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Spark Plugs for 1997 Suzuki Carry with 6 valve head

Discussion in 'References' started by Steve W, Nov 14, 2021.

  1. Steve W

    Steve W New Member

    After buying a set of the commonly suggested NGK plugs (which are 12mm), I discovered that my Carry has 14mm plug threads and that the hex on the plugs is 13/16". It seems that most of the videos and specs listed are for the 12 valve heads with the plug accessed thru the valve covers but I did find one video of a guy with an earlier model that also had 14mm plugs. The only difference was his had a 5/8" hex and were iridium whereas mine had a platinum tip plug with 13/16" hex.

    The good news was that a normal plug wrench could be used rather than a slim jim type. The bad news is that they are not easy to see or access.

    NGK 5464 is iridium with a 5/8" hex.

    NGK 3573 is platinum with a 13/16" hex.

    Both have 14mm threads, 19mm reach, and are listed as heat range 5. Both are resistor plugs.

    I did not look up a cross into a copper plug but I am sure there are some cross overs. Hope this helps down the line.
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  2. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Great Info! Keep it Coming!
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