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Steers sharper left ?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by RickyD, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. RickyD

    RickyD New Member

    Just started using my 93 DD51 and noticed it turns quite a bit tighter radius to the left versus right. It had strut spacers and shackles but other than that it appears unmolested in the front suspension. Is this normal for lift or should I look closer for something off.
  2. Olivier Renson

    Olivier Renson New Member

    Mine does the same thing and it's completely stock. It has something to do with the asymmetrical steering geometry. Very handy to do a quick U-turn on a narrow road!
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  3. RickyD

    RickyD New Member

    I fixed mine but I don't know why I had to. I didn't like the play in the cast iron idler link bushing (although it was probably fine) so I milled it out to fit 2 sealed ball bearings on each end. To fix the steering I had to shorten the link from the rack about an inch to get equal right to left turns from the rack. It works great now. Now if I can just figure out an eps unit to fit. Again I still have no idea why.

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