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Ouch, 4 very bent valves on 550 DB41T

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Koffer, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Took the head off the poor little 550 DB41T
    Got to pull the valves out hoping to be able to save the head
    4 very bent valves
    It the rest of the motor looks heathy
    The cross hatch is still visible and no ring ridge but a nice kiss mark in the piston . 9ED1094A-7BB5-4C94-8045-2BA3B91C4593.jpeg E0C01F36-EDA8-48C6-8998-CF54FCC31E3C.jpeg 85568863-3900-4B74-87D3-82A66D783A3B.jpeg 394EF3D3-237A-48E5-928D-A002D17219D7.jpeg
    Now for the pictures
  2. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    New valves installed, I was off it was 5 out of 6 bent . New head gasket and remounted . Got it together enough to start it , since I didn’t take most of it apart it’s one of those put it together and then do it again as you missed something . That fun drill but it runs . Next thing is replace all the vacuum lines as they are all shot and just fall off and probably why he was having some running issues before it snapped the belt .
    So happy I was able to get what I wanted done today .
    Since I only get one day a week to work on it hopefully I’ll be able to finish it next weekend , double check the head bolt torque set the valve lash ,button up the cooling system and hope the guy who put the water pump on did it correctly as I don’t want to go back in .
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  3. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Nice job!!! Great pics.! I think we need more of this kinda stuff on the Forum. Just my thought. Problem is numbers! How many of these projects out there? How many of these vehicles world wide? How many people willing to post, like you did? Numbers! Just my thoughts! Can't wait to see it finished, and all that you have planned for it!
  4. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Finished putting it back together,Runs like a champ Will take it back to the owner on Saturday, no extra bolts or brackets so ether I put it back together right or he lost a few things I didn’t notice were missing or needed :D
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