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Supercharger Swap

Discussion in 'Performance' started by AeaRy, Dec 9, 2021.

  1. AeaRy

    AeaRy New Member

    Has anyone considered (or done) an AMR500 + intercooler swap from a Pleo onto a supercharged Sambar? OEM is an AMR300
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  2. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    I think the AMR500 would be far too large for the 660-cc engine. IIRC it is recommended for 1000 to 2000-cc displacements. The AMR300 is the correct unit. IIRC, it is recommended for the 500 to 1100-cc displacements.

    Motocheez on YouTube is finishing up a series of videos on installing the AMR300 on his S83 Hijet. (First video in series: )

    He plumbed his with mostly 1-inch plumbing pipe. I’d probably use 1-1/4 or even 1-1/2-inch at least on the inlet side if I do one. And, I’d really consider using exhaust tubing at least for the suction side. He broke lots of belts before he installed the automated bypass system, some of the followers recommended. Very good series and I learned a lot from his mistakes.

    Now I have to decide if I want to keep my AirConditioning, or install the blower. The only time I’ve used it is as a dehumidifier in teh winter when I’m plowing. Never had it on in the summer, because in general a long trip is about fifteen minutes max, so it can’t really cool things off before I get where I’m going.
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  3. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Ok, I was a little off on the displacements they are made to work with. The AMR500 is designed for 800 to 2000-cc. The AMR300 is designed for 500 to 1300-cc.

    The GoCart folks are running the AMR300 on engines with 250-cc, which is half the rated displacement by under driving them. So, they don’t make boost as soon relative to the engine rpm. So, you could probably under drive a 500 and make it work on the 660-cc engine. Not sure where you would find the pulley. But, If you search in a GoCart forum, someone can probably point you towards a source.

    The supercharger is probably a better option on a truck, because it makes power and torque down low, while a turbocharger makes torque and power higher in the rpm range.

    Mid eighties, when they were still restricted to the 500-cc EB engine, Daihatsu supercharged the Hijets because being trucks bottom end torque and horse power made the most sense. And, they turbocharged the Hijet Atrai, passenger van, and some of the kei cars, because the power from midrange up made the most sense in those applications.
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  4. AeaRy

    AeaRy New Member

    So this will span 2 different projects (same platform, different uses).

    AMR500 was going to go on KV4 until deciding on Turbo...KV4 will be vehicle to get at much stable turbo'ed boost and HP with a taller final drive to be a re-createable stable build for a fun kei van (final targets are mid and high end power and speed). That build will be documented, ripped out, and then proceed with EV conversion.

    Now, it's a choice between AMR300, AMR500, GT06, GT12, or RHB31 for KS3 truck. Trying to go for a best of both worlds torque/HP wise on this one as its EN07C that is getting converted to SPFI. Top speed not as important as fun-factor. Because of KV4 project...when all is said and done I will have a spare engine for the KS3 in case I blow it up!

    Dunno if that changes any of the advice provided thus far...I very much appreciate the input Jigs!!
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