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My honda acty!

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by themidnightgarage, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. themidnightgarage

    themidnightgarage New Member

    hey guys this is my acty:


    It's a slow project. I mostly use it to haul stuff and have fun with it. I am planning to lower it soon and convert it to 4x100 but i still need to get stuff for it! :)

    Some random videos of me and my friends having fun in the acty:

  2. r@tch

    r@tch New Member

    Hi, another Dutchie. I stumbled onto your youtube channel a while back. Fun to see you here, don't abuse the acty too much ;)
  3. themidnightgarage

    themidnightgarage New Member

    long time no update. I have had a LOT of problems with getting the car through its annual inspection. But finally its back :D

    Update video

    I am going to redo the livery so if you guys have cool ideas then let me know :)
  4. themidnightgarage

    themidnightgarage New Member

    Thanks r@tch! :D

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