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remote mounted turbos

Discussion in 'Performance' started by aspera, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. aspera

    aspera New Member

    These little trucks seem to be wide open to modifying. Normally, you'd want a small turbo close the engine on a small displacement vehicle so you wouldn't have turbo lag. That presents packaging problems.

    A remote mount turbo system give you much more leeway as far as packaging, but at the cost of lag. But, who cares about lag when you're doing it to increase top speed instead of acceleration? Most remote mount turbo setups get rid of the muffler, so backpressure downstream of the turbine is eliminated. The turbo acts as the muffler.
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  2. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

  3. boosted mitsu

    boosted mitsu Member

    interesting. we will actually be developing a trubo system along with a full line of suspension mods, roll bars, brush guards and skid plates in the near future.

    i'll post pics up as our work progresses. wont be for another month or so.
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  4. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    will turbo set-up be for carb type mitsu's?...i have a 92 660cc 12 valve and would like to put a turbo on it. please let me know what you come up with.
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  5. boosted mitsu

    boosted mitsu Member

    i'll let you know. we are currently waiting on word from epa on the new regulations.
  6. Rural

    Rural Member

    Yikes! $8k! That's more than almost all the mini-trucks you'll read about here. I'd pay for a bit more horsepower, just not $8k. Hopefully, Boosted Mitsu's kit will be a little more affordable.
  7. boosted mitsu

    boosted mitsu Member

    i'm pretty sure that our kits will not be 8k.... maybe $7999. :) JK
    i am looking into small turbos that are commonly found on other vehicles that may work for our application.
    this way we can sell most of the hardware and potential users can save on cost by looking for used/rebuilt turbos or purchase a new one through us.
    We are trying to make it as cost effective as possible.
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  8. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    This system is similiar to the work we used to do in the early '90's, but a bit further back in the exhaust. We used to mount them on the very back on the headers..say about just past the bell housing of the transmission, then run oil lines however we could. They were fast for a few days, then boom.

    Never did much engine prep, and probably ran most too lean. :)

    Intrested in what kind of pump/sump system is going to lube the turbo(s)...?
  9. boosted mitsu

    boosted mitsu Member

    dont need a pump or any additional parts for the oil system. these engines are made like most engines. you can get oil pressure from one of the oil galleys.
    yes, you dont want to go too lean. we will only be boosting a few pounds since the engines are so small. when i have time i will be taking aprt one of our motors and build a performance motor.....thats when i have time. :)
  10. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Just seems like an awful long ways to plumb oil feed and return lines...but I suppose fuel and brake lines make the same journey huh?

    It will be nice to see the finished product!
  11. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    simple...put a t at your oil sending unit and dump back into the oil pan...simple:D
  12. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Thats how we used to do it..
  13. boosted mitsu

    boosted mitsu Member

    we did it that way occasionally but most of the time we used the oil galley since it would be a shorter route.

    oil drain was just a matter of mounting the turbo higher than the pan and let gravity do its job. :)

    biggest problem on some cars was the space for plumbing since we used intercoolers all the time. no straight shot to the TB like some cars from the early 80's
  14. Jeremy47

    Jeremy47 New Member

    if one was to use this turbocharger http://www.ecotrons.com/products/small_engine_rhb31_vz21_turbocharger/, you'd see boost before 3000rpm's.
    and thats a very good quality turbo. ive used it sucsessfully on 750cc engines up into the 14k RPM range with very pleasing results. (10psi at 14k is a fun way to drive)
    or you mount a asisin amr500 supercharger on for about the same price, and get more 1000-3500rpm torque, but lose out after that.
    or be like me and do both. >:)
  15. DWils

    DWils Member

    I turbo'd my 1.5L Honda Fit and could not be happier with it. That said, I would be super-wary of going forced induction on a minitruck/microvan because they are so shaky at anything over 65mph/100kph. But, I guess a stiffer suspension, bracing, and fatter tires could help with that problem.
  16. Jeremy47

