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The Large Truck Thread

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Stuff99, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    you west coast guys and yer winter outdoor painting really steams me:mad:

    lol just jealous...looks good
  2. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    LOL:D I never even thought of that,

    Bust out the ice scrapers guy's................not
  3. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Almost finished pics, ;)

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  4. Psilosin

    Psilosin Member

    Looks great!
  5. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Thanks Psilosin,

    It's like a big brother of yours!
  6. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    wow she's looking fine!!
  7. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Yea, till you need tires!

    I just paid $410 for 2 after installing them, they use high presure air valves and are 8 ply
  8. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    still cheaper then some of those ford/dodge/chev truck tires!!

    got some pics of the new ones mounted?
  9. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    The tire store didn't have a metric impact socket so they used a 1 1/8" socket and it worked fine.
    Pretty big nut and studs on there though, and the hubs were huge for a smaller truck too.

    Yokahama Y370 LT 8 ply's D rating

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  10. Psilosin

    Psilosin Member

    Thats the same tire I just ordered for my Liteace. I assume you only need the high pressure air valves if you are going to inflate them to a high psi (ie 50+)? I had these tires on a VW Vanagon a number of years back inflated in the low 40's psi and am pretty sure they just had standard air valves as far as I know.
  11. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Yes, I saw your posting on the same 8 ply tires you ordered,

    The shop would only install them with the metal high presure valves, like you say it's 50 plus pounds to a max of 65lbs for those tires.

    I'm running 54 on mine in front 50 in the back 4
  12. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Newest addition picture,

    I added 1.5x3" x10' of boxed aluminum (called)to the top of the box sides,
    and added blue reflectant and a Canter decal, I also painted all stap hooks blue.

    I still need to add a thick plactic cap to the aluminum box top to protect it from loads in the back.

    The taller box sides give me a little more support for things being hauled in the back.

    Update: this diesel 5 speed truck gets excactly the same milage as my Bravo van did.

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  13. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    Can someone please explain the "allure" of these JDM trucks? Last time I checked, North American built 2004 or 2005 Mitsubishi Fuso were selling for about the same price as their 20 year old counterparts from Japan.
  14. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member


    Well, I can't say about the Fuso made in the US, as I didn't know there was an option to buy one there.

    But I can tell you for me it's mostly good milage, I don't need or want a V8
    And don't want to pay for the gas for it.

    Another big thing for me is the great options these trucks have in their designs.

    Nice small engines, flatdecks, dropsides, practical interiors, etc.

    With me, driving a big V8 just to have an 8 foot box seems like a waste of everything.
    (unless you always need to pull something very very heavy)

    I have a REAL practical work truck here, 10 foot x 5 foot box with drop sides, powertailgate, 1.5 ton hauling capacity, dualies, 4 cyl diesel, 5 speed with "bull low" gear, great turning radius, plus 50 literes takes me 500plus kms

    I have had so many people come over to me and say why don't they make something like this over here?
    And we chat about it while the $40,000 F350's and Dodge Rams are pulling up in front of the IGA for some groceries, with a skillsaw and a few 2x4's in the shiny box.

    Well, the rest of the world EXCEPT North America does use these practical types of trucks, but the marketing in the US is a "muscle car", (but now in the form of a truck).
    HEMI engines, big wide hood scoops, the trucks US is making are the new muscle cars, and they have marketed them very smartly, too bad there not practical.

    Now these small Japanese trucks? Trust me if Detroit or Canada made them we would buy them, at least I would.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2010
  15. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    totally agree with Coast Steve....Ford no longer even sells a 6 cylinder option...the big 3 have diesels that are no longer economical,the only reason for paying the big bucks for 1 now are torque and longevity....I used to have a 1994 gmc Sierra 4x4 6.5 td that would get over 30mpg on the highway..my friend has a 2009 duramax that only gets about 22 with a light foot..but it will beat the hell out of most cars in a stoplight drag race...I guess the big 3 built them to the wishes of the masses..being on this forum means I most likely am not 1 of the masses :p
  16. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    The Canter is looking very nice Steve! Say, you could now get money transporting the little Kei trucks for people!
  17. Psilosin

    Psilosin Member

    How did you attach the aluminum rails? Looks good.
  18. Schick

    Schick Member

    Wow! nice truck1 I tpracticallyt looks brand new. I wish my old Titan was in that great of shape. Repaint?
  19. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    Thanks, I am doing my best to make it look sharp.
    I think that would look neat, a mini in the back of my maxi.:p
  20. Coast Steve

    Coast Steve Member

    The rails I mounted by drilling larger holes on the top and driving #8 screws into and though the bottom of the aluminum and into the trucks metal.

    I needed to predrill everything first, so I will cap the big holes with a rubber strip later

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