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Super Charger Build

Discussion in 'Performance' started by spaner, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Wedge

    Wedge Member

  2. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    My two cents........stay away from the tatou......they don't have built in suspension for the bottom rollers. They are rough riding and tend to wrap up in wheel wells when rolling over say....A log or the peak of a frozen hill. We have lots of tracked mini trucks up here. Can get a set of tatou for about 1500 to 2500. No body wants them. Most people are switching to mattrack or the tjd think. I'm going to check out a set of the tjd later this week. I'd sure like to see Em in action before I try to get em........
  3. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    My first choice would me mattrack. Then tjd.....then....api.......I think that's the one....then tatou. With the mattrack. Each track or wheel....weighs 100 pounds. But even at that your foot print is reduced to .479 psi. That's for a stock Suzuki with nothing in the bed and 4 front tracks. Perfect for me. At this point I just want any set as long as it's not the tatou. I've seen too many of those broken or wrapped up in the wheel well. Lots of damage!!! Guy with a hijet couldn't even open his drivers door to get out hahahaha. Ended up just welding it shut. Whole side was mangled hahaha
  4. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    That is surprising I never heard anything good from mattracks... But for the tatous being hard that doesnt surprise me I think the Tjd xtrack should be the same way...
  5. lectec

    lectec New Member

    Hey Moose, what is happening with the Tatou tracks? I would like to know, I have a set on my Mits Bravo, and haven't had any failures. But if you know of a failure point, I sure would be interested in knowing. This way I can avoid any costly repairs and worse yet one heck of a walk home.
  6. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    The problems I've seen are when rolling over a log or cresting a sharp hill. Something that makes one track light but still grab. They wrap up in the wheel wells. Sometimes get real bad. I'm not sure on all the brands or what they use to try to stop that but this last arctic man two mini trucks with tatou had to be drug off the mountain. I was surprised.......This year there were about 10 of them up there. Watching them go was a blast and made me extremely jealous. But everyone I talked to had mattracks. Some of them had 3 different brands before switching to them. The ride is smooth. Like smoother than with wheels and the way the track conforms to the terrain was amazing. The tatou doesn't have suspension on the bottom boggie wheels. Has a beam that's rigid. They are great for soft terrain. But beat ya on packed. I was hoping to have got to try the tjd but the guy wouldn't let me. So I didn't make an offer and told him how I felt about it hahaha. I think that whatever people have. Brand doesn't matter....but whatever we have.....If it works well its great but if we have a problem it's the equipments fault. The reviews I've herd from owners are their views......wish I could see and drive each one myself hahaha. I have ridden in a carry with tatou and one with mattracks. ........I'm really hoping to find a set of mattracks hahaha.
  7. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    I just tried yesterday a set of polaris tracks on a Ranger and I didnt not like them I know its not a mini but i felt the sxs was diging to much in the front and I had to back up and forth to make a trail to be sure to pass and the other one sxs built the same way we had got stuck when he dug himself while trying to get out and when the bottom of the sxs got on the packed snow he was screwed. we ahd a hard time taking him out of their. To me they were way to front heavy when backing up you had to very carefull not to have the front dig in. It was the first time I ried a sxs whit tracks I didnt like it. Seemed I could get stuck everywhere that wasnt packed snow. Their was about 2 feet of powder 2 feet of hard packed and the last foot was granular so about 5 feet deep to the ground. could walk on top better then the sxs ! Is it better with a mini ?
  8. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    If any of you track guys need replacement tracks there is a guy on Craig's list San Diego Farm & Garden section has 3 sets of new tracks for sale.I don't know anything about them just passing this along.
  9. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    The side by side (sbs) are driven with a clutch similar to a snow machine. If driven with tracks in 4 high they do tend to dig a bit but if in 4 low they do better. Snow is a funny thing. You are either able to go......or your not and buried quick hahaha. Momentum is your friend in most cases. We have a bunch of guys running tracks on there sbs up here. I think the mini trucks actually do better but only if you have weight in the bed to equalize front and rear weight
  10. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    YEA, Yea, yea...
    It's become the "TRACK" thread.....:p
    No worries, cool. Info, via the members is cool, just remember to leave the egos at the "post button".
    Some of the info I can confirm, problems and breakage of the Tatos, via track-drive system...(keep-em tight)
    Also, via the TJD anti-roll-bars (threaded-rod lock-pin holes) weak-point (snappage), fix via cover, and support...


