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overheating Sambar ?

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by yoda, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Ok ..... here goes ...first proper drive and it drives superb and the temp gauge does not go over the half way mark, but when i got back after a gentle cruise at 45-50 for 20 mins there was bubbling coolant escaping from the drivers rear corner and pissing out excess water/coolant ....yet it drove fine and didn't miss a beat ? Not had chance to check yet as its still hot

    Is it possible the previous owner filled the over flow too much as it does seem its been filled right to the top ?

    Can anyone point out where the thermostat is ?
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  2. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Afetr further investigtion to the hoses at the rear of the engine ( looking through the inspection hatch ) the top one is hot and the bottom one is cool ...... is this an airlock in the system ? when i test drove again and got back, I then removed the coolant cap ( the one behind the tailgate door ) and it seemed to spit out some air and now both hoses are hot .... any ideas ?
  3. yoda

    yoda New Member

    It isn't displaying over heating as the gauge is just under the halfway position the whole drive? ( when warmed up ) .... its just when i got back it was throwing the coolant out ? It has vents in the front vw panel to aid with cooling the radiator , there is a manual fan fitted by the previous owner to aid with cooling but seeing as though the gauge didn't go over half way i didnt use it .... Any help in the right direction guys ?
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  4. yoda

    yoda New Member

    UPDATE ....... Ever get the feeling you are talking to yourself ? lol

    After attempting to find airlocks in the system ....

    Ok test drive two ..... Not as foot heavy this time sticking to around 75 kmh and not 90
    I took it for a run and this time i switched the manual fan on and heaters ..... Got back and no leaking coolant or bubbling over ! ...... I will check coolant levels tomorrow morning .... just to play it safe ..... temp gauge more quarter to just under halfway on this trip
  5. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Ok after further testing coolant levels are staying fine and keeping a light foot and using the manual fan seems to work ..... there is an oily substance all over the tailgate though ..... ??? oil ??? not sure i have to investigate further .... I first thought it was coolant but i'm sure its oil
  6. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    yoda did you change your thermostat ? sounds to me like your thermostat is sticking. $15 dollar solution for a very frustrating situation.
    Tony--96 carry
  7. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Thanks for the reply Tony I have one on order as we speak :) after investigating further the first incident was due to me not switching the manual fan on (prev owner has wired it to a switch ) so it's not overheated since it's the spattering of oily residue on the tailgate that's worrying I'm unsure whether it's coolant or oil as yet ..... I did notice a slight oil leak but not had chance to clean up yet and check
  8. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Well tested it further and the oil on the tailgate is definately an oil leak ..... Can't have a look till next week but it's possibly the crankshaft or camshaft seal from what i have read ..... or possibly the rocker gasket .... can't tell at the moment as i need to pressure wash the underside and then test it on the ramps running to see where the leak is .....

    Any help from other sambar owners at this point would be greatly appreciated

    thanks guys
  9. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Found it ...... !

    O ring on the dipstick tube was brittle and flat ...... and the rocker gasket was weeping in the corner ..... both sorted and no oil on the tailgate since :)

    More updates when i check it after a few weeks use
  10. yoda

    yoda New Member

    long time no post .... turns out the oil was the crankshaft oil seal. Drives fine keeping under 40mph. If i do Motorway work and over 40mph ( 70 -80 kmh ) it starts to creep up and near overheat. any ideas guys ?
  11. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    Cam and crank seal leaks are common i think from people running synthetic oil, my 91 had a bad cam seal leak. My 97 i only run cheap 10w-30 base oil and add zinc additive

    As for the overheating make sure the electric fans are working. Aftermarket sambar water pumps are usually plastic impeller as well versus the oem metal impeller, plastic can wear down over time and cause poor coolant circulation. I've taken both my 91 and 97 sambar both carbureted on 6-7 hour trips at 130kmh no issues so something's up
  12. yoda

    yoda New Member

    Thanks for the tips Maximal :) i have sorted the oil leak with the crankshaft seal, the original was definately damaged.

    the electric fans are definately working as i have a manual switch i religiously have to switch on from start to keep the engine cool. If i dont it cooks . Like i said its fine driving at under 70 km/h the temp gauge stays in the middle, but if i go any higher esp on motorways ( UK ) it starts to creep up and near overheats. I have a question could it be the bottom hose of the radiator failing under high revs ? preventing the flow of coolant ? I dont know the waterpumps history so that could be my next step i guess ?
  13. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    did you try replacing the thermostat yet?
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