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Discussion in 'References' started by dowhat, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. dowhat

    dowhat Member

    With my short time of owning a Hijet, and shorter time owning a Minicab, I still find myself on the net spending numerous hours just trying to research parts. The following websites are ones that I have used automaticaly in my quest, and I hope they come to help others. I like using dimensions/specs based websites to try and narrow "the field" on parts that may/will work. I will be opening two seperate threads for my vehicles in there related brand forums, listing all of the aftermarket parts that I have found along the way. Invest in a sliding micrometer to measure inside/outside distances, roughly $15-30.

    www.Napaonline.com: used to cross-reference other name brands, and find vehicle counterpart.

    catalog2.genpt.com/catviewer15/(S(q5lajxf5uotlqk55tyh4rjbb))/Welcome.aspx: Napa's companion website that is a bit more versitel in the info, but lacks prices. Click on buyers guide red box to see vehicle using that part.

    www.Summitracing.com: used for numerous items selected based on dimensions/specs, it will help narrow down to your need. Seeing how most brands are not made by them, I will plug their part # in to napaonline to see if I can get it localy.

    www.infodozer.com: numerous oe and aftermarket part #'s listings.

    www.napaechlin.com/upload/NAPAEchlin2/Documents/ECH_NA141_HQr.pdf: large catalog(1000+pgs.) of sensors, switches, relays, pigtails, distributor vac. advance solenoids, etc. that are offered by napa's electrical division, Echlin. Sensor/switch companion pigtail part numbers at page 969. Take part number to napaonline.com and input # to find specs of sensor/switches etc.

    ws1.wilsonautoelectric.com/ec03/part.php: awsome site for alternator/starter parts search. Plug in your starer/alternator number, and the search function will give a break down of components. Cross-reference showing numerous manufacturers.

    www.wagneralt.com/catalog/books/default.asp: catalogs of parts to rebuild starters and alternators, what your local rebuilder uses.

    www.rtpnet.org/~teaa/bcigroup.html: battery size chart.

    www.bosch.com.au/content/language1/html/4599.htm: catalog of alternators/starters with dimensions and internal part numbers.

    Monroe.com/catalog/documents/08_mountinglengthsheet.pdf: will give you a great starting point for your suspension needs. With that part number you can research matching vehicle and price. This helped when it came time to change my Hijet front struts, the ft strut casing KYB # jumped over as a cross-reference, only to find out they were cartridges, so I rebuilt them myself.

    http://shop.hyperauto.ru/up/doc/KYB_jp_cars.pdf: catalog of KYB struts/shocks.

    http://shop.hyperauto.ru/up/doc/OEM_KYB.pdf: cross-reference catalog from OE to KYB part numbers.

    www.moog-suspension-parts.com/Universal_Outer_Tie_Rod_Ends.asp: manufacturer of steering/suspension parts. This is a very large listing of their tie rods. Moog parts are easily found or cross-referenced. Link of additional parts offered by Moog, and adjusting sleeves.

    www.professionalpartsusa.com/uploads/SUSPENSION___UNDERCARRIAGE_CATALOG_.pdf: (1.2mB) catalog of front end parts(tie rods, ball joints, control arms) listing OE, TRW, and MOOG part numbers.

    www.roadsafe.com.au/downloads/catalogue_edition_5_online_FOR_PDF_010910.pdf and www.ladderautoparts.com/TIE ROD END CATLOGUE 2009-LADDER AUTO PARTS.pdf: catalogs of steering/suspension parts with threading dimensions, not length, which you can check against the Moog dimensions catalog.

    www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PDFs/Moog_rubber_bushing_cross_reference.pdf: catalog of contol arm and idler arm bushings by dimensions. Input kit number, interchange, enter, here.

    www.energysuspension.com/assets/files/2010-energy-suspension-catalog.pdf and www.prothane.com/prothane-catalog.pdf: catalogs of bushings/mounts. Not specificly for minitrucks, but posted more for idea storming.

    www.energysuspension.com/universal-...type-bushings-universal-mounts-isolators.html: listings of front radius arm/strut rod bushings by dimensions. Summitracing.com list 97 items, and Napa list 127 items.