    NOT-THE-PART, just an example of the "FIX" concept...

    The guys here can make something good, better. Just remember to post the info that has come off the ATV/UTV threads, and not basic/biased opinion. Is one system better than the others?
    Lot's O guys out there to say, one way or the other. Research...

    My money's still on the TJD "Xgen" system, and my buy has gotten me a 110.0mm "complete" mounting/application installation. After talking with everyone out there...
    I think that a simple 1 1/2" (diameter) "adaptor-kit" from 115/110 will suffice to adapt the "bought-kit"...to mount to the Interceptor.
    $200 bucks...
    4 adaptors, 115 to 110, TJD system...2 1/2" total deflection...

    Power steering may be in the works later, but I like to do one mod at a time, and correct things as I go.

    Months, before I finish anything...

  11. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

  12. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Same set I'm looking at.........I just wish the guy would drive me around at least first......haha sorry man....hope I didn't ego......I do feel better knowing that you got a set.........I may have to just for that reason! ! I'm meticulous......but don't have the toys you do........so all my mods and fixes have to be done with my trusty hammer....Thor.....and grinder hahaha put it on....Take it off till its right.
  13. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Ha, ha,
    Believe it or not, most of the time I'm work'in on the sidewalk, or somewhere in the bush, in the middle of no where. I get the most satisfaction out of my toy turning a 1970's ratchet at the side of a remote lake whilst sipp'in cold beers and listening to CBC radio 1.:rolleyes:
    It can be amazing the quality of part that you can turn out with just a machinists' file, unlimited cold beers, and unlimIted TIME. Like whittling wood. :p

    The ego thing, I kind of meant like how guys will back a hockey team no matter how crappy they are.
    They've made the team theirs, so they sing the praise of that team, no matter what.

    Not what is needed here, and owners are not always the best source of accurate information, for just this reason. They have to justify their investment, decision, and make what they have, maybe better than it is.

    At least you've seen a track system in action, I never have..:eek:
  14. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Hahahaha your trips to the lake are my days in my yard...less the beers hahaha.

    I'm extremely skeptical of people and their ideals and beliefs. Try to keep an open mind. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. ;)
    I'm anxiously waiting to hear how your tracks work out for you! Where I live.....Once I get the tracks......I highly doubt wheels will go back on.........ever......even with 10.5 inch wide wheels front and rear I'm limited as to where I can go and make it home without an airlift hahaha
  15. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Well, I got the adaptors in. Really good buy.
    Kind'a crazy, but this is how it goes together,
    Suzuki 114.3 (4.5), new adaptors go on there, that converts to a 110,
    The TJD plates mount to a 110, so they get bolted up as well...2 1/2" total with 12 fasteners (per corner) all told.
    The shite gets weirder...
    The TJD plates seem to be for both track systems, both a 136..AND..a 114.3,
    So, the tracks come off and the tires go on (or reverse), the 2 1/2" gizmos can stay on..I guess..:confused:

    This is all just theory at the moment..

    BTW, this is the easiest way to do a 7" lift..:p
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2014
  16. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Ya kinda crazy... pictures ?
  17. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Do pictures work now?
  18. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    ?? I'll give it a shot;


    TJD-MountingPlateFront.jpg TJD-MountingPlateBack&part#.jpg Adaptor-4-4.5-110.jpg Gizmo-side.jpg Gizmo-front.jpg
  19. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Do those work?

    BTW, guess which part is thicker...steel or aluminum...he, he..

