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Registering and street legal NORTH CAROLINA

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Dustin86, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Dustin86

    Dustin86 New Member

    Hi, new here and not yet a minitruck owner. I hope to be soon though. I want to know if these can be titled, registered, and insured in the state of North Carolina??
    I am looking at a 1988 Suzuki Carry 4x4 with dump bed. I plan to use it as a daily driver to work, which is only 4.5 miles one way, and 45-55mph zones. I also would use it around my property.
    Thanks to all for the input.
  2. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I bought mine through here from a guy from South Carolina and he was able to get it registered there!
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  3. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    It depends on what paperwork it has. vehicles 25 years or older when imported as motor vehicles are legal in all 50 states at the federal level. California only being an exception due to emissions laws and CARB..

    As long as the paperwork is either stating it is a motor vehicle if freshly imported and never registered anywhere. OR the title in a state or province shows it as a motor vehicle.. If any paperwork shows it as an ATV or farm equipment the answer is it is only legal where " Mini Truck Laws " are in effect

    A 550cc carry isn't what I would want to daily drive though. Dumper or not, those cabs are cramped and they are under powered.. I daily drive my '92 Carry 5spd 88 miles per day. 4th gear only runs me to 80 KMH until it's screaming. 5th will run past 110 and keep climbing. I normally run 90-100 KPH which is 55-60 mph
  4. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    In my 91 660 5sp I run a taller 13" tire and my GPS shows a top speed so far at 67.4mph and I haven't pushed it at all.
    I have no trouble as a daily driver but then Im 5'6' and 175lbs!
  5. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    I'm 6' even 250 lbs and my truck is comfortable.. Mine is also a model that does not have the movable seats, so it gains an inch or 2... The trucks all got a little bigger after 1990 which went into the cabs. the displacement and max size increased just a little. I think 1989 the size went up and then 1990 they allowed 660cc
  6. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    And according to the law 25 years would be the 1993 Model year!
    I would get the newist possible!
  7. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Sort of... Model years in Japan run YOM, where in the USA they run in advance about 1/2 year. My Carry is a late 1992 so if it was a US vehicle it might be a 1993

    The law is 25 years to the month. so a vehicle built in January of 1993 will be legal in January 2018
  8. Randal Barbee

    Randal Barbee New Member

    Just registered mine in NC about three months ago. A bit of a process but went smooth once I knew the steps needed. If you still need the info let me know.


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