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Picking up my Autozam Mini Dump on Tuesday

Discussion in 'Autozam' started by up-n-over, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

  2. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    I bought my old '92 from him sight unseen off his Ebay page and had it delivered by one of his contacts for $400 since I'm not that far. It was mostly a good deal but the clutch was loose and the alignment was way off. I still nursed the clutch for a good while and I probably could have gotten a little more life if I adjusted it.. He did not provide me with an original export certificate and refused to saying he didn't actually have one which he had to have had. It was actually required for NY DMV but not a big deal for them to accept a copy. YMMV in your state

    That's pretty expensive, but it is a light dump with all the options including the passenger side dash vent which normally has a block off plate.. keep in mind a little quirk with these trucks which you probably don't need 99% of the year, but. The heat only works in floor or defrost. switched to vent only the A/C if equipped or straight vent will work
  3. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    Amir is a great guy and the truck is exactly what he said that it was. When he was checking the truck out he found that it had a bad CV boot and he took photos of it before and after the repair for me to see what was done.

    He also came in to the office an hour early to keep me from being late for a customer meeting in Baltimore. I highly recommend Amir if you are looking for a mini truck.
  4. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    I did my first High(ish) speed trip in the Scrum. I have to say that it was not at all what I expected. Doing 95KPH on flat ground was not really that loud, and once you got over 75KPH the air conditioner really works well......

    Dead stable at speed with no vibrations from the steering or tires. The 3 cylinder engine vibrates a little at the middle of the RPM range, but is really smooth at speed. Great power. The gearing really works well to be able to maintain your speed on hills. The brakes will stand you on your head.

    I love this thing. I will be glad when I get the go ahead from the DMV to get a North Carolina license plate for it...
  5. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    NC DMV is not accustomed to dealing with these things, but I have to say that they are communication well with me. I think that I may be able to finalize everything tomorrow for the title...
  6. Ohkei Dohkei

    Ohkei Dohkei Active Member

    That is really nice!
  7. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    I received the go-ahead from the Theft & Recovery division of the NC DMV to apply for a title and license plate. So far, so good...
  8. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    Amir provided me with me all of the correct paperwork and everything went smooth as silk at the North Carolina DMV. Now I am officially plated and titled. Yippee!!!!

    North Carolina Farm Bureau did not even blink when I approached them to get insurance on the truck.
  9. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    By the way, the "Official Documents" listed my truck as a Mazda........
  10. VanOne

    VanOne Member

    Entirely valid way of putting it as "Autozam" was a marque of Mazda.
  11. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

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  12. up-n-over

    up-n-over New Member

    The photo above gives a little perspective on the size of a Kei truck.....

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