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Suzuki Carry & Every English Parts Manual 1999

Discussion in 'References' started by hydroman, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. hydroman

    hydroman New Member

    Suzuki Carry & Every English Parts Manual 1999~2004
    by James L. Danko
    Paperback, 226 pages, ©2008
    i found one of these on lulu they want 70.00 for it does anyone know if this is a good information book or not and worth the price thankyou craig
  2. Archer-Andy

    Archer-Andy Member

    My truck is a 1999. I need the same manual that you are asking about. I just haven't ordered it yet. I bought the older version (1998 and older) manual prior to the newer (1999-2004) manual being available. It's still in the box wrapped in bubble wrap. I looked through it, but it's not much help to me since my particular truck year and model isn't included.

    If anybody needs a manual for 98' and older trucks (DB51's), then let me know. I can make a great deal for somebody on a brand new manual.
  3. By the time you try to get an original Japanese manual or any others from Japan you'll spend a lot more than $60. Plus Suzuki parts manuals are confusing at best even in Japanese...LOL. Just buy the manual and get it over with....LOL. I have the whole collection!

    Merry Christmas!
    Santa in Tokyo....
  4. :)Ho Ho Ho,

    yes but since we make the manuals and an authorized OEM Suzuki-Daihatsu-Mitsubishi-Subaru dealer in Japan we also carry all the parts for these little guys & we can support the world...just like Santa:D. I prefer Coke anyways:p

    Frosty in Tokyo!

    Merry Christmas!
  5. hydroman

    hydroman New Member


    i need a quote for a service manuel for a 1999 suxuki db52t thanks
  6. Archer-Andy

    Archer-Andy Member

  7. o8k

    o8k Member

    DD51T 1993 Carry Factory service manual comments:
    Does anyone else find the circuit diagram really blurry and hard to read?
  8. tbp

    tbp New Member

  9. garnetland

    garnetland New Member

    Do u still have the manual?
  10. Archer-Andy

    Archer-Andy Member

    If this question was directed towards me, I sold the manual several months ago. Thanks! Check out the link to Lulu.com in my previous post.
  11. melannak

    melannak New Member

    Need a 1989 Manual

    Hello, I have a 1989 Suzuki Carry pickup and am looking for a manual. Is yours still available? And is it the one I need? I would be glad for more info. Thanks,
  12. vegetax007

    vegetax007 New Member

    I could use some help trying to get manuals for a 1994 engine f6a v-DK51T truck. I plan to do some motor work and some electrical work soon. It would be a major help to me to get a hold of the service books.
  13. melannak

    melannak New Member

    Manuel for 1989 Suzuki Carry Pickup

    I am still looking for a manual for a 1989 Suzuki carry Pickup. What I really need is the engine manual. Does anyone know where I could get one.
    Thanks, melannak
  14. axle

    axle Member

    guys if your looking for this pm me your email:D

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  15. Maratr

    Maratr New Member

    Hi Axle! I would be very grateful if you could send me this manual. Thank you! maratr2007@gmail.com
    Maybe somebody can tell where can i get it?

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