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Subaru Sambar - Need help finding a catalytic converter

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Clayton Wilchowy, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Clayton Wilchowy

    Clayton Wilchowy New Member

    Hey folks, I've had the pleasure of being a micro-van owner for almost a year now :) Not so long ago my exhaust emissions light came on. Through my own testing, feeling symptoms, and confirming at the garage, my catalytic converter is clogged and needs replacing. Looks like it's part of a larger exhaust component.

    Anyone have suggestions of a good place to find one to order in? Or a salvaged one in good shape? It's for a 1995 Subaru Sambar, right-hand drive. I would need to ship it to Canada (just outside Winnipeg). Guidance and help solving is muchly appreciated.

  2. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    is it just the red cat coverter light? all the sensor is basically is a temperature sensor, almost all of the time those lights go on its because of a faulty sensor or broken wire, ive owned JDM cars where the cat was plugging/had rotten egg smell and the sensor didnt even go off. the cat has to be basically red hot/nearly on fire to trigger it

    however if youre certain the cat is plugged, try Trust auto parts or Be-Forward maybe for a used one. or if theres no post-converter O2 sensors, just gut the converter

  3. Clayton Wilchowy

    Clayton Wilchowy New Member

    Thanks for the link Maximal. Yeah, I wasn't too worried at the start, but when I experienced some power-loss and could feel an increase in the radiant heat at the back, I took it too a garage. They mapped the temps and could tell it was hot. No rotten egg smell. I'm catching it early, but it had definitive power loss during damp weather especially. So want to get ahead of the game. Checking out the site you sent.



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