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Subaru Sambar Transmission Conversion

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Carl Swaby, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    Hi all. A while back i upgraded my subaru sambar supercharger from the amr 300 to the 500. I got a bit more power and my ecvt transmission just could not handle it. So, we replaced the transmission today with a 2wd standard transmission. Some good friends of mine at ert sport tuning in toronto, canada, did the conversion for me. Because the transmission was automatic before, we had to replace the pedal assembly shifter box transmission flywheel. I have taken some pics that you guys can see what some of the components look like in case anyone is thinking of making this plunge. Just a few hints: once you remove the automatic shifter box you will have to put a 30 amp fuseable link between the terminals for park in order to get the truck to start. The release for the key in the ignition switch will have to be jumped. The most difficult thing in this process was to find pics so that we could preplan.
    These photos that I have taken can be used as a reference for anyone who needs them. It would be nice for everyone who can, to upload photos of different components that they have worked on so it can help guide the rest of us. As to how the transmission performed, I had it at 140 km and it kept going. Huge difference from what it was before. I still have to do a few little things such as put a smaller pulley on the supercharger and air ride suspension as well as some bigger injectors. It's just a little awkward getting used to where the gears are located. First gear is really slow. Second gear as well. Then she starts going good. Please note that all parts were purchased from GTR parts source. These guys are amazing . They put together all the componenst for me in a day. The price was phenomenal. You would think that with a conversion like this , they would have missed a few parts. Not a chance. By the next day, my parts were shipped with the tracking number. It was $69. shipping to Buffalo-95 lbs. I cleared it through my company at the border and it was $42.50 for taxes. I take my hat off to these guys and i would highly recommend them. They are located in the U.S.


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  2. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    Conversion Pics Continued

    Transmission conversion pics continued......

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  3. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    Conversion Pics continued..

    Please note: for those of you who are looking for the powder clutch for the ecvt tranny. I have taken a pic with the part number as this part seemed to be one of the main parts that failed inside of the ecvt transmission. You can do a search with the part number to find a supplier.

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  4. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    cool...got any video of that bad boy running?? love to see it
  5. Stormin

    Stormin Member

    Where do you find info on the ECVT trans.? I have searched to no avail!!

    I have wondered if putting on 14" tires on my truck are doing any harm to the auto. trans.

    140 kmph wow!!
  6. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    good idea. I will have to make one and post it!
  7. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    I was running 14" vw steel rims with winter tires on my ecvt transmission . I don't think that it is the tires that cause the problem so much. It's just that the transmission seemed to fall apart if you push it too hard. apparently, the subaru justy ecvt transmission and the subaru sambar 2wd are the same thing. You can look on the subaru justy forum for more info on this tranny. Thanks.
  8. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member


    Here is a nice photo of the truck..

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  9. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    i'm looking for a small blower , if anyone has one.
  10. Carl Swaby

    Carl Swaby Member

    I have the amr 300 that I took out of my truck. what truck do you need this for? I also have the bracket that came with it as well as the flanges. Let me know.

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