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Remote Starter / keyless Entry, 2004 Suzuki Carry

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Joey Gibbs, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Joey Gibbs

    Joey Gibbs Member

  2. Joey Gibbs

    Joey Gibbs Member

    I got the remote starter installed and working with the power locks. Works great, having the electrical diagrams book is a must! Not sure if anyone else is attempting to do this but know that it is possible and works!

    SAITCHO Active Member

    Good job on that. Did you install a tach on yours?
  4. Joey Gibbs

    Joey Gibbs Member

    No, I did not but at least the Tach wire is in the cab right under the dash to the remote starter now. So it will be fairly easy now that I know where it is. Do you have one on yours? What brand did you go with?

    SAITCHO Active Member

    Not yet its next year project. So far I have my eyes on the equus 6068. Three cyclinder tach are rare and on this one you can select from 1 t0 12 cylinder. It also use inductive pickup so no need to splice the wire.
  6. Joey Gibbs

    Joey Gibbs Member

    Thanks for the info, I will look into that one.
  7. Justin56

    Justin56 New Member


    - Did you happen to record a video or put together any documentation of your install?
    - I'm also looking to do this on my 1999 Suzuki Carry. I'm curious for your wiring diagrams which pages in the manual did you use the most? wire mapping to the ECU?

    - did you have to do any details with a clutch bypass switch or anything like that?

    I'm looking forward to this project I might try to write mine up once I get it done.

    Thanks Joey or others for any help!

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