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Tune up, Timing belt & Water Pump

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Gregkabob, May 27, 2008.

  1. Orlando

    Orlando New Member

    Thanks for the post. I'm not that mechanically inclined. But with your post felt I could correct a problem. My 96 Carry was stalling out so I ordered a tuneup kit. Replaced the plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. My Distributor cap had the same cracks as yours. Runs like a top!!!
    Only wish I had ordered my parts from Minitruck Supply Instead. I was in a hurry and couldn't catch them on the phone, so ordered from another outfit. Got the parts and was disappointed I didn't get the "Pretty Blue" NGK wires like you did. Was even more disappointed my coil wire was 2" too short. Called the company and was told to go to my autoparts store and get one. Wasn't exactly the response I had anticipated...but I'll remember it.
    Thanks again for your efforts!
  2. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    I'll throw a plug here for Mini Truck Supply. Never had a problem and Jeff delivers what he says. If he doesnt have it he tells you and doesnt leave you hanging. One of the better prices of mini truck parts that I know of.
  3. G1LB3RT

    G1LB3RT New Member

    Thanks for the info, Greg!

    Those photos and info made me feel like I can do all those by myself.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the zuki that i'll be buying tomorrow :D
  4. Gregkabob

    Gregkabob Member

    I'm glad that the post is still helping folks. I haven't been on the site much but my truck is still running great and I'm using it on the farm. We had a bit of snow this winter and it was great in the white stuff.

    I bought 12 in tires a guy that imported some from Japan. They have a very agressive tread pattern on them but I'm thinking of going back to ATV turf tires as the ride off road is a bit harsh. I did register my truck and it's legal for the street but I find I don't ever drive it off the farm so I'm going to let the tag expire and keep it on the farm.

    Orlando, I was real pleased to see the tricked out blue wires when I got mine and they all fit exaclty. I don't think my truck ever had a tune up by the condition of the plugs. The guy I bought mine from thought the timing belt had been changed but couldn't guarentee it so for my peice of mind I changed it and since the water pump was right there changed that too. Those should last me for as long as I have the truck.

    Yes, Mini Truck Supply has been my first choice in parts as they have done an excellent job since my first order. I'm thinking of ordering a clutch kit and brakes for when the time comes they need to be changed.

    Hoddie, I too would like to see pics of your truck and mods. I'm really interested in how you made your rear bumper and installed it. I've got my welding skills up and I'm ready to make some truck parts :)

    G1LB3RT, The jobs are not hard at all and if you get stuck the folks on this site can help you out. Also look at ordering the book for the truck. I did and it helped me a lot.

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  5. hoddie hog

    hoddie hog New Member

    pics of hoddies carry

    here is a few pics of my 94 carry it is hard to see the black bumper and this the first time I have tried to send any pictures so hope they turn out ok and I rechecked my last post and I said that I ground a grove in the generator pully that was not right it was the crankshalf pully that I marked for the timimg mark which works good

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  6. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    What kind/weight of lube did you put in the transmission? I've been searching here most of the day and can't seem to locate that little tidbit of info. I want to flush my trans but I'm not sure what to use. Research suggests that 75-90 wt is what I want in the diffs; is this the same for the trans?
  7. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    75-90 in all including transfer case and yer good to go..for the few extra $ synthetic will give you better performance and quieter ride:)
  8. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Sweet, thanks! I was thinking of the synthetic in the diffs so good to know I can use the same thing all around :) I'm excited to crack my truck open and get to know him a little bit...
  9. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    Cregkabob, great job with your write-up.

    FYI. Did you think about marking your front pulley when you had the flywheel on the mark. I did it's a bit more practicle.
  10. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    JISI-Just In-time Service Interval


    This is a great STICKY; a very good string and I wanted to let you know that I have done the same repairs. She was leaking like a stuck pig..confirmed from the front, I just hope that the rear crank seal is not in the same state; only time will tell...

    Timing belt, tensioner, cam-seal and crank seal.
    I also hot-welded the front B.S. timing mark FLAT on the lower cover to accomodate a larger crank pully for a future mod...:cool:
    My rear timing mark was yellow chalk marked at 7deg BTDC.

    N.B. DO NOT de-torque the cam and/or crank mounting bolts, as I have read elcewhere, buy use of the starter. You will SHEAR and/or grind the starter gear/flywheel. Just bring it to any shop and ask them to de-torque them with a 17mm. Take it home and do the job.