    Publication of chassis coil/leaf spring basics.

    u-joint table, very helpful for driveshaft and steering u-joints by dimensions. GMB.net catalog. Staked-in Catalog. Precision catalog, to cross-reference. ESSN catalog. Some u-joints don't come with internal/external retaining clips, but are available at auto part stores. My Mits rear driveshaft ujoints measure 20mm(.787") cup size x 55mm(2.165") length, with outside snap rings. The theujointstore.com has them for $25US each, for Kubota, Deere etc. $58 for 2 with shipping. Purchased ujoint fits perfectly.

    Instructions on how to replace staked U-Joints, using a special cutting tool. Research has shown others using a dremel with a flat disc cutting tool.

    www.empius.com/cvjoints/2009EMPICVJoints_032009.pdf: (50mB) catalog of cv joints with dimensional listings, corresponding vehicle at pg114+. Go to empius.com to find local dealer.

    www.empius.com/2004_ab_joints_rpcomp/2004_ab_joints_rpcomp.html: cv boot dimensional listings(click on cv boot illustrations) page 99 onward. Numerous other catalogs listings at this web page.

    http://interparts.com/download.htm: multiple cv axle component catalogs.

    www.interparts.eu.com/pdf/CVBootNumerical.pdf: gives vehicle dimensions for your cv-boots and other vehicles that it goes on. Remember, there could be multiple boots for just one outer/inner joint. Get your dimensions to verify.

    www.gorilla-auto.com/lug.nuts: specificaly for lug nuts. Will help you select lugs based on threading, shoulder, depth, and color. This site helped me with finding 10x1.25 lug nuts, that had a wide shoulder, when converting from 10" stock steelies to 12" steelies on my Hijet. I found the cheapest to be from autopartsdealer.com, #71117, 4packs of 4 lugs each for $22US shipped.

    www.Miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html: tire size calculator. For checking your current tire dimensions against other sizes. The calculator will break down the dimensions of width, diameter, heigth, and sidewall.

    www.Accessdayco.com: This site uses dimensions input to look up hoses(based on diameter, length, and legs to the hose), belts, and timing belts(which will give vehicle counterpart). The T-belts are a bit tricky for the novice. BEFORE YOU CHANGE your belt you MUST know length, number of teeth, shape of teeth, and width of belt. Any change in those items, and you may destroy your motor. Click on Buyers Guide, input part # to find compatible vehicles.

    www.napabeltshose.com/downloads/files/catalogs/NAPA_ID_GUIDE_FORWEB.pdf(13mB): cross-reference catalog of pulleys, tensioners, belts, and hoses. The molded radiator hose catalog(pg676 on), shows pictures of hoses with dimensions.

    www.industrialrubbersupply.com/catalog/master_product.pdf: catalogs of hoses (defrost, vacuum, heater, fuel.......etc).

    bandousa.com/html/pdfs/automotiveCatalog.pdf: catalog of belts with cross-reference numbers.bandousa.com/html/pdfs/bu-200_power_trans.pdf: catalog of belts(v, serpentine, timing), along with pulleys/gears for timing belts.

    www.kks-group.com/filedownload/print.full.timing.pdf: find dimensions for your factory belt, part numbers and a limited cross-reference selection. Info will give you tooth count, tooth shape, tooth pitch, and width. There are other items, eng/trans mounts, headlamps and accessories listed through their home page.

    www.most72.ru/ftpgetfile.php?module=files&id=13: Sun timing belt catalog.

    www.bosch.com.au/content/language1/downloads/Web_catalogue_Timing_Belt.pdf: Bosch timing belt catalog.

    www.aj-max.com/productlist/TIMING BELT_p.pdf: timing belt cross-reference listing.

    www.znamco.com/download/rs01.pdf: for checking/finding piston ring set part numbers/specs.

    www.znamco.com/npr_of_europe.htm catalog of specs for pistons, rings, and bearings.

    www.hastingsmfg.com/Master_Catalog_Pdfs/Master_Catalog.pdf: catalog of rings with dimensional lookup and cross-reference.

    www.gjparts.com/products/pistons&rings/NPR2008Book_catalog.pdf: catalog of rings from NPR of America.

    www.wiseco.com/Catalogs/Powersports/CompleteCatalog.pdf: catalog for 2/4 stroke motor piston rings(page121+). Check your specs with what's offered. I would call them to verify ring taper/twist.

    www.exedy-aftermarket.com/english/default/index/index: suppliers of clutch components. Catalog gives oe and aftermarket part #'s, dimensions, and some pics of items. You can search for parts numbers based on your specs input of both clutch disc and pressure plate. www.exedyusa.com/oe/dealers dealer locator.