  20. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    They work hehe. Aluminium looks thicker lol.
  21. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Strange that it does look thicker, but they are the same, 1 3/16" each,

    2 3/8"

    You need the factory plates to drive these sprockets, like a jigsaw fit application into the back of the gear (mirror image).

    I really don't have the time to do this shite anymore, but I'd really like to get a few runs in the snow with the tracks, so I try to get 15 minutes a day in. Turn a bolt, or take a pic or a measure...
    A month or so, and I might actually get to test it out.

    The big thing to note for anyone thinking of doing this, and having not seen these in-person,
    These are not little toys, and pics you see around the net do not do them justice; they are damned heavy too, and hard as hell to manipulate for mounting; WITH the mounting pins (factory tool) impossible without them!!!
    You do not want to have to drive somewhere on tires and then set-up "track-mode".:eek:
    Possible...but NOT recommended.

    This IS probably exactly what I'll end up doing though. I'd estimate 1.5 hours, and that's with an electric receiver jack; I guess that I'll have to make one of those..:frustration:.

    LOTS'O ground clearance though. I'd say 7" lift above my 2" lift...9" lifted.
    Turns the truck into a monster (HEIGHT). Tailgate is now at my chest level.
    (WIDTH)-The spacers are 2.5"+2.5"..5" wider... then the tracks...wide-tracked-truck...:p

    So far I've just been looking at measures and cross compatibilities. The adaptors, mounting plates, tires/wheels, and tracks. The combinations-tested.

    What will bolt on with the "gizmo",

    To the Suzuki,
    1) The track system (4),
    2) The Suzuki factory 12" wheels/20" tire combination; and "over tank spare" (5),
    3) The 12" "Arctic Cat" wheels/24" off-roader set..and maxxis spare (5),
    4) The Ford (15") aluminum rims (beat-up) (4.25-110)/24" studded "kumho I-ZEN wis"; and factory spare (5),
    5) The Ford (16") aluminum rims (show-mags) (4.25-110)/25" summer radials; and factory spare (5),
    24, units, everything I own, rubber-on-rims, will bolt up.

    To the 09 Ford focus, everything from the list above, will bolt to that. 24" mudders (11" wide rears, or track system, WILL bolt-up.

    That took a day of testing to make sure that I can swap anything that I want to, to either vehicle, with the "gizmo".:cool:

    Later, If someone asks if they can buy a factory 4.5"-115 TJD plate to bolt direct, and if this or that will work...I have no idea! Buy the parts listed above; that's the whole reason for the post. I can list what fits, and how the mountings fit; these mountings, the ones from this kit (TJD plate part number posted in the pic).

    These tracks have the 13.5" drive sprocket. That's across the sprocket, from valley to valley, they are the biggest, and should be fast.

    So far, I've bolted-up one rear corner.
    Cleaned everything with a drill-driven wire brush. The entire drum face (square mounting) cleaned it, the Suzuki studs as well (cleaned). Then the "Super-ATV" Adaptor-plate went on there (115-110). Lock-tight tape, and the original factory lugs went on and got torqued down to 75 ft-lbs. The TJD plate went on next (110), with the "Super-ATV" lugs on to the studs, lock-tight tape, and 75 ft-lbs, as well. THE-GIZMO.

    Track bolted and torqued down to 75 ft-lbs. Right corner jacked.

    The detail, mostly so that muddy moose can just bolt-and-go,

    Then we can race...
  22. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Hahaha thank you......you know me well already hahaha saves me drilling holes in steel......welding studs in place and praying hahaha
  23. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

  24. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Very nice. Can't wait for you to share a video of 6 our 4 online over logs and mud!! And when you will have a sc for sale for me!! Hahahaha
  25. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    So busy with work, just haven't had the time to do anything at all.
    Got the four corner gizmos installed and the factory 20"ers on there with the bolts, not studs...:pop:

    Looks good, and WIDER...:sly:
    Camber adjustment is in order now as well. Easy to tell now that the junk is all stuck out from the wheel wells. I'll get that on to a commercial rack before I do anything else. I've got those camber adjustment bolts in the mid position of the factory strut mountings so, should be easy to dial it in to a factory spec on a commerial rack.