    All in all, very easy, with the help of the post and well within general ability.
    5hr job...17mm, 12mm, 10mm--tapping hammer, seal-puller(scratch-ahul & micro wood screw-plyers)

    My vendor, I don't see on here, but deserves some rec. as he gave me very good pricing for all components, albeit, a little long in the delivery time, but just the same, answered the phone and was easy to deal with. I know there is some kind of stigma, with the non-support on the site, so I will just say that he is on the MOUNTAIN if you wish to contact him. To me, time is not really a factor, but the pricing was WELL below market, and all parts were OEM, from Japan. You know how hard I am on vendors, I only have two points to mention.

    1, Took a long time to get the parts
    2, On the bill of sale, as a referance, the cam-seal and crank-seal were indicated in reverce. If I ordered one or the other, would I have gotten the wrong one? They definetlly have two different IDs and are NOT interchangable. But, since I ordered both, all is well.

    Very good service all in all.

    I DO have a bone to pick with my vehicle Vendor however;
    His site specifically states, that ALL vehicles sold are upgraded with a NEW timming belt, as well as the usuall tune-up components. Plugs, cap and rotor were obviously only a year old...but the wires apeared to be original and the timming belt DEFFINETLY apears to be original.

    This is a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned, and could have cost me alot of $$$$$$ JISI.. I think he just pulled the front cover and said, "this looks OK" and put it back on. I will not buy another vehicle from him, nor will I recommend him. If someone wanted to know, they could just search my previous posts to find out. I'm just pissed, because I paid TOP dollar for it thinking (and told) that it had a FULL tune-up; and specifacaly asked if the timing belt had been replaced...YES...even so, I will not directly defame by name.

    Good Vendors are hard to find and I think that I am particularly hard on them but this guy will not hear from me again.

    This is a zero clearance engine and I need to make SURE everything is tip top before I start forced induction...I just hate it when vendors B.S. me....

    Does this look like it has 14months and/or 5000 km on it? :sly:


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    Last edited: Aug 6, 2010
  11. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    I replaced my belt at 75000Kms and it was in better shape than that one.
  12. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    I know, It's total B.S.; and I hate it when vendors get me pisse* of*. I'm just glad that I cought it in time; could have been an expensive mistake(vendor, I mean).

    By the Buy, the Quaker State 100% synthetic 5w-20 is great stuff and the FRAM 4967 is only $8.00, and is the same filter surface as the original.

    Thanks Guys...

    This site ROCKS!!!!!

    RETURN---Forgot to add second reason I know vehicle vendor did not replace timing belt; Original factory silver tape over distributor adjustment locking screw. In japaneese "factory set"(or what ever). T-40 torques required for adjustment.

    Last edited: Aug 6, 2010
  13. Little Foot

    Little Foot Member

    U can also use AC Delco PF1233
  14. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    The Fram 2951 is also Ok, it is just "bigger" in overall fillter capacity, but it will fit and work just fine...

    I am glad that we have SO many options...

  15. Gregkabob

    Gregkabob Member

    It's been a while since I've been on the site. I'm glad that the thread is still helping. My truck is still running great and getting a workout on the farm. I keep my generator loaded in the bed for when I need power were ever I am. I've been doing a lot of welding for fences lately.

    I did put road tires on it but think I'm going to go back to an ATV turf type tire as I don't really run it on the road like I thought I would and the road tires are a but harsh running the fields and trails.
  16. broad

    broad New Member

    I am also looking for an alternator for my car. I hope that you can PM me their site so that I can also browse their items. Right now, I usually google the part and order it online, but think I really needed some original parts so I am a bit desperate here to know the site. hehehe
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  17. NoExpert

    NoExpert Member

    +1 on the great thread.

    I just ordered a tune up kit for my DD51T. I plan on changing the timing belt soon too. Thanks for this great write up. :D
  18. Handyandy

    Handyandy New Member

    I completed this repair over the weekend, and referenced this thread about 30 times. We'll see how it works tomorrow. It ran great for about 45 minutes while I was putting my tools away. I also changed the thermostat (see picture of the old one!). I removed the jack and the jack mount since I dont have chain vice-grips and my old timing belt seemed too good to cut up. This gave me lots of room for an impact gun! Thanks for starting this thread.

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  19. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Wow that old stat looks like it's been through hell...good tip on the impact gun clearance
  20. entz_fire

    entz_fire New Member

    DIY, thanks for sharing.

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