    http://www.gjparts.com/products/clutches/daikin/DAIKIN_AISIN Cross Ref.pdf Exedy to Aisin cross-reference catalog.

    www.timken.com/en-us/products/Pages/Catalogs.aspx: a great resource of catalogs for bearings and seals, with cross-reference numbers, by dimensions, etc. Timken seal catalog by dimensions.

    www.timken.com/en-us/products/documents/bearinginterchangeguide7536.pdf: catalog for bearings cross-reference by part number. Catalog list bearings from alternator, axle, clutch etc.

    www.tec.nsk.com/switch.asp?pageID=fit: manufacturer of bearings. This webpage will help with finding a bearing part number based on your dimensional input. There is additional info on website.

    www.benitomo.com/menu/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=14&Itemid=7: catalogs of wheel and throwout bearings, and pulleys from Icaban.

    www.koyola.com.pa/products/index/page:1: catalogs of wheel and throwout bearings offered by koyo, the lower four pdf's. Has manufacturer part#, oe part#, and specs of bearing. This page is in spanish. Translation; rueda=wheel, trasera=rear, and delantera=front.

    www.nskf-bearings.com/index.htm: website of bearings.

    www2.vsm.skf.com/en-US/Catalog/~/media/Files/enUS/Automotive/457013_Web.ashx: cross-reference catalog of hubs and bearings offered by SKF.
    compass2.vsm.skf.temp.pi.se/Index_Car.aspx?page=cars/carToKits.ascx&language=ru-RU from Russia, translate needed.

    www.tjb-bearings.com.tw/en/: catalog of bearings and tensioners with multipule cross-reference numbers from the OE number.

    WIX catalog, under utility vehicles listings.

    MANN+HUMMEL Japanese catalog, with OE numbers.

    www.altayauto.kz/files/catalogue/VIC_2009.pdf: very large listing of fuel, air, and oil filter OE numbers.

    www.denflo.com: catalog of filters with three manufacturers numbers and OE listing.

    www.framcatalog.com/Application.aspx?b=F: search function used with OE or competitor numbers.

    Cooling System:
    GMB.net: click on catalog. Cross-reference for water pumps, u-joints, and pulleys. Pictures for water pumps, that I had to sift through to find one that fits my vehicle. Dimensional listings for u-joints. The website will give you your local GMB rep contact info, in turn the rep will tell you whom sells GMB products localy.

    www.benitomo.com/menu/index.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=52&Itemid=7: catalog of water pumps offered by GMB. Info has pictures, part numbers, and OE part numbers. Translate or click on Descargar(download).

    www.npw-mfg.co.jp/members/catarogue_2009/water.html: catalog of water pumps and fan clutches.

    www.tridon.com.au/partfinder/default.aspx: catalog of thermostats, sensors, oil/gas caps etc. Cross reference tridon part number at Stant.com. Example: Hijet Tridon thermostat 239-185 with specs, plug 239 into Stant(shows specs temp/dimensions/picture Tridon part number) and you get Stants number, 13848.

    www.remsaofamerica.com/catalog_2011/remsa2011_padIllus_sec2.pdf: illustration catalog of brake pads with part numbers.

    www.jnbk-brakes.com/catalogue: catalog of pads/shoes with dimensions.

    www.ebcbrakes.com/automotive/autocatalogue.shtml cataolgs of pads/rotors and drums/shoes with dimensions.

    bremboaftermarket.com/En/Car_Disc_Catalogue/Catalogue_Search.aspx?SearchMode=Size catalog of rotors and drums. Search function with dimensional input, cross-reference or vehicle. Downloadable catalog is massive.

    www.apec-braking.co.uk/search_size.php lookup pads/rotors and shoes/drums based on dimensional input.

    www.denso.co.jp/cgi-bin/plug/4wplug/4wplug-index.cgi: catalog of spark plugs.

    www.ngkspark.com.au: limited resource for finding ignition items for your mini truck, that were imported to Australia.

    www.pageturnpro.com/user/uploaded_books/129283577609455000_Wire-Accessories.pdf: large catalog(40MB) of ignition wires and spark plug cable ends.

