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Suzuki carry / daihatsu hijet engine swap and entire vehicle-mods

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Jeremy47, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Jeremy47

    Jeremy47 New Member

    200hp wtf i was thinkng more along the lines of maybe 55-70.
    mill the head for more compression, get a digital spark advance box in and maybe a few other things im not finding words for right now.
    i love 2stroke engines, my last scooter was a 50cc that i got 14hp out of!!!
    after that i upgraded it to a hemi head,OHC valvetrain,and up to 150cc of displacement. with a blower. made about 3psi, and about 47hp. still 2stroke. weighed about 59lbs all-in. fun build!!
    4stroke scooter i had was also a hemi, ohc 150cc. it was a 4v motor with a turbo making 10psi. made about 22hp. 2stroke got better MPG on account of not having to floor it 24/7 haha
  2. Jeremy47

    Jeremy47 New Member

    i wrote my previous post about 8 hours ago. kinda confused why it only posted an hour ago, but oh-well.
    today i test-drove a 4x4 carry with low range, and a 5spd manual. it had the 540cc 2stroke engine that i recently talked about, and honestly i gotta say i love it. it was alot quicker than my turbo range was (2.5L 5spd RWD,turbo doesnt kick in until around 7k rpms),but obviously when the ranger hit boost it becomes a different story. (660hp is alot of power for a 2300lb truck!!!)

    i think with minimal modifications, a bit more low end torque i could easily use a carry for all my needs, to pull my toy, and as a daily driver for days like today where its storming like crazy (turbo cruiser...doesnt like rain lol)
    im a thinker, and a doer, but sadly i have alot of expenses and im only 18 still. (birthday coming up soon tho whoopwhoop)
    i want to get the van version hopefully with a larger engine, aswell as a carry. my wife would use the van for her and the kids and the truck for me,my dog and my bike. haha.
    my 07 chysler pacifica is having some transmissions issues. apparently putting a turbo on it wasnt very good for the trans life. oops.

    i digress,again. im hoping a carry will really be a good fit for me. the only real issue im forseeing with it, is the torque is a bit low for my likings, and being a import car im not convinced getting replacement parts will be easy.

    ~everythings better with a turbo

    im going to be buying from www.beforward.jp,and my only concern is its not listed if the engine is 2stroke or 4stroke,and im not that much of a wiz when it comes to these vehicles to know off the bat.
    another question though, are these engines carb'd or fuel injected?

    edit again: im also interested in knowing if these engines would benefeit from the higher octane of e85. its ridiculously cheap where im at,and i know that the conversion process would pay for itself after a little while, and in either case it'd really help make power once i drop the word "supercharger" or "turbocharger" into the mix.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2018
  3. Chester

    Chester New Member

    Just an FYI, I have swapped over a T660 Arctic Cat snowmobile engine into a 2002 Carry DA63T. I didn't not use a turbo engine as I was only looking for a stock replacement that was supposed to be in the truck. In short I used it as a long block using the Carry's intake, exhaust, and oil pan. The only things that were not a direct fit was the oil pan because the snowmobile had a provision for an downward facing oil filter and I used the front cover from the snowmobile as the truck oil pump was scored. The front cover was different for the snowmobile because it had a mount casted into it. I don't think it would be much of an issue to swap to the turbo engine as the wiring out of the ECM doesn't look too intense and the majority of the items were pretty much plug and play.
  4. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Another option would be to look at the engines from a EU or UK version of the truck. The 660-cc is only used in the JDM version. The EU, and UK versions have engines up to 1300-cc.

    On the Daihatsu, the Charade imported into the US in the late 80s had a 993-cc, 3-cylinder engine, which is probably the enlarged version of the 660.
  5. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    ya i have looked at the 993 and the uk van guys say its block is similar to 660 if i recall correctly. but postage from the uk be a killer lol

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