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PROPANE conversion... LPG carburetor bolt on kit...

Discussion in 'Performance' started by draggbody, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    Easy boys, play nice. I'm not too serious yet, have way to many other projects that need to see the light of day. If I ever get the 1000cc bottom end swap done I may go this route.

  2. o8k

    o8k Member

    How do you fill the bottles? If they are filled by weight? Would removal would then be required? Under bed tanks may be a problem to remove? I am very interested in this kit. Are there instructions for installation? Are there instructions for tuneing the air fuel mix, idle, fast idle, choke, etc? What impacts does this have on the vacuum system that still needs to remain (for example, the engine thermostat etc)?

  3. BC_MMC

    BC_MMC Member

    I'm on my 3rd propane vehicle since the early 80s and never had a problem refilling here in BC.
    You drive up to a pump and the only difference is the kid needs to take a one day safety course. The worst experiences I had were in the US West Coast where you pretty much had to stick to main truckstops to fill. Seems like it never caught on except in motorhomes.
    Two concerns I'd have: the loss of acceleration with such a tiny engine may be a concern. The other's moot. If it's too cold for propane, it's too cold to drive the damn thing. I already shattered the nylon shifter thing due to cold, and there's no damn way you can get enough heat off that tiny motor to keep the cab warm at -40.
  4. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    Central Alberta have a Sambar used it all last winter.Not the warmest at start up will not get real warm idling but comfortable while it is driven. I got foam pipe insulation and wrapped my heater lines with it great help and no noticable heat up in the hot summers.I do a fair amount of hiway driving to the city with it no problems. (lol wife hates it too rough great way to get a quiet ride into the city)
  5. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    i put a battery in the propane van of mine today with the impco system, tried the key to see if it would crank and it started! lol. gotta find out how to set the idle down. its reving like its on high idle.
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  6. o8k

    o8k Member

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  7. prairie mini truck

    prairie mini truck New Member

    has anyone who has done this convertion had any problems buning out the valves? As I recall they had a lot of problems with burnt valves in the 80 and 90s which is one off the reasons why they dident really catch on. Does anyone have the part # so i can get them at a local sorce?
  8. draggbody

    draggbody Member

    two trucks have been running daily on this conversion for 6 months now... not a SINGLE problem... i am removing the seats out of the bed of my truck and moving the tank because it is a PITA to change tanks underneath, other than that, i wouldnt change a thing!!!
  9. smokeydabear

    smokeydabear New Member

    Is this better than what comes on a factory suzuki carry with propane? I saw a couple factory propane suzuki's the other day and they seemed to perform pretty good.
  10. draggbody

    draggbody Member

    i cant speak on this as i have never seen a factory LP vehicle... i do know that the 2 trucks we have run excellent on propane... i would never go back...
  11. TenneSuzi

    TenneSuzi New Member

    So would 2 forklift tanks fit under the bed if you pulled the spare tire and gas tank?

    What's the capacity of a forklift tank and how long can you run on one?

    I've got a dump bed, makes it easy to get underneath to pull tanks or service.

    My home has a 1000 gal tank. Could I fill the truck from that somehow?


  12. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    question for the guys south of the border, whats propane cost down there? its anywhere from 93.9 to 107.9 cents/liter here (3.55 to 4.08 a gallon) which doesnt make it economical to drive when gasoline is the same price.
  13. BC_MMC

    BC_MMC Member

    71.9c/L here in town vs $114.9/L for gas.
    In the summer it could be had as low as 49.9c/L while gas was at $109.9
    Our propane F150 was unusable all week with -30 temps overnight.
  14. Griz

    Griz Member

    propane tank mount

    How about posting pictures of your propane tank mounting.

    Attached Files:

  15. Griz

    Griz Member

    I have 2 forklift 33# tanks each hold a little under 8 gal of propane. I refill from my house tank. I pay $2.15 per gal on last fill-up. I am thinking on moving my 2 tanks under the bed and would sure like to see some pictures of the under bed tanks mounting.
  16. TenneSuzi

    TenneSuzi New Member

    So Griz, how do you fill from your home tank? Where did you get the lines, connectors etc? How do you guage the fill?

    I'm thinking you could run a truck all day long on an 8 gallon tank?

  17. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    lol so someone isnt paying road taxes :p
  18. TenneSuzi

    TenneSuzi New Member

    And that's legal here in the USA! No tax on an "alternative fuel". Wonder how much longer this will last...

  19. Griz

    Griz Member

    The home tank I have is small (100gal) and I take it to the propane business to fill it. This business sells hoses, fittings, tanks as well as propane. When refilling my empty truck tanks I make the hose connections, crack open the bleed valve on the truck tank (gas vapor will escape) open both ends of the fill hose and liquid propane is transferred do to pressure difference until liquid propane comes out of the bleed valve. I then close all valves and my truck tank is refilled. I am getting 30 to 35 km per gal of propane.
  20. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    hmm thats only about 18-21 mpg.
  21. hongster

    hongster New Member

    im in australia and would love to know what the part numbers are to order the same bits... WOW its such a sweet upgrade, I hate my fidleing around with the little carby- i was thinking of going efi but PROPANE(LPG) is so much better...please post part numbers or pm me with costs from USA (would i have to pay tax? since its leaving the states?)
  22. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    the biggest benefit is that its easier on town traffic for engine wear to.
  23. J.Kunze

    J.Kunze New Member

    I know this is an old post and I am a new member, but if someone is still making a kit for these, and specifically for a 1994 Daihatsu Hijet S110 (660cc), I’m very interested.
  24. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Well-Known Member

    Don't know if these are sill around but do a search for these companies Century - Impco - AllGas. I used to service and repair their conversions most everywhere in the states. Propane was widely used on all sizes of indoor forklifts and other industrial equipment/vehicles since the 1930s&40s so that may broaden your options is you prefer to utilize used parts. A lot of standby generators are set up to use propane & natural gas.

  25. J.Kunze

    J.Kunze New Member

    Appreciate the response.
    I’m familiar with propane set ups due to the off-road scene I’m in, but was hoping for a true “bolt on” with instructions, etc to make it easier.
    I’ll contact the local propane dealer (I think he is an impco dealer) and see what I can piece together and bolt up to the intake. Thank you again and I’ll hit you up if I can’t figure out the plumbing.
    I’ll have to research the stock set up further so I can know what to delete/ plug off.

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