    www.wellsve.com/sft503/Counterpoint3_1.pdf: hall effect diag. procedure tips. www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/misc/tech_center/install/3000/3615.pdf: generic distributor parts break down. www.pertronix.com/catalogs/pdf/ptx/2010/Pertronix2010.pdf: misc. distributor info

    www.napaechlin.com/Upload/NAPAEchlin2/Documents/CRB_NA980_HQr.pdf: (22MB) napa/echlin fuel/emission catalog. Parts like accelerator pedals, carburetor solenoids, and choke pull-offs.

    www.facet-purolator.com/images/facet_guide_2004.pdf: catalog of electric fuel pumps offered by Facet-Purolator for carb/EFI. The Solid State Cube pump FEP42SV(25gph@1.5-4.0 psi) or Posi-Flo FEP04SV(25gph/95Lph@1.5-4.0 psi) are for carburetor applications. Listing of fuel filter counterpart. No listing for pressure regulator requirement.

    www.showmetheparts.com/airtex/#: Airtex catalog, supplier of fuel pumps. The E8016S(30gph@2.5-4.5psi) and E8902(25-30gph@2.5-4.0 psi).

    www.recarbco.com/technical/newtrouble.html: Carburetor troubleshooting tips.

    www.valeoservice.com/index.php?zone=asiapacific&lang=en: manufacturer of numerous parts.

    www.dormanproducts.com/catalog/2006_toc_oesolutions.html: catalogs of numerous items from bumper to bumper.

    www.Trwaftermarket.com: click on catalogue, click on search via/vehicles, then on the right for country, choose Japan. Choose manufacturer, then model. Don't fill in the rest. Click search. It will punch out pads, hoses, etc., with dimensions. One tab subsection will give you all compatable vehicles. Take that NA vehicle info over, and see if the specs are the same. REMEMBER, verify specs.......specially when safety is invovled.

    Suzuki owners:
    I don't know if this is a post on the Suzuki reference side, but I found carb(dd51/db51), distributor(db51) and other items with part numbers, that interchange between the Suzuki and Cushman(k6a motor). Reference site out of Australia: Link. Jacobsen Turf Link for same 6ka model. Listings for both carb/efi fuel pumps. Both pumps show available. 1stsuzukiparts.com, input oe number to check availability.

    Idler Arm Bushings: I have seen numerous post for the Suzuki Carry steering bushing going bad. I might be able to narrow down a aftermarket replacement if someone can give me the bushing dimensions. I don't own a Suzuki to compare.

    Mistubishi Owners:
    Info on the 3g8x motor that has been previously posted, thanks to Freemont, and others input in the Mits. forum. A link of the Toro Workman model #07200/#07202 that uses the 3g8x motor. mitsubishiparts.com, input oe number to check availability. U11-U66 parts catalog.

    How this came about: While checking timing marks I noticed a 1/4" cut in the t-belt. I found the kks website, specs/part number for my timing belt. Checked numerous North American t-belt manufacturers websites. Dayco belts shows they offer one and listed the vehicles it goes on. Plugged that number into Napa's website, good to go. The belt fits the PASSENGER side of a flat four motor. I plan to verify this in the next month or so, working on other issues.

    I hope to add to this listing in the future.

    Members: I would like to ask you to give your part #'s whenever you repair yours with aftermarket parts, that way we can continue to help eachother. Thanks.

    Your welcome Fupa, D'Animal, and olddatsunfan.
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  2. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Suhhhweett!!! dude that list rocks...thanks:)
  3. D'Animal

    D'Animal Member

    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together.
  4. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    That's a lot of work there, thanks JC!
  5. dowhat

    dowhat Member

    93 Hijet Jumbo S80LP LHD 4x2 550cc 4spd w/ Hi/Low 4wheel Drum

    I opened this post to list aftermarket parts used on this vehicle. When complete, trying to find reciepts/paperwork, I'll make a thread in the Daihatsu Forum. This vehicle is stock.

