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MSD on 3 cyls

Discussion in 'Performance' started by MiniBrutes, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Some of you out there say you have an MSD box on your trucks.

    How did you go about it? Standard MSD boxes are set up for 4/6/8 cyl. I contacted MSD and they gave me some setup where I have to make triggers on the flywheel and such using a motorsports box (For sleds I think)

    I dont want to go that far and am looking for an easier solution!

    Also, the next step may be MegaSquirt..... But that does generally require triggers.

    Anyone done a fuel injected swap to an older truck yet? Of course in Canada, the only FI truck we are allowed is the Supercharged Subaru. Although Subaru seemed to offer a TON of different fuel setups, I have only seen the regular and super. They do show a FI normally aspirated in the KS4 line, but I have never seen one.
  2. Dan

    Dan Member


    I have set up a few and it's not that difficult. If you have electronic ignition, there is a trigger in the distributor already. Even if it is points style, you can use the points to trigger the ignitor. Basic wiring...power and ground to the msd, pair to the coil, and pair to the trigger in the distributor. anything that was integrated into the oem ignitor will have to be run independantly. like the fuel pump relay or carb solenoids. nothing can share the power or ground to the coil once the msd is in place.

    The number of cylinders makes no difference. If you trip the trigger , it will spark... I had the same debate with the guys at MSD when i started experimenting, and all they could tell me was what they saw printed in front of them. I think the ignitor doesn't know if it's firing on #2 or #12 cylinder... If you trip the trigger, it will spark.

    Another member (me3) mentioned a different route and would use a Mopar ignitor in the same manner as i did but, spend a whole lot less.:frustration: (but he didn't get the really "cool" window stickers. ):rolleyes:

    heres a good write-up on the mopar system. click on the links within the writeup, there are some really basic diagrams to help explain the simplicity

  3. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    good to know. Now I need to tinker.
  4. 3banger

    3banger Member

    Minicab Megaquirt

    Hi Dan,

    I see there's two styles of ignition in the 3G8* engines. Did yours have points or was there a pickup (hall sensor) on the shaft of your distributer? I'm too lazy to crawl under my rig and get dirty to see mine.

    On my rx3 (rx7 electronic ignition) I ripped the ignitor out (weakest link in ignition system) of distrib and hooked the MSD right to the pickup (that the ignitor was orig connected to). It's called direct fire or DFIS incase you're googling.

    I plan on doing the same thing... ripping all the crap out of my distributer and taking the signal from the dist. shaft sensor to triggor an MSD 6A which will tell my coils (all three at the same time) to fire. It's a wasted spark setup.

    If you guys see any 3g81, 3g82, or 3g83 megasquirt info could you please please post it here?

    Thanks! I'll do the same.
  5. Dan

    Dan Member


    mine was the pickup style and i only have the single coil.
  6. wfo speedracer

    wfo speedracer New Member

    Setting one of these up now in a Mits, my distributor has 6 poles on the chopper wheel, so I am assuming it has three lost sparks per revolution, no reason the 6 cylinder setting would not work perfectly. :D

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