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[Solved] The Best Performance Upgrade EVER

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Honeyman, Oct 9, 2023.

  1. Honeyman

    Honeyman Member

    The absolute BEST UPGRADE I have made to my 1998 Sambar, for reference I have upgraded suspension, tires, rims, added wheel spacers, LED light bar, LED lights, new bumper with hitch, etc. Less than $10 and it changes everything about the driving experience. HUGE IMPROVEMENT!
    Original Spring Vs New Cut Spring.jpg
    Go to the local auto parts store and pick up the Doorman 59002 - Universal Throttle Return Springs. There are a bunch in the pack and all are way to long, so you will have to cut and bend into the shape at the length needed. Get the stiffest spring in this pack, cut it size and bend the ends and replace your current spring. Make sure it is exactly the length of the one your replacing.
    Dorman Universal Throttle Return Springs 59002.jpg
    Pull the panel in the bed and the back plastic over that covers the throttle return spring.
    Your sambar will drive like a totally different vehicle, this one change elevates the entire driving experience now. This now feels much closure to the driving my wife's 6spd BRZ.
    Engine Bay Throttle Return Spring Removed.jpg
    Engine Bay New Throttle Return Spring.jpg
    This is the single best thing I have found that changes the feel of the truck and it was a cheap fix.
    Engine Bay New Throttle Return Spring Close Up.jpg
    LET ME TELL YOU WHY: It isn't only about stiffening the pedal, it is quick power down. I have found that, at least here in Central Virginia with some hills and old animal trails we eventually turned into roads (curvy), that the throttling down quicker from the new spring makes going into curves and going down small hills - something that I can just take my foot of the gas now without needing to hit the brakes. I find that I'm not using the brakes going into curves and coming out of them better as a result. Additionally, at 50mph-ish I find that I settle with the pedal about 60% depressed to maintain speed and I can maintain constant speed much better, it also has about 40% more travel, which feels better as a driving experience. Where as before it seemed like the gas pedal always stayed more on the floor and I stayed on the breaks to compensate.

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