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Sambar Map Sensor

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Buckwheat363, Sep 1, 2023.

  1. Buckwheat363

    Buckwheat363 Member

    Hi all, I have a 93 supercharged sambar. Its been pretty much problem free for the roughly 15 years I've owned it. The MAP sensor had gone in it. Im told the OEM part number is 22627-KA030. I am also told it was discontinued about 8 years ago. I have tried cleaning it with no luck. I have tried a few different off the shelf ones from NAPA and at 85-200 bucks each on a part that I can't return it is getting a little out of hand. So my question is does anyone know where to get one, new, used, off a completely different vehicle, or any suggestions are welcomed at this point. Attached is a picture of the stock one I pulled off.

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  2. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    I do not know of any aftermarket alternative, and last I checked, places like G&R no longer have any in their junkyard anymore either. If you find an alternative, I would love to add that information to the spreadsheet though!
  3. OhDeer

    OhDeer Active Member Supporting Member

    Have you looked at other Subarus? They tend to parts bin a lot. There might be another thats a little different configuration but would still bolt up. Also the ones you've tried, did you verify the pin outs? Could be you just need to repin the connector to match the sensor.
  4. reggie98

    reggie98 Member

  5. Buckwheat363

    Buckwheat363 Member

    I tried G&R also but obviously no luck.
    I tried a few from Napa of other Subarus of that era but no luck. I have no idea how to tell which wire on the new sensors do, so for all i know i fried them the second i plugged them in. I did buy the different connectors and wired them in but again with trial and error on what the connections are on the sensor end.

    @reggie98 , Thats the right part number. It isnt loading a picture for me though. I cannot read Japanese but if they ship to Canada I would definitely try to order from them.
  6. reggie98

    reggie98 Member

  7. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    Monotaro just orders parts from Subaru directly. It only lists as "still available" because nobody has tried to order it from them yet so they havent marked it as unavailable. They will not be able to get it now that it is discontinued.

    Monotaro also will not ship outside of Japan. You need to use a buying proxy like Zenmarket, Buyee, Jauce, or any of the many others to buy from them.

    In on a different note, the sensor you want is actually 22627KA060. 22627KA030 was only for the 1990 and early 1991 model. It does not matter for trying to buy new though, both have long been discontinued. :(
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  8. Wire Fox

    Wire Fox Member

    Was 22627KA160 one of the other Subaru parts you tried? It's on newer model Sambars from the same generation, the casing looks the same as the part you're seeking, and it is currently available for order.

    The only caution I have with it is the part websites that are typically great at marking parts as having a replacement available do not list this as a suitable replacement. The part code of 22627 is a direct match, but I'm not sure if the change in full part number may mean incompatibility.
  9. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    22627 is a part reference. It is used on most/all models and trims to refer to a MAP sensor. It does not mean much without looking up the reference in the parts catalog for what the actual part number is. Usually the first 5 digits of the part number match the reference, but that is not necessarily always the case.

    22627KA160 is for the EN07F engine which is Naturally Aspirated, so it is never intended to measure positive air pressure, so I am sure its scale is very different. The supercharged version for those later models would be 22627KA150. It might have the same scale, but it is a physically very different sensor. It may or may not be able to be adapted, but it certainly will not be a plug-and-play sort of situation. I also do not know if it is still available.

    Here is some random photo I found on the internet of that version of the part. It attaches directly to the side of the manifold on those later models, so I do not think it has a nipple for the hose to attach to. The KA160 version would be in a similar form-factor to this, just for negative pressures as noted before.
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  10. OhDeer

    OhDeer Active Member Supporting Member

    Yeah Subaru is very consistent across all models and years, the first 5 numbers indicate the part type. The last 3 are usually a revision or variation.
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  11. Buckwheat363

    Buckwheat363 Member

    Thanks for the replies. I have just got in and tried yet another one today but still didn't work. I have one more I am waiting on to come in and if it is still a no go then I will track down a 22627KA150 and adapt it to see if it will function properly. If I ever find something that makes it run properly again I will post what I found/did. Just been a lot of trial and error. I am now much more educated on the subject. I am looking for a 2 bar sensor that is compatible. Omni, MSD, Holly and several other seem to all want to run on specific computers. Not knowing the exact specs on the stock sambar sensor may be an issue as most of the north American ones seem to run with the same basic setup. Like I said though I will continue to search for a solution. Other than this sensor it has been a relatively easy machine to maintain.
  12. Buckwheat363

    Buckwheat363 Member

    Also, most North American aftermarket sensors seem to be either rated for naturally aspirated start at 3 or 4 bar. Our little sambar are only creating around 8psi of boost and a 3 or 4 bar would leave a lot of open wasted space in an ECU that is not designed to read that. I'm told all Maps are designed to run 0-5v. But part of me is wondering if that is the case with the sambar. Again I am not very knowledgeable on electronics, nor do I have the proper tools to pluck in and "talk" to the sambar.
  13. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    I do have all of the Subaru Select Monitor variations, including the one that talks to this generation of Sambar. It does report the manifold pressure reading, but not the voltage that it is sending to make that reading.

    According to the electrical diagnostics manual, the sensor does run on 5v. The only output voltages it lists are at Ignition On/Engine Off (2.5v), and at Idle (1.5v), it does not list scales for anything else :/
  14. Buckwheat363

    Buckwheat363 Member

    So after trying several different sensors from several different suppliers (Napa, Parts Source, Mom and Pop parts stores, Japanese parts stores, ebay, amazon, etc) i found one that is running the Sambar. When its cold it still surges up and down at idle, but not near as bad as it did before. Once warmed up no surging at all and is completely derivable, although it seems to idle a little rough. I am hoping the computer will straighten it out but after driving it for a day and it is still acting a little funny i don't have my hopes up. The sensor i installed is from a 1996 supercharged Buick Riviera. Bought at Napa, part # UNI 216865. Although far from perfect, it is a 2 bar sensor and it will get you back on the road. If anyone finds a better replacement please post. For now I will use this MAP sensor but I am still not happy with the cold startup surges or the mildly rough idle so I will continue to search for a better alternative.

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    DOUGNASH Member

    Maybe try JDM Hawaii
    I watched a YouTube video recently and I believe they have a Sambar Dias for parts on site
  16. udidwht

    udidwht Member

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