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Subaru E12 (Domingo & Libero) Towing ability

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by franck2cv, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Hi there,

    I wonder if anyone here has access to this information. When I finally receive my Libero, I might have to tow occasionally and I was surprised not to find the E12's towing spec into the owner's book! It's a 1997.
    If anyone could help?


  2. EchoVictor

    EchoVictor New Member

    The towing capacity is zero. The rear-mounted engine means there's no place to mount a trailer hitch.

    The rear engine also means there is already slightly more weight on the rear axle than the front (even with two people in the front and one in the middle, I think it was still heavier in the back). I would be very careful about adding extra pressure in the rear from a trailer's tongue weight, I would be concerned about reducing pressure on the front wheels as they steer & brake.

    If towing is important to you, I have seen a Delica L300 tow a pretty hefty trailer... I don't know for sure but from the mud, I strongly suspect this came in off the Dempster Highway, which is a road test endorsement only slightly less impressive than "won the Paris-Dakar." (Photo taken 27 July 2011, in the Inuvik Airport parking lot)
  3. Glasstech

    Glasstech New Member

    I also considered some form of mount to tow a small trailer but there is nowhere to attach anything back there.
  4. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    I just realized that I should have made clear that towing in the 'European' way is not quite like here in Canada or the USA....! Towing a house with a libero is indeed not recommended.

    There must be some spec somewhere as the Hitch used to be available in Germany (all T.U.V approved) and I've seen E12 towing small utility trailer just like the nice mat black attached and even saw one towing an Eriba Puck! (which might be a little too much?).

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  5. Glasstech

    Glasstech New Member

    Obviously it can be done.
    It's a shame neither picture gave a shot on the mounting technique.
    Now I'm really curious.
    If you get a change some more pictures would be great.
    Thanks and cheers.
  6. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    i know in my subaru loyale manual it clearly states "warning do not tow with this vehicle"
  7. anthill

    anthill Member

    Wikipedia says the Sumo (old Euro-spec KJ8) has an oil cooler to help deal with light duty towing. But is that only the German version?

    I like the look of that matte-black Libero with the pop-up trailer, though!
  8. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    I'm in touch with the owner of the mat-black Libero..... I've asked for some references and pictures regarding the hitch frame.
    Let's wait and see....
  9. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    And it does not in my GL (1988) which is an older version of the Loyale!! And guess what... My GL tows as any normal car!
  10. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

  11. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    two poor pictures

    I just found those two pictures of a German website.... Not great I know but better than nothing for now!


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  12. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Towing limits - Data

    Ok, finally got the information I was looking for thank to the owner of that German Black Libero (Marcus):

    Unbraked load: 400kg / 880lbs
    Braked load: 700kg / 1540lbs
    Tongue weight: 50kg / 110lbs

    I'm gonna carry on digging regarding the hitch set up.....
  13. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member


    Found on ebay Germany: it shows how far the frame goes underneath the engine to reach a proper anchor point.

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  14. KleinerMuck

    KleinerMuck New Member

    Hi Franck,
    There are different types of tow hitches to be found on the market in Europe.
    Anyway, you can't tow much load with a Libero.
    All tow hitches are screwed to the frame carrying the engine, there on both sides. Only one type of hitch has an additional tube (seen from the back) running underneath the engine to the front, the end being fixed at the rear axle.
    I do have some pictures showing different hitches. If you are interested, let me know, and i will send it to you by mail.
  15. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    I'm definitely interested!
  16. Glasstech

    Glasstech New Member

    Please include me.
  17. KleinerMuck

    KleinerMuck New Member

    I will.
    But, then please send me your email adress. Thanks.
  18. anthill

    anthill Member

    Excellent sir! Very nice avatar you have there... and cool movies. MrGallitschke has too much time on his hands.
  19. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Cheers ;). It was about time I got myself one! ....6 ot 7 months to go before import!!

    Looks like Marcus is willing to help me finding a hitch though. Nice chap!

  20. marinemech

    marinemech New Member

    I am looking at ordering a Domingo. Has anyone sourced a trailer hitch for this van? custom made one?
  21. Igzabier

    Igzabier New Member

    Got more photos? More hitch info?

    --------- Share please

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