    Item: Manufacturer/Source Part#

    Thermostat: napa #531080, 180deg. note: had to drill small vent hole
    Thermostat Gasket: napa #1067-st
    Drive Belt: napa #25-7300, no a/c, no p/s
    Air Filter: napa #6247
    Fuel Filter: napa #3053, or Purolator #F20005
    Oil Filter: napa #21394
    Oil: 10w30
    Ign. Wires: napa #700168, 7mm (4cyl+ign. coil wire) note: build your own
    Dist. Cap: site sponsor (A-2 inside cap)
    Dist. Rotor: YEC/napa #141-3606
    Spark Plugs: NGK#7131
    Turf Tires: Northern Tool 205/65-10, trailer tires load C, 6ply
    Street Tires: OE 145/12
    Lug Nuts: Gorilla/Amazon #71117(4pack), 13/16" shoulder
    Ft Struts: Rebuildable cartridges. L/F OE KYB casing #48520-87525, R/F casing #48510-87542. Check my photo album for pictures/instructions of rebuild.
    Rear Shocks: Monroe #32207/napa #94038
    Muffler: Walker/Amazon #18136
    Exhaust Pipe: napa #47980, 1.5" OD
    Brake System Flush: DOT3 Fluid
    Starter Bendix Shaft Nose Bushing: Lester #17565
    Radiator/Thermal Fan Switch: napa #FS130SB(what I'm using, and may change due to low temp when fan comes on, and cycles for only 3-5seconds. Radiator temp drops from 189 to 140, while reading with infrared temp gun), along with blue electrical bullet connectors or #FS132 depending on spec requirements. Both have 16mm x 1.5 threading. UPDATE: installed #FS132, using female spade connectors, and engine temp doesn't go above 5/8. I found that the #FS130SB may have been fighting the thermostat, both around 180deg. specs.
    Starter Relay: Denso OE#056700-5260(12volt 22amp) can be cross-referenced to numerous part numbers. Napa #AR355, AR215SB, or AR355SB. Choose the relay based on circuit diagram on side of your relay.
    Tie Rods: Moog ES488L(Left outer and Rt inner) these tie rods are LH threading. Some rods may have a slight bend and/or greaseable depending on cross-referenced manufacturer.
    Tie Rods: Moog ES484R(Rt outer and Left inner) these tie rods are RH threading. Some rods may have a slight bend and/or greaseable depending on cross-referenced manufacturer.
    Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve LH Thread Lock Nuts: VW #N0111136 14mm x 1.5 threading, bought at local VW dealership, for 72 Beetle
    Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve: 39cm in length. RH and LH threading. Threading is 14mm x 1.5. Cleaned and applied anti-seize.
    Radio: Dual/Wal-Mart #XR4110 (dimensions-178 x 50 x 107mm)
    Throttle Body Cleaner: to clean carb butterfly
    Timing: 8deg Btdc
    Wiper Blades: 15"/17"
    Ft Outer Wheel Bearings: OE NSK #HR30203J = Timken #30203
    Radiator Cap: Stant/napa #703-1695 (13psi)
    Fuel Cap: Stant/napa #703-1719
    U-Joints: Precision/napa #PUJ-385
    Antenna Mast: site sponsor
    Front Bumper Paint: Dupli-Color/napa #FB105, check photo album to compare.
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  6. dowhat

    dowhat Member

    92 Mitsubishi U42T RHD 4x4 660cc

    I opened this post to list aftermarket parts used on this vehicle. When complete, I'll make a thread in the Mitsubishi Forum. This vehicle needs work and is on the back burner. 3" Lift-kit installed.

    Item: Manufacturer/Source Part#

    Rear Driveshaft Ujoints: 20x55mm(.787"x2.165") theujointstore.com(packaged Koyou) or NAPA #PUJ-410 (.788"x2.17") with grease fitting. $23US each
    Water Pump: local GMB rep, gwm-64A, (boxed Federated 148-1640) - $63US
    PCV Valve: napa #CRB 29349
    Spark Plugs: NGK #brk6e-11
    Fuel Filter: napa#
    Oil: 10w30
    Oil Filter: napa #FIL 1356, or Fram PH6607(13psi relief valve), OE MD134953
    Battery: napa #8223
    Brake System Flush: DOT3 Fluid
    Drive Belt: napa#
    Thermostat: napa #531080, note: drilled small vent hole
    Thermostat gasket: fel-pro/napa # 35368
    Oil pressure switch: Altrom/napa #143-1028
    Temp. switch: Altrom/napa #143-4036
    Radiator cap: Altrom/napa #159-2904
    Distributor cap: site sponsor
    Head gasket: site sponsor
    Intake manifold gasket: site sponsor
    Vac. Line: 5/32 for engine and ft. axle solenoid/valves
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  7. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    wow quite a list...we need an organized section on this forum with parts listed that can be added too simply, and easily searched....I know I've put a bunch up at various times but they are scattered all over the place....good job
  8. dowhat

