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Vantage TruckALL Govorner Adj

Discussion in 'Vantage International' started by EasyT442, May 8, 2009.

  1. EasyT442

    EasyT442 New Member

    Does anyone know if there is a way to adjust the govorner on the Vantage TruckAlls with fuel injection. 25mph on American roads is pretty slow.
  2. EasyT442

    EasyT442 New Member

    The website doesn't say. I was told they come here from China with the govorner disabled and Vantage turns them on. It required a programmer for the OBC, although they will not turn them back off for customers.
  3. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    If thats the case then order an ECM from china.
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  4. littlebigtruck

    littlebigtruck New Member

    Vantage trucks

    If you don't mind not knowing how fast you are going you can unplug the speed sensor from the back of the transmission. Then you can go as fast as you want.
  5. EasyT442

    EasyT442 New Member

    Thanks, I tried that aand it works great.
  6. EasyT442

    EasyT442 New Member

    Yes, I actually use one for my car, because the spedometer is off. Fortunately where we use it, the speed limit is under 35mph and you can just go with the flow of traffic. I'm just now getting over the whiplash of the 25mph govorner.
  7. morabuffalo

    morabuffalo New Member

    Tried, but did not work

    Hey guys, My wife just got me a 2004 Truckall and it is super fantastic at the ranch except for one thing...which you can guess. We have a place up near Taos and Santa Fe and this vehicle is super for the 3x3x8 bales we use. Don't have to fall out(more than once) of the truck, while feeding from the side. It is perfect except that I can not get past 2500 rpms which I have to have at the ranch. As a matter of fact, I have even been having trouble trying to go across little hills with difficulty, much less go into a small arroyo(ditch). My old 2-cycle golf car goes up the hill better, but with only 4 small bales. Anyway....

    Tried the disconnect at transmission...no.
    Tried disconnecting different sensors....no.
    Tried spraying extra gas in throttle body(EFI)...can get it to 5000 rpms while spraying, but now what...?
    There is not a shop in this area of the country.....I made a couple of long distance calls...no help. It must be illegal for a shop to talk about it. No one has the OBM to connect even if I drove out of state.
    Must be in the computer??? If so, what can I try?
    Littlebigtruck and EasyT442 must have a different type or carb or year than I do .... or was there more to the trans. trick?

    Any ideas guys? Thanks, rod

    RUSTIC New Member

    We recently purchased two used 01 vans at work and one the gov cuts in at 45kmh, the other one at 25 kmh. We spoke to Vantage in Calif and they said they programmed the computer wrong as they came with different gear ratios. They said if we were closer they would just send a guy over to reprogram it, but not to Wisconsin. We ended up purchasing a computer from them. It showed up last week but we haven't had time to switch it out yet. I plan to give the old computer to our electronic tech to see if he can figure out a way around it.

    We tried disabling the speed sensor in the trans too. It worked great until you cycled the key once. Then the check engine light came on it would only limp along until we plugged the sensor back in and cycle the key again.

    Our electronics tech suggested installing a rheostat in series with the sensor and tricking the computer into thinking the vehicle is moving slower delaying when the governor kicks in. We didn't try it as I don't know if the computer relies on a speed input for the fuel injection or not. Anyway it probably wouldn’t hurt to try it if you’re determined to get around it.

  9. draggbody

    draggbody Member

    try a fuel filter...
  10. morabuffalo

    morabuffalo New Member

    draggbody...before I even started it(kinda)...did all filters, plugs, cleaning, etc. but that is not it...there is something they do, not just that it needs a tune up. Still trying other stuff. We have had too much snow up in those mountains to do anything (even though I have snow chains on it...just no rpms to umph it anywhere in snow.

    Rick...I want to know more of what you did. And even, if you have contacts that I can talk to the guy you talked to...Yes, I am determined...It will be a heavy working vehicle. I do need the power, especially when I am loaded with a big bale. It seems that what they told you...it is all in the programming of the computer. When I get more time, I will let you know of some of the other things I am trying.

    Thanks, rod
  11. RUSTIC

    RUSTIC New Member

    I have the phone number at work, I will pm you it next week. The people we spoke to were very helpful but they came right out and said they will not disable the governor.

    I went back and read your post and I suspect it's not in the computer but I may be wrong. We can rev ours past 2500 rpms in neutral; the gov only kicks in when we hit 45 kmh. I suspect you have a clogged fuel injector, weak fuel pump or bad fuel pressure regulator.

    Auto repair shops are scared or these things when there's really nothing different about them than a typical full size vehicle. The mechanical, electrical, and fuel delivery principals of an internal combustion engine haven’t changed.

