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Road Trip!!!

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Koffer, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    Had taken off work for Spring Carlisle 3 times this year , 1st time In April rescheduled/postponed , 2nd time in May , same thing . The 3rd time was for this week and the week before screwed up my hip/leg at work that ibuprofen and walking it off wasn’t working and meds from the hospital wasn’t doing a thing . Thought I was out for the trip . Gave my passes and spaces to the buddies I go with and told them to enjoy
    Went to the orthopedic doctor, he gave me a MRI and some meds that were a adult male over 75 lbs ( his words as he asked how the stuff was taking was doing and when told they didn’t do dick he wasn’t surprised)
    Within 2 days of taking a Steroid for my size I made a game time decision 11:30pm the night before , loaded up the little Subaru with a overnight bag, small tool kit and a AAA card ;)and left in the morning for a 155mile trip to PA . Cruised at 65-70 the whole way on the highway tacking at 5400/5500rpms , temp gauge never going above half .
    The little thing did fantastic just zipped along . Got on the fairgrounds and parked , could have sold it 12 times over within 2 hours of being there . The show had a very light turnout because of the rescheduling and the State of Pennsylvania heath dept was trying to shut it down and filed for a emergency hearing on Wednesday the day it opened . They said there was going to be 100k people there , when it was like 5 to 6k over a 100acre fairground , One of media outlets used a old picture from a Saturday a few years ago off of Carlisle Events web site showing it mobbed .

    Found quickly what I was looking for part/tools wise and then opened up the windows,sun sun roof turned the front seats around and just hung out talking to people from the comfort of the van , handed out a bunch of cards and had a great time .
    More people stopped , looked , took pictures and wanted to ask all about it the. The stock 69 GTO convertible got less looks,that was parked one row away . ( the little stock Mitsubishi mitymax pickup parked next to got more interest)
    Was able to go out to eat ( 1st time in 3 1/2 months) that night , went back on Thursday just hung out , gave out more cards , answered a ton more questions
    At the end of the day , got another meal that wasn’t carry out or delivery . Hopped back on the road at 9:45 pm and was home by 11:30 .
    My MPG was only about 20mpg on the way out , might be a little better on the way home but I didn’t check it yet . Hit 30k miles on the odometer ( 48,280kms) during the trip home
    Ordering the rebuilt motor for my other one with a wrist pin slap I picked up for the transmission ( was going to be parted out if I couldn’t fix the transmission in this one) on Monday
    Hoping to have it done and ready to sell at the Fall Carlisle Show so I can finance my next toy
  2. Reese Allen

    Reese Allen Member

    Sounds like a great time. It seems like every time I drive mine, it's a mobile car show in and of itself.

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