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Stock wheels & Tires/ Plus others

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by installater, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. installater

    installater Member

    These are for sale in WA. state west side of the Cascades
    4 ea. stock wheels 4x114.3 & tires plus spare ( Oh yea plus lug nuts 12mx1.25 )
    IMG_0279.jpg IMG_0280.jpg IMG_0283.jpg
    4 ea New Carlisle All Trail 23x8x12 which will fit on the stock wheels
    IMG_0285.jpg other 3 in overhead ( to lazy to bring em down ) look the same
    2 ea 205/40-r14 fusion GTR steel belt radial DOT I wouldn't use em
    IMG_0277.jpg IMG_0284.jpg Brand new ( don't know what I was thinking )
    Will meet for a FTF CASH sale
    Olympia south to Chehalis
    Complete Package for $500
    My email is installatergnw@aol.com
    for any ? email me
    Brian I'm not a robot

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