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Oil capacity/Replacement

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by East Barnyard, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. East Barnyard

    East Barnyard New Member

    I have a few questions,wanting to see if y'all could help me out here.
    Traded for a Daihatsu Hi jet S110 660cc 4x4, and was wanting to change the oil fluilds.

    Engine oil capacity/weight for Texas Gulf Coast weather: (Dip stick is missing, has a snug rubber cap over tubing)

    Transmission oil replacment/capacity:

    Rear differential oil replacment:

    transfer case oil replacment:
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  2. slimbad

    slimbad Member

  3. East Barnyard

    East Barnyard New Member

    Oil fluids

    Thanks, Slim
  4. dpsrmag

    dpsrmag Member

    Some things gathered from the forum

    Daihatsu - 660cc Oil Filter Air Filter Spark Plugs
    Napa FIL1360, Denso K20PR-U11, Wix 51360

    Spark Plugs = DAIHATSU EF 660 AUTOLITE# 64

    Oil Filters = Daihatsu Wix 51394 Walmart Super Tech ST7317

    Engine Oil = 10w30 or 10w40

    Gear/Transmission Oil = "SAE 75W/85W (GL-4)" for both the transmission and transfer case
    Differential-front 0.83qts. 80w-90 rear 1.34qts. 90w.

    Shocks = Daihatsu: Monroe part #32207

    Air Filter = Mitsubishi MD620584 and MR571470 cross reference to a K&N Part # 33-2740

    Tires/Wheel = stock = stock wheel is the carlisle 23x7x12 ACT
    = 13 inch wheels 4 on 100mm (3.93")
    = 1'st gen mazda rx 2-3-7 will bolt right up 4x110 Daihatsu
    = toyota tercel seem to be 4x100
    = Acura - Integra to '89
    = Audi - most models to '89
    = Audi Fox
    = BMW 1600, 2002
    = BMW - 2002, 300-series to '89
    = Chevy - Chevette '76-'87
    = Spectrum, Nova '80-'89
    = Dodge - Omni, Rampage, Aries, 024 '79-'85
    = Charger, Daytona (FWD) '82-'89
    = Honda - all (except '76-'80 Accord, Civic) to '89
    = Isuzu - Impulse, I-Mark to '89
    = Nissan - Pulsar, Sentra '87-'89
    = Opel Kadett
    = Plymouth - Horizon, TC3, Reliant, Voyager '78-'89
    = Renault - all to '89
    = Toyota - Celica, MR2, Tercel '86-'89
    = VW - Dasher, Fox, Jetta, Rabbit, Scirocco to '89

    The stock steel rims from the 1997 Nissan Sentra (13x5) fit perfectly--4x100 bolt pattern and the center bore fits snugly also
    = Offset = 5+2 offset needed for the mini trucks
    = 13 inch tires = 175/70-13 gives you a theoretical diameter of 575.2mm 22.6"
    = 175/65-14 gives 583.1mm = 22.9".

    Batteries = NAPA 8223 or Interstate Batteries YB30L-B, SYB16L-B, YB16CL-B

    Shop Manual = Nagata Technology,Inc. 847-439-0321 Daihatsu s81p, s82p-s83p-s110p $65.00+ship
  5. East Barnyard

    East Barnyard New Member


    Thanks for the info. Every bit helps.
  6. Groz

    Groz Member

    I just changed all the fluids in my 91 HiJet, not having a hoist, I was on my back on the floor, found it nearly impossible to take the filler plug out of the trany case, just too awkward, I finally did get it out so welded a 14 MM nut to the filler cap, now I can get a box end on it.
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  7. erwin.zeez

    erwin.zeez New Member

    It's got this irritating life-long infrequent
    and sporadic ring to it, that my doc says is
    gonna require brain surgery to repair. I'll
    remember my ear protection next time....
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  8. D'Animal

    D'Animal Member

    Does the S81 (550cc engine) take the same oil filter as the S110 (660cc engine)?
  9. Socal Sonny

    Socal Sonny Member

    bringing back and old thread.

    So does the 660cc Hijet take GL-4 trans/gear fluid as posted above or GL-3 as posted in a Daihatsu Maintenance manual? I keep seeing mixed results posted on this site
  10. Groz

    Groz Member

    I think that the oil is specified by your average ambient temperature, so if you live in a warmer area of the country use the thicker.
  11. Socal Sonny

    Socal Sonny Member

    anyone know the part number for the thermostat that goes on the 660 engine?
    are there any options out there for higher heat ranges? like a 185 or 190?
  12. DeereTech

    DeereTech New Member

    You don’t happen to have a master list for the S83P model do you? That would save me a large amount of time.
  13. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Gl3 is no longer available. So, your pretty much stuck with GL4.

    The rub is GL4 will attack anything with copper, such as the synchro rings on gears. It is also intended for a different cut of gear than the manual transmissions and transfer cases have.

    The GearLubes, chemically react with the metal Of the gears, and form A very thin layer which sloughs off under stress, decreasing friction.

    The different GL numbers are indicative of what additives are in there, and how, and what they react with. GL3 Was for transmissions, and typically GL4, and GL5 for differentials.

    Many manufacturers are having custom blends made up specific to their systems, and they aren’t saying if there is a standard GL formulation which will work with their transmissions and differentials.

    I would be tempted to run ATF, in the tranny, if mine ever leaks or needs to be refilled. Chrysler went to ATF in their venerable, indestructible A833 4-speeds in the seventies. Worked fine with the synchros, met all the shear requirements of a tranny which would hold up behind the 426 Hemi, and had less friction than gear lube.
  14. Zen07

    Zen07 New Member

    Hi I have a 1987 Daihatsu hijet climber and suddenly the gears won't go in easy, I thought it was the clutch but ive been told to check the transmission or gear box oil ?

    Each time I engage the clutch it makes a funny rattling noise .. not sure why that is.

    do you know were this is located ?
    thanks in advance for your help
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  15. Liberty4Ever

    Liberty4Ever Active Member

    I definitely don't want to seem unappreciative, because I greatly appreciate the information that's shared in this forum. It's infinitely greater than no information. It is frustrating though. I was hoping that there would be more parts commonality between the various Daihatsu engines, but instead of a part number for an oil filter I have four different oil filters in my Amazon cart. I'll start with one of the best brands. If it fits, I'll buy a 12 pack and no matter how many attempts it takes, I'll post my eventual success in this thread so others will know which oil filter fits a 1996 Appare Hijet with the EF-GS TwinCam 12V engine. Ditto with air filters, spark plugs, alternator belts, etc.

    I'm not a people person so I like buying online, but I'll probably be forced to take some old parts with me and talk to the guy behind the counter at NAPA.

    It'd be great if there was a sticky thread with a table listing all of the engine types, with all of the consumables used by each, including crosses to various manufacturers to make parts sourcing easier. Searching the forum is very useful but the frustrating part is this problem is more difficult than it needs to be, with sometimes conflicting information spread across multiple threads.

    If I wanted easy, I wouldn't have imported a weird Japanese domestic market truck. :cool:
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  16. JMM

    JMM Member

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  17. Liberty4Ever

    Liberty4Ever Active Member

    Thank you very much for the link to the other thread which would have been a more appropriate place for my comment. I'll make most of my reply and future comments there.

    Thanks for the link to your mini truck parts cross reference. There is some very useful info there, and I saved it in my /Hijet/Maintenance folder for future reference.
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  18. JMM

    JMM Member

  19. Noleftturn60

    Noleftturn60 New Member

    Good info Thanks

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