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Subaru Domingo tips/maintenance thread

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by anthill, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. hilbert

    hilbert Member

    You have to ask for availability of the needed pieces, but you need the exact OEM code. I have never got any help from them (I mean teile-profis) in identifying the right pieces to order.
  2. victorb153

    victorb153 New Member

    trying to find a E12 to buy....but I am in USA...so has to be a 1995 or older....also I want 4x4 sliding glass roof.....ive learned manuals don't have Air Conditioning..that only the Automatics had Air Conditioning...But that the Automatic Transmissions are problems.....So I guess I could live with no AC with a big sun roof.....The 660cc Vans are just a little too slow for me I need to go 2-3 hours sometimes on highway ....60 -65 mph......and I want something tiny...Could go with a Mitsubishi Delica with the crystal lite roof...but I like something real tiny.... I want to buy E12....probably come to Europe this summer with my 2 small children age 8 and 12..I am a single parent...and EuroRail around and buy an E12 and then drive it to Antwerp and have it shipped back to New York.... Is I just read this whole thread trying to learn everything I can ...Thank You....
  3. victorb153

    victorb153 New Member

    I think I am going to just risk it and trust...owner from Belgium selling E12. ...and have it shipped Antwerp to NY....one problem. says roof doesn't work....can roof be opened manually..?? where can I find any roof information or tips....Thank You ....
  4. hilbert

    hilbert Member

    It sorry it is written in italian, maybe just the images can be interesting for you: http://utenti.quipo.it/hilbert/subaru-libero/liberoe12-tettuccio.html.
    It is still work-in-progress.

    Look the first image: removing that small cap give you access to an hexagonal screw (6mils I think), which moves the roof manually - if you have the original tools bag, there is a key of the right size.
    Lube carefully the external slides (rear ones, on the top), because if they was not used for a long time, they may be a bit stuck.
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  5. diego Herrera

    diego Herrera New Member

    Tengo una Subaru Domingo 1997 con problemas eléctricos y me gustaria saber si alguien tiene el diagrama que me lo pase? Gracias
  6. AJC42

    AJC42 New Member


    Not sure if this forum is still active, but since I found some of the posts here to be valuable I thought I’d give it a shot and post something.

    I recently purchased a 1996 Subaru Domingo GV-R. The frame model is E-FA8 and the engine is EF12. So far, I have been able to use Amayama and a few other sites to find parts needed with an exploded part view but have been trying to track down a service manual for torque specs and further information for repairs. I would accept a service manual in any language if it matches the vehicle specs and year of my Domingo.

    So far, I have rebuilt the starter and replaced spark plugs, fluids and oil and air filter. I need to address myself to the distributor cap because it has an oil leak which makes me think there is a broken or failing seal somewhere. Have to track down the seal before taking it apart.

    I did get pretty lucky with my purchase, which came with some service history as well as a Japanese instruction manual. The manual is cool and has proved to be a bit helpful for simple things like changing the lights, proper oil, etc. but I have reached a point in repairs that I am in need of the service manual to continue working on the van.

    I also have started looking into JDM repair shops in my area in hopes they may know of reliable aftermarket parts that are the same or better than OEM.

    Thanks in advance for any help, especially if someone can help me track down the service/repair manual.
  7. Leibkorper

    Leibkorper New Member

    Hey AJC42, congrats on the purchase! I also just got a 1996 Domingo last week :)

    I think this should be the service manual you are looking for: https://en.subaruclub.cz/manual_download.php?id=908

    It's been super useful for me so far. There are some other manuals and documents there as will in other languages.

    I'm currently hunting for an electrical schematic, or at the very least, a map of my fuse box. My Domingo has had some interesting electrical work done on it and I want to go through and make sure everything is functioning properly.
  8. Snoqu

    Snoqu New Member

    Does anybody have -94 injected 1.2l ECU wiring diagram? It would be very useful because i'm planning to change ECU to control ignition.

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