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My 88 Subaru Kei vibrates like crazy

Discussion in 'Performance' started by Gary Simpson, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Gary Simpson

    Gary Simpson New Member

    while driving, my 88 Kei 550cc 5 speed 4wd vibrates like crazy. Could it be the ATV tires and wheels that came on it?
  2. Cole

    Cole Member

    Did it just start all of a sudden? Yes ATV tires could definitely cause vibration. They aren't intended to be a road tire so they are not balanced very well. Chances are that the rims they are mounted to are not balanced for them as well.
  3. Gary Simpson

    Gary Simpson New Member

    I just got it and the rims and tires came on it. It's a strong vibration and roar. The roar could be the tiges bu the vibeation feels more like engine imbalance
  4. Cole

    Cole Member

    Well it is unlikely it would be an engine imbalance. Anything like that would tear an engine apart. Usually vibration would come from tires/ wheels and driveshafts. Being that they are ATV tires that's what my money would be on. They aren't made to be a great ride they are made for off road. Street tires are built to a better tolerance since they are for on road use.
  5. Gary Simpson

    Gary Simpson New Member

    I hope it's tires and not 4wd driveshaft!
  6. Rosie the Riveter

    Rosie the Riveter New Member

    Yes! I just logged on to talk about this. My 91 Honda Acty, which had 155/80/r13 ATV tires, was having aggressive cab shake between 75-80km an hour. Also upon braking. And I couldn't get the thing to go over 60km/h into the fall wind on the highway in 4th gear. and it pulled to the left with sudden braking. It seemed dismal. I got some new bushings put in the steering center link which didn't do anything.

    I replaced the tires with 175/70/r13. Solved all three problems. ZERO cab shake. None. Nada. Ziltch. Like driving a stick of butter down the road; so smoooooooth:)
  7. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    on my hijet i get a shimmy from the right tire because the strut is just about gone. dont think there is a tap of oil left in it now. it also allows the drivers side of the truck to bottem out easier then the passengers. And i have upgraded springs.

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