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SOLD Suzuki DD51T for Mitsubishi U42T

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Fierce, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Fierce

    Fierce New Member

    Yep just like it say I sold my 91 Suzi Carry to buy a super clean low mileage Mitsubishi Minicab . Hope I didn't make a mistake, looks like in the Mits Forum it's problem after problem .
    The Minicab is mich cleaner inside and out, has complete and clean interior, no rust or corrosion on the outside or under side ect. Soooo now to figure out if I can lift a Minicab correctly as high or higher than I did the Suzuki I guess.

    IMG_6175.JPG IMG_5790.JPG
  2. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    Sweet truck
    Amir is a great guy to work with and I probably saw your truck when I was there picking up my 91 Suzuki in late October.
    I only saw only one ruff looking truck in his place and he was not happy with it when it showed up . image.jpeg
    Same spot on the lot :)

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