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Suzuki Every 1995, numerous problems

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by VanOne, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. VanOne

    VanOne Member

    So anyone have any solutions to these problems:

    A)Heat meter does not react at all, until engine apparently is close to top heat or over. Sometimes, on uphill or high crank situation, meter goes backwards. I drove well over an hour after noticing this and the engine kept going perfectly, only seemed to actually heat up some 10 minutes before I stopped driving.
    B)Car keeps running even when the key has been removed if the engine is running hot. Have to intentionally stall it to stop the engine.
    C)Coolant seems to leak from somewhere near the front, but where? Radiator no sign of leak at least what I can see from the front without opening anything, looking under the front no dripping, but there is evidence of coolant flowing from the front to the back and then dripping from multiple places on the bottom of the vehicle. Dripping is right behind the spare tyre, on both sides of vehicle below rear passenger doors.
    D)Even when engine is running hot, will not push hot air from ventilation. Air filter was replaced.
    E)Sometimes, trying to get going from gear 1 triggers terrible amount of jolting/shaking. Like a jackhammer. Sometimes gets going smoothly.

    The water pump was replaced. So I assume the problem is either blockage in the radiator, or a leak somewhere in the front of the vehicle. Leaving the vehicle on downhill after having stopped the engine there is some random sloshing sound from the front.
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  2. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Well-Known Member

    You will get a lot more exposure if you will repost in the suzuki section (one up from this section) The Every & Carry are the same vehicle.

  3. Wheelie

    Wheelie Member

    Sounds like maybe a water pump (which is behind timing cover) or head gasket or freeze plugs. Coolant gauge on the dash won't work right if the coolant level is low and air pockets are in the system. You need an IR gun and test actual engine temp to confirm overheating but the run-on or dieseling could be from it running hot. Make sure radiator fan is working as well. Coolant leak needs addressed for sure. If it keeps running hot you will blow a head gasket if its not already and warp the heads or even worse. Id start with pressurizing the cooling system and see if it is indeed coming from the timing cover area or from head gasket area or freeze plugs. Also if coolant is milky you most likely have oil getting in to the system. Id check oil level and smell as well.
  4. VanOne

    VanOne Member

    Well, the engine(including not shutting down on key removal) related problems were the head cylinder gasket being...beyond awesomely handled by the Japanese owner. Instead of replacing a gasket with a hole in it, they tried to...plug the hole with gooky stuff. Random gear problem was the clutch being the same as if it wasn't there, so worn down. Heat meter..well, the people who replaced the water pump only replaced 1 hose. Left another one leaking there.

    All in all, quite durable engine. With a blown head gasket & badly functioning coolant system it lasted some 200 kilometers of driving(with speed up to 100km/h) & emission tests with no damage.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  5. Wheelie

    Wheelie Member

    Glad you found it. Thanks for reporting back.

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