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~Mysterious~ wire harnesses plugged into nothing near EFI fuse box

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by MrJPolito, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. MrJPolito

    MrJPolito Active Member

    I have recently been scouring my S110P automatic transmission Hijet trying to find literally anything that could be messing with the transmission and making it stay in failsafe mode, and in the spirit of Halloween I've found three spooky mystery wire harnesses on the passenger side of the truck (under the seat) that are plugged into nothing.

    IMG_20211025_012833_904.jpg IMG_20211025_012501_826.jpg IMG_20211025_012454_745.jpg

    One 2-terminal connector that is green with no reciprocating harness.

    One 2-terminal connector that is white with no reciprocating harness.

    One 4-terminal connector that is white that is plugged into a reciprocating harness that only has a jumper wire (blue wire in the photos) going across only two of the terminals.

    The jumper wire seems to complete a circuit between a black wire and a yellow wire that leads to a terminal on the side of the alternator.

    Does anyone have any idea what the hell these are for or if something critical has been removed or bypassed here? Does anyone else have a jumper cable bridging the terminals of this particular harness?
  2. Clauss

    Clauss New Member

    Scoured my 1995 manual transmission Hijet a couple of weeks ago and found a number of unused wires and connectors on the vehicle. One of them is your mystery green plug. IMG_20211011_164858898~2.jpg No idea what it is for, but I have it too. In a thread on radio swapping from a couple of days ago we were talking about another unused cable behind the dash. Jigs-n-fixtures said that they used the same wiring harness for multiple vehicles and option levels. It makes sense and calmed my nerves a little as like you I was also thinking what should be plugged in here?
  3. MrJPolito

    MrJPolito Active Member

    Ah, that green harness has the exact same wire colors as mine. Good to know that one is fine.

    SAITCHO Active Member

    On my truck I have an empty connector for the factory dump bed option.
  5. This must be where our vehicles differ. My s110v relay box is between and under the seats. I don't see those specific plugs, very similar to the one with a jumper connects to my coil and uses a hard grey plastic, and a green one connects to my distributor. I show no sign of the the white plug.

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