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The Myanmar Suzuki Super Carry

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by RK Walsh, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. RK Walsh

    RK Walsh New Member


    Since I didn't see much on this, I thought I'd talk about the locally assembled Super Carrys.

    In late 2016 a JV dealer (MC Aye Yar) started sales of locally assembled Super Carrys and Ertigas. The price was (and still is) pretty reasonable, about $7000 all-in. A key point is that these are fully registered and have owner's books. Used Kei trucks from Japan are all over the market, selling for much higher, and these are right-hand drive on right-hand lane roads.

    The trucks are left-hand drive, unlike the Japanese used imports. The speedo and odometer are in miles (this is one of the last hold-out countries). There are no electronics on the thing, it's points and condensor, carbureted, manual transmission. There could be a heater, but if there is one, it's not hooked up (kind of need one in the far north of the country). Otherwise, the trucks are shit-simple and very rugged. Comes with the 1000cc engines (F10?).

    We have welded and modded rear bumper, added canvas cab frame, put in bench seats for about 8. Another mod was to weld extension and curve to exhaust as it was a straight-back pipe and exhaust would choke out passengers.

    These are 2WD, -BUT- with 300 pounds of cement or sandbags in the back over the rear axle, these trucks go anywhere, and in some cases more places than SUVs. The rookie mistake is driving on mud or sand without any weight in the back. I have forded rivers up to 3 feet deep, but while not daring to stop midstream. (Yes, later we found water mixed in rear dif oil)

    Now for the bad parts: The knock-down kits these appear to be made from include parts labeled in several languages, Spanish being the most common. When we do order parts, for some damned reason everything but simple filters and pumps has to come all the way from Japan, or God-Knows-Where. I find this odd now that Suzuki has a factory 30 minutes away from the dealer. Dealer mechanics are just barely a step up from village shade-tree skill levels.

    I bought 3 of these, they have 15-30,000 miles on them over 3 years, depending where stationed. Common failures are thermostats (1), fuel pumps (1), and now what we think is a failure of the gas and temp gauges.

    I don't know if these could be exported to the states; I have a feeling they would not pass emissions testing. If they could be exported, then new Kei trucks could land on the west coast for maybe $8000 CIF.

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