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Subaru Domingo tips/maintenance thread

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by anthill, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. piglet

    piglet New Member

    Question........ 1994 Subaru Domingo, my sunroof is uncooperative lately.......the switch does nothing. I thought it might be a fuse, but once in awhile it will decide to work so assuming it can't be a fuse (otherwise it wouldn't work at all). Anyone else having a similar problem?
  2. brock_et99

    brock_et99 New Member

    hi all, recently bought a 94 domingo, 130,000km, and in my exhaustive search for motor mounts, i found a website that has been very helpful to me and may be to others as well, jp-carparts.com. it has every part number for every part right down to nuts and bolts. great for cross referencing and finding compatible parts if needed. (option to import directly from japan but if you ask me, the prices are extremely excessive. i only use for part numbers)
  3. brock_et99

    brock_et99 New Member

    I have the japanese version of the domingo (fa8 54b) and i can't tell which fluid caps are which. I'm wondering if anybody could help me out. I'm trying to do a tranny fluid change
  4. AidemCkam

    AidemCkam Guest

  5. Beasied

    Beasied New Member

    My beloved automatic Domingo has been at the mechanics for 3 months and is still broken. The engine turns over but will not move. The bushes have been replaced and has not helped. Any ideas welcome!
  6. E12 1990 MT

    E12 1990 MT New Member

    1991 e12 (libero) new owner here! glad to find this thread!
  7. davejohnsonnola

    davejohnsonnola New Member

    1988 E12 Microvan in Costa Rica.
    Glad to see this thread has grown some since I last lurked.
    The german manual has been very helpful with diagrams.
    Translating has been a chore as have not been able to cut and paste from the .djv format into google translate, so all characters have to be typed in, some from a virtual german keyboard!
    I still living the migrant worker life between New Orleans and Costa Rica. Headed down south in a couple of days and bringing tune up parts, filters and supplies from Auto Zone, as they are much cheaper than purchasing down there.
  8. Geo65

    Geo65 New Member

    Just bought a 1995 Domingo 5 speed. Seems like a great little van. This site is a great find. Thx
    Want to share some info that we did not see on site, maybe just missed it ::
    Air filter found to fit our Domingo: Air Filter: MotorMaster 23-3129-4 fits perfectly.
    Oil Filter: FRAM PH6607 filter fits.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
  9. anthill

    anthill Member

    Thanks for the update Geo65! Will add to front page. Where are you located? Vancouver?
  10. Geo65

    Geo65 New Member

    We live in Victoria.
  11. Geo65

    Geo65 New Member

    Hi, Would love a copy in how ever sections if you have the time to send. georobinson@hotmail.com Thanks
  12. Hello.
    Fresh 5speed 2 seat 1998 e12 owner from Norway. 79 000 km. First domingo. Love this thread already.
  13. blueraindesigns

    blueraindesigns New Member

    Does anyone have any suggestions for plug wires? I've got a 96 Domingo I wanted to replace the plug wires on and the prices of places that have the "right" plug wire sets are ridiculous. Japanoid wants around $180 for the 3 short plug wires and Maple Auto wants over $200!

    Does anyone know if the plug wires from a justy are the same length? Or any other suggestions?
  14. Bluerain

    Bluerain New Member

    For reference, replacement Oxygen Sensor for Domingo is Denso 234-1000. Original Subaru part seems to be pretty much non-existant out there, except for japanoid listing one on their site for $572 . uhhm yeah.... The denso part was $13 on Amazon.com lol
  15. Geo65

    Geo65 New Member

    Hi, We have a 1995 Domingo FA8 chassis code. We are dying for some sort of manual, if for nothing else, some pictures and wiring diagrams. If you can lead us in the right direction to get one we would be grateful. Thanks-----George georobinson@hotmail.com

  16. Join the "Subaru Libero International Group" on Facebook. I bought a pdf copy of the manual from this post, and i can confirm that you get what he promises. Nice of him to make people support charity for it :

    I have colected all money needed to cover sources spent to buy a book. Now the book is available if you send me a prove of 5euros transfer for charity in your town.

    Manual to Libero FA (newer version –V2) has been copied.
    484 pages pictured and transferred to PDF file.
    The cost for a book paid by my wife was about 300 PLN (~70 EUR) and few hours of work.
    Here is the deal:
    -If you want to receive a copy of manual in English, you have to pay 5 Euros for me or for charity in your town.

    -If you want to share the file with your colleague, that is fine but charity (e.g. homeless children) money transfer rule still applies.

    I think it is fair deal. Taking into account the book is very rare and that i spend hours to share with you.

    If you want receive your copy of manual please mail me at xxxxx@xxxx.com Message title : ‘Libero FAx Service Manual EN’.
    IMPORTANT: People outside European Union –only paypal or please send me prove of charity money transfer. Money transfer by bank is difficult, time consuming and expensive so it is a waste of time and resources.

