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New here with Honda TN7

Discussion in 'Honda TN7 and 360' started by D4B, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Hello from the UK,

    New on here just joined having bought a 1977 Honda TN7 in need of restoration....
    I have found this forum for the Acty, is there one for the TN7 or TN360?? or shall
    I stay here?

    Any other users with a TN7 perhaps?

    Cheers Steve

    PS great site
  2. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Funny old forum this is..............

    47 views and no replies........................... ??
  3. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Hey! Welcome to the club house. We don't see many folks here with these classic trucks, perhaps that is the reason for no replies? I think there are a couple of peeps here with a 360 but I don't hear from them much if at all. What kind of shape is your truck in? Have you a lot of work ahead of you? Where do you plan to start?

    Thanks for checking us out!

  4. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your reply.... It has been out of use for many years, and is in need of some welding
    and TLC.... I will post some pics up, but is this the right place?

    Thanks Steve
  5. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member


    Yeah, this should be ok for now. I will see about adding a category or possibly changing the name of this category. The more we post on the topic the more it may draw in others with the same vehicle.

    I'm interested in what the difficulty will be in finding parts. I hope not too bad. Sounds like a fun project. Cant wait to see the pics.

  6. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    New sub forum for these trucks. Thanks Kevin!
  7. D4B

    D4B New Member


    Thanks for the sub forum!!

    Yes parts supply is proving difficult, however, I have just bought a job lot of various TN7
    parts from a fellow forum member and Honda specialist in London which is very useful....

    More to follow
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  8. D4B

    D4B New Member

  9. D4B

    D4B New Member

    So after getting the TN7 safely home on a trailer, first job was to investigate why
    there was a bulge just behind the nsf door.........


    I imagine these plates were welded on either over the top of rust or perhaps due to a
    side impact....

    I will cut it all off and remake, as you can see in these photos there is more welding to do:

  10. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Cool project. Looks to be in pretty decent shape for its age. Too bad about the rust/repair. The one thing I can't stand is rust. Its very hard to get rid of.
  11. packrat

    packrat Member

    cool looking project
  12. meerkat

    meerkat New Member

    some 1 els with 1 in england

    hi all i own a tn7 off 1977 age im also looking for parts and infor
    im mainly looking for suspension arms if any 1 has any for sale ????
    and door mirrors new fuel pump apart from that mine is complete
    ALSO looking for a early acty pick up aswell
  13. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Hi Jonathan,

    We spoke previously on the phone, I have managed to repair my bottom arms, but we will have
    to let the MOT tester decide if they are up to the job. I can help you with a pair of door mirrors
    if you still want them ~ though I see your TN7 is advertised for sale :(

    Let me know if u need

  14. midlifecrisisss

    midlifecrisisss New Member

    TN 360, Aussie style (You are not alone)

    Firstly Steve, utmost respect for the efforts you have gone to on your TN7 build.
    You've no doubt become familiar with the model and its charm.
    You are fortunate to have scored some local parts and are not-so-far from the Netherlands connection.

    I have classified 3 of my TN's as beyond help.....and they are nothing like the rust-riddled one you have ressurected.
    I've focussed on a TN3 ute (M type), while the 3 'parts donors' are TN5's.
    This features on my facebook page
    With the weeks since your last post I hope you are getting toward finished and on the road..
  15. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Yes many a day I think to myself perhaps I should have just left it there to carry on rotting!!
    But then, as you say, it's charm wins you over. I am currently struggling to find any rear wheel cylinders and brake hoses for it... might end up having to adapt something to suit :(

    Here is a link to the latest work completed ~


    Yours is looking fantastic, could have made good use of that turning spit here !!

  16. midlifecrisisss

    midlifecrisisss New Member

    Your rear brakes should be the double piston type....
    In ignorance, I ended up with a s**tload of NOS brake parts on ebay.....all of the old style :(
    Ended up getting my cylinders sleeved and rekitted....and the 3 flexible hoses (2 fronts, 1 rear) done at the same place.
    They reused the uniquely Honda ends and did a famous job.
    Are you working from a factory parts list and/or workshop manual?
  17. midlifecrisisss

    midlifecrisisss New Member

    Ask around for a brake specialist to re-sleeve your slave cylinders with stainless steel liners.
    They then can generally supply all the rubbers involved, saving on chasing RARHS Honda stuff.
    Cost something like $145 for 2 x sleeved cylinders (double piston type) rebuilt with new kits.....
    The same place may be able to make up hoses using the Honda ends (so don't throw the old parts away!!)
    Cost me $180 to do the front brake lines and $40 for the rear
    Just my luck that the next TN I bought had serviceable hoses all round...:(
    RARHS> Rare As Rocking Horse S**t
  18. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Thanks Wayne,

    I sent my old brake hoses to a place here in the UK who have a good reputation for assisting with the remanufacture
    of obsolete brake hoses for classic vehicles, and they told me they don't have the required end fittings and cannot reuse
    the old ends from my old hoses.... however, I took the old hoses to the MOT centre where the truck will go for its test, and he said they will be ok to reuse provided they don't balloon under pressure!! Obviously I would have preferred to fit new.

    I have been using the parts lists on the CMS site which are very good, and I do have the Honda TN360 workshop manual which has the supplement in the back for the TN7.

    The rear wheel cylinders are required because one of the bleed nipples sheared off, and then I had a failed attempt at drilling it out ~ so now that one is no good....

    Many Thanks
  19. midlifecrisisss

    midlifecrisisss New Member

    one of the bleed nipples sheared off, and then I had a failed attempt at drilling it out
    Is there nothing you won't have a go at!!??
    Let me know if you need another cylinder....used and most likely needing
    attention....all the wrecks have been sitting for years.
    I regard it a bonus if I can get the pistons out!!!
    Keep those prices for aftermarket hoses with reused Honda fittings in mind (I'll donate the old hoses from here).....these guys did it in a day.
  20. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your offer of help with the brake hoses, I may need to take you up on that at a later date if the truck fails its test, so hold fire for now I will let you know. Are the dollars you quote Australian or American? (Fantastic to find someone who may be able to help with this)

    For the rear wheel cylinder - YES PLEASE, I will pay the postage costs of course ~ let me know how much when you are ready.... if you have two that would be even better!

    Cheers Steve
  21. midlifecrisisss

    midlifecrisisss New Member

  22. D4B

    D4B New Member

    Thanks again ~ email sent

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