    We only had ours for 8 months now and the only problem we have is with the gov kicking in at 25kmh vs 45kmh with one of them. This was this way when we bought it. We haven’t switched the new computer out yet as we have been getting pounded with snow. Mechanically they seem pretty sound. Some of the interior plastic pieces are pretty poor though.

  12. RUSTIC

    RUSTIC New Member

    We replaced the computer and now the governor kicks in at 45 kmh like the other one. Rod, I PM'd you the phone number and contact at Vantage.

  13. RUSTIC

    RUSTIC New Member

  14. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    I can get you a stock from China no limits ECM. Mag or Vantage will never reprogram or tell you how to disable the speed limiter. It is just to much risk for them. They would be breaking the law.

  15. charliesgarage

    charliesgarage New Member

    Easy peasy. Just order a used ecu from these guys in China. Locate your ecu and showt pictures of the numbers and the connectors then contact Kenny At infosino_autobase@aliyun.com
  16. charliesgarage

    charliesgarage New Member

    I've ordered lots of parts from China, my new favorite is Wendy Wei
    bracewxdwendy@163.com Tell her I sent you. They accept PayPal!
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  17. Greg Wulff

    Greg Wulff New Member

    How much was it and did that infact fix the govoner issue? Just bought one for $50 in great shape some light rust but in great shape; had to rotate the engine and add new lubes throughout the truck. Also is there a wiring diagram for the radio you might know where to look?

  18. Tuvoca

    Tuvoca New Member

    I bought the OEM ECU/ECM from China (bracewxdwendy@163.com) and it allows it to go the normal speed I stead of the throttled speed. The rpm's are high but there may be an aftermarket modification totthe tranny I can ferret out to put back to it's natural state. Maybe there's a clamp somewhere. Worse case scenario, I can change the tranny/clutch for one from another car. I'm still new to all of this myself.

    Some radios come with instructions for installation that can help. If you have cash than patience, you get a pro to install it. If you have more skill than cash, you can use a multimeter ($10 or so at Harbor Freight) to find the DC power in & THEN figure out which lines have continuity to the speakers and antenna. AnotherAway to go is to hack a cassette adapter to make Bluetooth receiver for you phone ().

    I noticed my Vango Vantage didn't have a cigarette lighter so I am likely going to either hook up my own directly to the battery or use the power from the Amber roof flasher (which I removed) to power a permanent USB plug I want to install.
  19. Lancer18

    Lancer18 New Member

    Hello everyone with a vintage truckall. I have a 2005 Vantage truck all just recently jumpstarted my neighbors car and afterwords I lost the speedo and the governor seems to be actuating at 2500 rpm’s with the check light engine on. I tried in ODM scanner to pull codes from the motor unsuccessful. I have tried disconnecting the sensor for the tranny with no effect. It seems to me that this problem has presented itself in the past with other vehicle owners and I’m just trying to get this vehicle running at it’s normal 25 km speed. Talk to mechanics advantage they’re telling me could be an ECM problem does anyone know how to order a new ECM for 2005 truckall. Or any other suggestions that I might try not sure if jumping the vehicle fried the speedo sensor if that’s even possible I don’t know? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. Steven Rossi

    Steven Rossi New Member

    Hey you all, I figured out how to bypass the governor on my 2012 Primo if anyone needs help let me know! The speedo and odometer work and got her up to 67mph!
  21. Cordero

    Cordero New Member

    how did you do it?
    I have tried everything I can find online.
  22. Steven Rossi

    Steven Rossi New Member

    Hey man if you want just give me a shout and I’ll help you out 561 329 8602 Steve
  23. Cordero

    Cordero New Member

    Can you just tell me the steps here so I can do each step as I read it
  24. Steven Rossi

    Steven Rossi New Member

    Do you have 3 wires to the transmission speed sensor should be blue/white, black and black/white. ??
  25. Cordero

    Cordero New Member

    Yes have those wires
  26. Steven Rossi

    Steven Rossi New Member

    Ok all you got to do is the white and blue wire ohm it out to the wiring harness that plugs into the instrument panel should be same color. You then need to either depin or cut the wire coming out of the transmission and run a new wire to the instrument panel and depin or cut and spice in. Yourodometer and Speedo will work then, keeps the signal for those while not letting the ecm know the speed
  27. Steven Rossi

    Steven Rossi New Member

    Let me know how it goes
  28. Cordero

    Cordero New Member

    Awesome thanks I will let you know
  29. Cordero

    Cordero New Member

    Works excellent
    Thank you

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