    Jeremy47 New Member

    adding to the power will not make it go faster (unless it coudnt reach ts top speed anyway)
    it will only aid acceleration.
  17. Kent

    Kent Member

    That is correct top speed remains the same getting there is a lot more fun. Also the need to shift down the pull a incline is not needed as much. I have my turbo mounted on the transfer case with about a 16 inch wrapped pipe going back to it .
  18. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    will a vz21 turbo be enough ? I think it's one of the smallest you can buy. it's for engines up to 100hp
  19. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Yes, the VZ21 will work fine. It is a copy of the RHB31 and that turbo came factory on many of the Suzuki turbo 660's like the Jimny's. The Alto's used it on their twin cam version of the F6A which spun to 8,500 and with just a little work they are at 70hp. Any variation of Kei engine will be regulated to a max of 64hp at the factory, many are turned up as the manufacture built boost headroom into the engines..

    My new daily is a 2021 Ranger with it's 2.3L turbo engine. A very quick and fun truck to drive. My '93 Jimny 660 turbo is just as much fun to drive. Once the turbo is spooled at around 3k RPM it just takes off
  20. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    is that after you took out the speed regulate?
  21. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    There is no speed regulator, and my engine is running the stock boost pressures, so it's generating the factory 58hp.. I could easilly get it to 70ish hp by turning the boost up a little bit but I don't want to blow a head gasket. The truck will do 70 mph with ease if I want it to although right around 60 mph is where it's at. This is a Jimny though, and the engine although similar engine to a Carry 660 is still different. The cylinder head has larger better flowing ports and chambers, and it operates at a lower compression ratio since it's turbocharged
  22. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    so let me get this straight. your truck didn't come with the govener, or you removed it?
    I'm waiting on my hijet to be shipped,so I can't look at what's going on.
    So let's say I put my turbo on a regulated engine. Will it give me more top end, or will it be redundent and make no diffence? sorry for being a pain in the ass.
  23. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    If your truck is at least 25 years old to the month it does not need a speed regulator to come into the USA, and most do not anymore. If it's newer than 25 years it needs one legally.

    If your truck is actually regulated it would be pointless
  24. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    now I seen these two guies on YouTube channel called mighty car mods . that's put a rhb31 on a Honda cub, stock. and it seemed to work fine . Now since that turbo is considered the smallest you can get. wouldn't it work well on a 660cc stock engine? the cub was only125cc. would one so small damage a stock 660cc? I only ask because I bought a rhb31 awhile back and haven't done anything with it .
  25. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    The RHB31 was designed and used in most of Suzuki's turbocharged 660cc applications
  26. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    I have a Daihatsu hijet. would the engine have to be built up to use that small turbo, or could I use it on my stock engine??
  27. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    ok question #3?-4?. can I run a rbh31 turbo on my carbureted stock 660 Daihatsu hijet safely
  28. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Turbocharging a carbureted engine is tricky. You have to figure out how to control the air fuel ratio, and decide if it is going to blow through the carb, or suck through. If it is a blow through you have to completely seal the carb, and figure out how to increase the fuel pressure as the boost goes up.

    It is far easier to start with a fuel injected engine, which has electronic engine management.

    As far as the engine itself, I’d freshen it up, with new bearings, check the piston pins, install better bolts and/or studs and mill down the tops of the pistons to increase the top volume.

    There are long technical books on how to design and setup turbocharged engines. You might try to find one.

    The livetodai forum has quite a bit of expertise on the engines. You should check over there.
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  29. mrxsht

    mrxsht Member

    thank you
  30. beejiujitsu

    beejiujitsu New Member

    I know I'm resurrecting an old thread, but...

    A turbo or supercharger won't increase your top speed, it'll just get you there faster.

    If your goal is a higher top speed, you need to change the transmission's final drive ratio for the wheels to turn faster (higher top speed), though you will likely pair that with a larger engine and/oror a turbo/supercharger.

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