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Replacement charcoal vapor canister found

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by movemint, Aug 2, 2023.

  1. movemint

    movemint New Member Supporting Member

    TLDR: Mitsubishi part# MR314437 seems to work as replacement charcoal vapor canister for S110P.

    I was having issues with fuel pressure build up in my tank and had a fuel leak that was dripping from around my tank.

    The fuel supply and return line on top of the tank from the fuel sender had cracks and worn through. I replaced the fuel lines with stuff I got locally and added some braided clear hose on top as wear protection.

    My charcoal vapor canister smelled heavily of fuel. Couldn't find the OE or a replacement canister, which is part# 77704-87515. I found a replacement that looked similar and so far it seems to work. Mitsubishi part# MR314437. Same mounting system and even marked the tank and purge outlets. The fitting on the bottoms that pulls air from the frame was larger, so I used some of the clear hose as an adapter for now.

    I did find the little check valve that goes into the frame between the tank and the charcoal canister. Not sure if it was necessary, but I figured if I am replacing parts and already have the bed off, might as well. Part # 77709-87510.

    The fuel tank would hiss anytime I removed the gas cap, especially with the bed off and the truck sitting in the sun. As soon as I replied the charcoal canister, no more hiss or fuel smell.

    Small braided line that is snaking over everything is the air line for the rear air struts.

    PXL_20230802_214515202.jpg PXL_20230802_214453238.jpg PXL_20230802_203547908.jpg
  2. maboyce

    maboyce Active Member

    Hmm, mine hisses a lot too. Thanks for putting in this work!
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  3. RolandJ

    RolandJ New Member

    Where were you able to get theses ? I searched the Mitsubishi num an didn't come up with anything . Did you goto advanced autoparts
  4. movemint

    movemint New Member Supporting Member

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  5. Robert Gionet

    Robert Gionet New Member

    Oh thanks man for providing the links where to order. I have been looking for this for long. My gas cap is hissing lots... sheeeeshhhhhhh each time I go for a gas refill. Question though... are these canister mandatory ? I mean, I we unplug the hose going to the canister and you put something at the end of the hose to avoid debris to get in... this will allow the tank to vent isnt it ?
    I did crawl under the truck this afternoon to try to find this unit... but couldnt find it. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi MiniCab U62T Manual transmission.
  6. movemint

    movemint New Member Supporting Member

    I think some people will remove or create just a loop with hoses. I believe the canister has a check valve in it, to keep the system pressurized, so vacuum is maintained, but not certain.
  7. LowKey

    LowKey New Member

    Got one, fit perfectly, and seems to work, also fixed most of the gas smell.
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  8. Robert Gionet

    Robert Gionet New Member

    the more I think, the more I want to rule out the charcoal canister from being the source of my lack of power problems... reason why Im saying this is.... if I unplug the rubber hose that is coming from the canister going to the pressure valve (located onto the carbs) and I blow into the tube, so the air is going into the canistor, it goes almost without resistance... meaning its not clogged.. I can suck air from it as well... Is this test ennough to tell my charcoal vapor canistor is good ?
    I do noice that if i unplug the hose that is coming from the pressure valve to the air intake, the engine seems to be revving more freely...
    I can definitely see I have a power issue just by putting the light on..... normally the engine speed should not vary that much upon putting on the light... but, when the issue is present, if I put the light on, the engine is almost dying.
    When I have power issue, if I unplug the rubber hose from the pressure valve that is between the charcoal canistor and the air intake, putting on the light is not killing the engine.
    Keep in mind that my Mitsubishi engine is fuel inject and does not have carbs as per say.
  9. movemint

    movemint New Member Supporting Member

    Not sure about the fuel injection.

    The charcoal canisters have check valves in them I think. So you should be able to suck vapor from it, but not blow into that hole. Vice versa with the other port on the canister.
  10. Robert Gionet

    Robert Gionet New Member

    A little update on my issue with my Mitsubishi Truck, in relation with the Charcoal canistor. This morning I wanted to test if the Canistor was plugged\clogged.... as I wanted to also see if this was the cause of the 'hissing' sound I was earing when I remove the gas cap. During hot days, or even cold days we all know that gasoline will contract itself or expand... making a negative pressure or positive pressure in the tank. So long story short, I simply detached the rubber hose from the tank that goes to the canistor... Once unplugged, I did blow air into the canistor without issue, then, I took the hose that was still attached to the tank, and was able to blow air into the tank as well. (both direction, suck air or blow air) Of course, when blowing air into the tank, there was eventually some resistance, since the gas cap was still twisted into its place... I removed the gas cap, and was able to blow air into the tank without any resistance. So based on my test... there are nothing that is clogged at all... how can we explain the sheeeshhh sound when I remove the gas cap during warm days or cold days ?
  11. movemint

    movemint New Member Supporting Member

    Not sure what's going on with your's, but my truck definitely got better with a new canister. Charcoal can absorb a ton, so all the extra vapor gets sucked into the charcoal relieving pressure, and then one of the hoses goes to the engine so it'll pull the vapor out of the canister and burn it off while you drive.
  12. Cdog

    Cdog New Member

    Thanks for this! great work finding a similar canister. I have a couple questions for you; How do you remove the old check valve from the frame? Did you replace the small charcoal canister up front as well?
  13. LowKey

    LowKey New Member

    I broke the check valve trying to remove it, I would still recommend cleaning it if you can, I did not replace the front one, I probably should.
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