    If you do not trust me or think my work is useless, I do not need your money. Please send me the prove of charity money transfer to my email and I will share the file.

  17. Ps: this post on Facebook is from 11 nov, so scroll down a bit, and you will see it :)
  18. donald

    donald New Member

    Hi there, I own an Subaru E12(4WD) and an E10(2WD)
    I have a German 1990 E Serie Manual (Reparatur Handbuch - 600 pag.) and just bought a English 1987 E Serie service manual with supplement and a 1984 parts catalog (about 1300 pag.) from a guy from "Subaru Libero International Group" on Facebook for a few Euro's.
    I don't think it was the same dude but I am very grateful to him.
  19. chrisbaranmickle

    chrisbaranmickle New Member

    Hi everyone, just got a 87 Domingo e12 from Japan a month ago, been cleaning and tuning and now it's my daily driver. Thanks for all the info and tips in here.

    Also: anyone know how to disable the speed bell thing when you hit 105 km/h? I haven't lifted a finger towards figuring it out yet but thought I'd ask first and maybe save some time.
  20. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Hi guys, I'm Pawel from Subaru Libero International group. I share the Libero KJ and FA manuals. All what colleagues above wrote is true.
    I spent a lot of money for it so do not provide it for free. I have all my money back so now to be fair with all who paid it is available per charity donation.
    fico.libero@gmail.com is an address where you can receive it, just put a name of message 'Libero FAx mnual' or 'Libero KJx manual' as subject.

    Currently i have manuals as follows:
    -English service manual 484 pages. (5 EUR for charity)
    -Polish electric manual, Wiring diagrams translated from German etc. useful with google translator ;) - free of charge

    -1984 Service manual in English (E10 mosty)
    -1987 Service manual Supplement in English (E12 content Added to 1984 book)
    - 1984 Illustrated Parts catalog in 5 languages (English, Espanól, Francaise, Deutch, Arabian)
    All three for 7,5 EUR charity)
    - 1990 Service manual in English (KJ8 E12 and E10) (some retrofited carburator content is new in regards to 84-87 book)
    - 1990 User manual in English (soon to be scanned)

    KJ and FA OEM folders etc
    for everything you need please send emails, not here i am not frequent visitor here.

    Also, watch out, someone from here is selling my copies on ebay for higher price!
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
  21. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Anyone have a 3D model of KJ8 Libero?
  22. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    I am selling plugs for FA models for about 30 EUR for set. not the best quality but good.
  23. Jan Martin Fog

    Jan Martin Fog New Member

    Greetings everyone!
    New member and owner of a 1991 Libero 1.2 4WD :)
    Love this minibus, but seem to have trouble finding spareparts in this part of the world (Denmark) any good suggestions/sites? Would also love to own a service/work manual. (Preferably English, but German could work)
    What I am especially looking for is undercarriage parts (Rear wishbone/control arm)
    Cheers, Martin
  24. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Hi I have a Service manual to KJ and FA SUBARU E12 models in English. Have been cost me a little fortune so there is a small toll needed if you want to receive it (like a crowdfunding) or charity donation. Send me a private message if you want more details. Cheers
  25. Jan Martin Fog

    Jan Martin Fog New Member

    Hi Zyxjam
    I a assume you are Pawel, so already sent you a donation via PayPal and hoping to receive the manuals.
    Thanks for answering !
    Kind regards,
  26. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Yes it is me. All good. Thanks. I send you a link to files, please take a look if you were able to take it.
  27. diego Herrera

    diego Herrera New Member

    Tengo una Subaru Libero y tiene dañado la cremallera de dirección (steering gear box), donde la puedo conseguir
  28. Arkivel

    Arkivel Member

    not sure. Try ebay germany or europe. There is a Czechoslovakia LIbero forum online that you could join. Use google translation and post your question in czech. They may be able to help.

    no es seguro. Intente eBay Alemania o Europa. Hay un foro de Checoslovaquia LIbero en línea al que puedes unirte. Utilice la traducción de Google y publique su pregunta en checo. Ellos pueden ser capaces de ayudar.
  29. hilbert

    hilbert Member

    I have a very good feeling with https://www.teile-profis.de/ but the best thing is to know the exact OEM part number.
    Usually I combine the use of https://partsouq.com/ to find the exact model code of the veicle, than https://www.megazip.ru/ to browse all the exploded schematic to retrieve the part-number, and finally I look for such part number in https://www.teile-profis.de/.

    Is a bit of work to follow, but I enjoy doing it.
  30. Arkivel

    Arkivel Member

    Can you actually order a new left hand drive steering box? Im curious because Id like to convert a Domingo to left hand drive.

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