    dowhat Member

    Thanks Fupa,

    I agree on info being scattered from forum to forum. If a owner would make a thread of their own vehicle in that manufacturers reference section listing parts used, maybe someone could find a part # or source quikly. That's my goal with my Hijet and Minicab. I just don't have my notes at hand and thinking the Minicab thread would be a waste of space.
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  9. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean about the Mits.. very hard to find cross references for compared to the Daihatsu....I kind of put my U42 on the back burner a bit while I'm playing with the Mira..and had no luck with struts for the U42t..even suppliers dont have any listed...Just weren't as many sold in as many countries.. Yes a locked post only added to by 1 person with all their part #s would be good...maybe a cross reference category on the home page divided into tune up,suspension,body,electrical etc.
  10. dowhat

    dowhat Member


    It's not so much trying to cross-reference oe part numbers, the time is finding dimensional listing catalogs for the part I need. I attack the problem of getting my parts specs and going from there. Like needing a bolt, you need to know threading, length, and width before going to the hardware store. The brake dimensional catalog has been on my hit list for months, and found two this week. I just wish I would have written down specs of items while working on the Hijet, I would have more parts listed(drum specs, bearing numbers). I have a ton more info on a zip drive, but it's use isn't needed....chinese master cylinders catalog. I can tell you, the listings above, have taken a ton of time.

    With being a mechanic, I have the tools to get the specs, test a component, or try and source parts.

    I'll print most of the pdf catalogs and have them in a binder, knowing I'll need them no mater what vehicle brand I'm working on in the future.

    As far as my U42t, I have zero time to work on it, between finishing the Hijet, and working on the home. If I do have some spare time, I'll try and find front struts that would work for the both of us.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2010
  11. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    If I'm correct on the Mits struts the front struts for a 1989 Chev Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick may be the ticket...dimensionally they are close with only an extra 2" in contracted and extended length...they have no spring perch since the Sidekick used a separate coil spring...so you could use an adjustable aftermarket perch (lowering kit type)...the problem has been with the Monroe spec catalogue..so far their measurements have been way wrong on 3 others I have tried that according to the dimension and measurement/strut body type chart,should have fit.....Merry Christmas and heres hoping we get it sorted in the new year:):D
  12. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    I've searched every single interchange part, every catalog and sizing chart and can't find an idler bushing for my Carry :( I guess I'm going to have to break down and spend the money on a new one from a dealer... if I can find one.
  13. dowhat

    dowhat Member

    I recently worked on a 2001 Nissan Xterra and took a look at its idler arm, the assembled dimensions of its bushing look close to what you gave me. I googled that vehicle idler arm bushing and found, http://www.sccxterra.com/smf/index.php?topic=98.0. The manufacturer is at http://bandit4x4.com/category/4x4-truck-parts/steering-parts/, you may contact him with your dimension needs. Second, the Nissans have zerk fittings to lube the arm. There is plastic, brass, SLR, and other info I haven't researched yet as replacements. If I find new info I'll post right here, and my first post.

    Edit: That brass bushing offered by bandit4x4 looks great, greaseable at that. If I ever need one, I would look into brass insert bushings with greaseable grooves. And drill into my idler arm to add a zerk fitting.

    www.4x4parts.com/nissan/idler-arm-bushings-p-5257.html is the plastic OE replacement for Nissans.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2011
  14. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Awesome! I've ordered a replacement in the meantime because I need my truck to be drivable but from the looks of things it's probably not going to last for more than a year or so. They just aren't designed to take the kind of beating I'll be dishing out, especially with the added weight of the plow setup and the abuse of the 10" wide tires. I did wonder about just welding a steel washer on the bottom and the top of the idler arm and calling it a day but then noticed that the arm itself appears to be made of cast iron. I may go ahead and weld something out of steel this summer :D If it turns out I'd bet there would be a few takers on this site...
  15. antfarmer

    antfarmer Member

    Does anyone know what the best size/part number would be for a 1991 S83p Hijet rear shock absorber (with 2" lift)? Is 20851 the right one? I'm still getting rear thumping over bumps and want to try gabriel hijackers rear shocks or maybe something like a monroe sensa-trac load adjusting shock but I want to order the correct size.
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