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Took my mom mudd'n........sortof (video)

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by 98 SNAKE EATER, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Told her to hop in the back to see how she liked the seats and that we were gunna drive around the block :rolleyes:

    Little did she know I was gunna tear through a muddy trench lol :eek:

  2. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    i like your 98 SNAKE EATER FOR SALE!! video must of taken a long time to make it
  3. Yeah, it took a while to gather all the footage and stuff, but it was well worth it as the new owner flew out from Texas and bought it for exactly what I was asking (about twice book value) :cool:

    Working on a similar sales video for my mini right now :eek:

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