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New US tax on mini truck imports?

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by steve_nagoya, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. wade

    wade New Member

    Thank's that makes me feel better abought buying one. I would hate to buy another mule, rhino type vehicle.
  2. Griz

    Griz Member

    Anyone had to pay this 25% tax?
  3. pepci

    pepci Member

    We just got a load of 10 through our exporter in California and they were telling me of this 25% duty that may be coming. So far it is all rumor but I wouldn't be surprised. I was also told not to go through Seattle port as they are having alot of trouble there. I agree that we should all band together and go after this as a group to let our voice be heard.We may never get them to be street legal like cars but we may see limited use in towns and such for some uses.
  4. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    import classification

    I recently talked to a Fedral Import Specialist in Dallas,Tx.(1st. week of June,08) He said each port reads there paper work a makes a classification on imports comming though their own port. Each port may differ. Some ports see a tax on trucks and some ports dont.
    He also said that the classification was being sumitted back to the World Trade Comm.(W T C) for review and had not been ruled on as of yet. Until ruling he said to bring them in under 8709.19.0030. If you have a problem at the port, take sub heading 8709.19.0030 and show the custom officer. Make sure they are speed limited, and clean. I asked him if I could get that in black and white and he said no way. He or his office was not going to be libel. The Import Specialist also said the W T C makes the final rule.
  5. zbadboy

    zbadboy Member

    T&H, I was told something similar from my exporter in Japan. He found out it was port specific as well and mentioned Tacoma and Seattle as examples of ports imposing a tax. I agree it is how they interpet the rules/laws. My trucks come through Long Beach with no problems. So far anyway...cross my fingers.


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