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Tiger Trucks??

Discussion in 'Tiger Trucks' started by Shep VA, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. Shep VA

    Shep VA New Member


    What does anyone know about a tiger truck?? Kinda cool looking truck with the box bed and all, but are they any good? Are they a Toyota or who makes them?? It is a left hand drive but I dont know much about them.

    Any ideas??
  2. I don't know much about them either, I have an email here from them wanting to talk to me about a distributorship but I really have no interest in anything other than kei trucks. From the email it appears that they are based out of california and that's about everything I know about them....and that might be wrong LOL
  3. Shep VA

    Shep VA New Member

    Yeah, the more I look at this one I am thinking it is a 2wd truck, that is why the price was so low on it. Neat looking machines though. I really like the little box bed on that one, not sure what I would do with it, but it looked kinda cool.
  4. -DoC-

    -DoC- New Member

    These are made in China...

    Not quite the quality of the Japanese ones.

  5. jpbunch

    jpbunch New Member

    Tiger Trucks

    Tiger trucks have a broad line of vehicles. They supply mini trucks, mini vans and large capacity trucks. They have both the mini truck and large truck in extended cab and four door models. They also provide gas, e85 and electic versions of most of their vehicles. I think they only supply the large truck with four wheeel drive. I believe the large truck is assembled in Oklahoma, while the other vehicles are imported from China.
  6. Dan

    Dan Member

    I've had one for just over a year and it has been great so far. I think they are from texas. It has had only one problem in a year and it was a heater core weeping. they were able to take care of it immediately. good stock of parts to call on. I ordered mine with a 3-way dump and extra rear suspension. very stout little truck. no chinese quality problems yet... theres pictures in my gallery. i'll let you all know if it starts to fall apart. as of right now its very comparable to all of the others i have had. mitsu, hijet, cushman... no i take that back the cushman was bad.
  7. case450

    case450 New Member

    Tiger Trucks

    We Are A Dealer For Tiger Trucks // They Have A 12 Month Factory Warranty Also If Your Part Is Not Shipped From Texas In 48 Hours It Free!!!! We Have Trucks That Start At $7450.00 And Up Not Much More Than A New Golf Cart .web Site Corbinequipment.com
  8. dayspowersports

    dayspowersports New Member

    tiger truck

    these truck are china trucks. i checked on becoming a dealer for them my app. was returned because another company had ordered 2 days before us. im sure glad, i have tried a lot of china products and they are not for me.
    have you guys at corbin equipment sold many of these units?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  9. buyargo

    buyargo New Member

    Regarding the Tiger Truck, I called 4 dealers today telling them that I am interested in becoming a dealer. The 4 dealers I called were large commercial/Indsutrial distributors or retailers (Cushman, Toyota Lifts) and everyone said that they have had very few warranty claims and all the gasoline vehicles have been bulletproof. They said to survive in the commercial market it has to be a good product or they would not put their name on the line. Each highly recommended the Tiger truck line and I called the service department, not the sales.

    Said parts and accessories are available in 3 days to your dealer door, and trucks are speed limited, but there are go arounds they said for the naughty customer. One said even though it has a 5 speed trans, it only is shiftable through 3rd gear, easy fix he said, but reassured be that the dealer better not play with it or could get big fines and a lawsuit.
  10. jpfanne

    jpfanne Member

    The hospital here in Missouri has 3 mini trucks that they have people transporters on the back. One is a Hi-Jet Jumbo and the other 2 are Tiger trucks. I was talking to the drivers the other day and they said they have had nothing but problems with them. The hospital is going to get rid of the whole fleet. I asked what they had go wrong with the Hi-jet and he laughed and said they had not had to fix a single thing on it, but the Tiger trucks were constantly broke down. Just thought I would add my 2 cents.

  11. xsaskier66

    xsaskier66 New Member

    Tiger Declared Bk Chapter 11

    Tiger Is Gone
  12. bradtulsa

    bradtulsa New Member

    Lawsuit in the works?

    We purchased a Tiger Champ new in 2009 for use on our ranch. It's a 4x4 model, supposedly top of the line. We've had nothing but an absolute nightmare with this truck. The factory is less than 50 miles from our ranch, and warranty service has been a nearly weekly affair. The ignition system, brakes, fuel pump, and plenty of other parts of the truck have failed, and the truck is currently not driveable.

    If you have the opportunity to buy one, run away as fast as you can.

    That being said, we are considering pursuing this in court and are wondering if there have been other suits agains Tiger, class action or otherwise?
  13. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Been there done that with China made mini trucks. Never ever again.
    Any China made mini truck SUCK. Ive owned 3 different ones. Vantage, Metro, dont remember the name of the 3 rd. one. I will say to some degree the engines and trans. seem to be ok but the electrical and general interior and exterior fall apart quick.
  14. xsaskier66

    xsaskier66 New Member

    Parts for your tiger

    I have contact person that can help you for parts if you need any

  15. Davidatbnb

    Davidatbnb New Member

    We service a fleet of tiges and am having trouble sourcing parts. We were buying direct until the plant closed in Oklahoma. Would appreaciate any help.
  16. Davidatbnb

    Davidatbnb New Member


    We service a fleet of tiges and am having trouble sourcing parts. We were buying direct until the plant closed in Oklahoma. Would appreaciate any help.
  17. 747george

    747george New Member

    Electric Tiger Truck

    We have three electric tiger trucks on our university fleet. One has been parked due to major and expensive electrical problems. The other two have been in daily use for a couple of years now. The weak part to the electrics are the chain and sprokets. They are smaller than my motorcycle chain. They fail very quickly especially if the truck is loaded.
  18. pattrick

    pattrick New Member

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