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Tiger Truck speed control

Discussion in 'Tiger Trucks' started by Dray41, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I too thought the response was great. As it appears that support for this model is limited. I don't understand why a picture is needed. Cheers!
  2. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    Wow! You deleted us from your browser history? I usually only do that if I want to hide my porn trail. Minitrucktalk must be worst than porn.
  3. renchjeep

    renchjeep Member

    Well, both are a bit addictive! Maybe there is a Chinese minitruck forum? I know I can always find different kinds of ummmmm...other stuff on the internet.

    Wondering if it's time to look at the wiring on my 94 or so Mitsu minicab for a solution similar to the oil worker guy---I forget his name, sorry---found on his Tiger? Sounds pretty simple, and may just be a standard way of limiting speed?

    Maybe I will try powering the coil from a different "ign on" power source, like a switch on/under the dash? Maybe this would also make for a theft-deterrent ignition cut-off as well.

    Anyone tried this?
  4. bdmf3509

    bdmf3509 New Member

    If you have the A13 ECU, change it out to a A9 ECU and it will go as fast as you wish. Call GLB at 214-884-2778 for your parts needs on Tiger Trucks.
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  5. xsaskier66

    xsaskier66 New Member

    Tiger speed control

    I can get you a new ECU brand new..that can help your issue , xsaskier66@yahoo.com
  6. bdmf3509

    bdmf3509 New Member

    Call GLB @ 214-884-6243
  7. bdmf3509

    bdmf3509 New Member

    Call GLB @ 214-884-6243 for parts quotes on Tiger Truck parts.
  8. gregary

    gregary New Member

    I just bought an 08 4 door tiger star with only 115 miles on it, it too is governed at 25 mph. Did u ever find a way around the govenor? Is relacing the ecm the only way and if so, where do you get the A9 ecm I read about
  9. bdmf3509

    bdmf3509 New Member

    The 3600010A13 controls the speed on the later model Tiger trucks. You can replace the ECU or you can replace the chip in the ECU. Call GLB Enterprise @ 214-884-6243 for more details. Here is a picture of the A9 ECU, if you have the A13, it will say A13 instead of A9.

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  10. PCB

    PCB New Member

    I have an 08 and have just replaced the ECU chip. It went from 25 mph to 56 mph. I also replaced the fuel pump and it cleared up the low end performance if that's helps.
  11. PCB

    PCB New Member

    I bought the chip for the ECU at Pedros Garage. They call it the Tiger Techno Upgrade. $200.00. Well worth it !!
  12. solac

    solac New Member


    does A-3600010A9 ecu have immo? also does anybody know if this ecu is only for A/T trans ? i am trying to google a lot of info for this ecu and came out with nothing and found this site.

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