    A lot of time to think about suff though, and I think that a custom installation could be engineered to take advantage of the suspension that is already there. Like, if you are going to design a custom mounting, for a custom installation for these tracks, on this truck, why not take advantage of the specific suspension system that is on the specific application?

    Anyone consider this route before?

    Like, with the rears...
    Why not mount the anti-rotational bars to the leaf spring?
    Bounce, up-and-down, (leaf suspension) but why not for the rotational as well? Rotational bounce...:sly:

    Then, why not for the fronts as well?
    I've seen here a custom setup with the elimination of the lower A-arm rotational pin mount, in favor of a lower strut mounting. It just took the place of a rotational mounting system on the fronts, since it does require consideration of the steering rotation, and the struts DO steer (rotate) to the right and left as required. So why not mount the anti-rotational control bars for the front tracks to the struts...I get that, but why not make a mounting to take advantage of not only the rotation of the struts, but also, to take advantage of the coil spring suspension as well?
    Seems to me, that if the anti-rotational mounting bars of the track system, for the front tracks were mounted to the springs of the struts, they would then be able to take advantage of both the right and left rotational requirement for the fronts, as well as an added suspension "bounce" in the rotation of the individual front tracks during obstical encounters.

    So, the front struts would actuate during up-down movement, and the coil springs of the strut could be setup to take the lash of the rotation of the front tracks.

    Just asking what the guys think. I know that the wood-man has been under there a lot, and has had just about every track system on his trucks. Other guys too.

    Has no one else thought of this?

    Seems pretty strait forward to me...:pop:
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2014
  26. okiecat

    okiecat Member

    Off subject, wanting to know more about super charger? Have a mitty, when you have time could you PM? Thanks
  27. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    The one thing that I can't find anywhere, is a TJD 4th gen setup on a minitruck. (STS4 XJEN)

    Very few XJEN-4s' period, ($-big-bucks-$) but what I can find on the side-by-sides is slow (crawler-type-setups), fast bikes...a few vids...:cool:

    I'll get there, and the research will be complete for the install, that's for sure. This seems like the best system to be had, no question about it.
    The mattracks, they seem to be of the industructable type of design; like smack'em with a sledgehammer...:sly:
    BUT, they can't climb a slight grade, and dig-in like a submarine in powder...:p

    The Tatou UTV 4s system, I've seen them first hand (static) and the anti-rotational bars are SMALL. They are like little twigs in comparison to the tracks themselves...

    The TJD's that I have, the bars seem like way over-kill, like 3/4" threaded bar, with hockey puck type impact spacers on the adjustment section of the anti-rotational bar mounts. Beefy, for sure.

    First hand knowledge is welcomed...

    I'd love to hear from anyone with first hand experience driving with a track system, on a minitruck, over 60kph, on any kind of terrain; never mind hard packed snow...;)
  28. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm. I don't get that.
  29. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Hey Greg,
    What part don't you get?
    I had to learn about Tor, a Tor-Browser, and how to use it. VERY slow though, like dial-up speed, and ask me to sign in every 30-seconds.

    Tried many computers, many browsers...NONE WORK
    only Tor,

    Any how,
    Full lift on the Interceptor,
    6" in the rear, 6-3/4" in the front.
    With the X-gen, from stock, off the boat,
    I have 12" lift in the rear, and 12-3/4 in the front.

    I'm 5-10, and the door window sills now come up to my chin.

    I CAN "spin" the tracks though. Supercharger and 120hp.

    Hopfully this browser problem can get fixed in the near future.
  30. Bugalydosh

    Bugalydosh New Member

    I enjoyed this thread so much... just wish I had the wearwithall to do the project on my FA5 (DB71T) 1987 Suzuki Carry which is in need of more power (not much, but a little more)

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