to measure those trucks to be sure). Welding is required).
    4 - 2" Lift kit with adjustable camber plate. (Welding is required to utilize the camber adjustment).

    All items are powder coated Black, but custom powder colors are available.

    New item being designed now. Rear tube bumper for Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu. this will include a built in Air Tank as part of the design.
    Expect this product to be available in 2 to 3 weeks.

    We will be listing these products on our web site along with presenting them to dealers.

    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
  28. mitsu911

    mitsu911 Member

    Dear Michtrucks:

    Thank you for making bumpers and such.

    I do wish to offer a suggestion. I would suggest that you put pictures of every model you can get your hands on with your accessories.

    I have been looking for a front and rear bumper, there is a guy on Ebay that sells them, but he gives no pics of what it looks like after it is installed. I am not going to buy something that fits but doesn't look right on my particular model.

    In other words, when your fabricator get's done making something, put it on the model it is designed for, take a pic, and put it on your website. I would guess that you would get a lot more business from people such as myself who are able, or know a friend who is able to put the accessory on his/her truck.:p
  29. scfountain

    scfountain New Member


    Do you offer a rear bumper with receiver for a 2001 Daihatsu?
  30. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Late Model Daihatsu Bumpers

    Not yet. We are still working on our Round Tube design to fit Suzuki, Daihatsu, and Mitsubishi. One bumper to fit all three. I will ask a friend about measuring his truck and seeing what will be needed to build the Heavy Duty late model Suzuki one to fit. Give me a couple of weeks and PM me to see how we are progressing.

    Currently in design are the tube bumpers for older S,D,M models along with Tube Doors for the same.

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