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Moving Seat

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by generalchicken, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. generalchicken

    generalchicken New Member

    Hey guys, im in the process of possibly buying a 1992 Dihatsu Hijet Jumbo 660, I took it for a test drive and i really like it except that it doesnt go as fast as i thought they would and the leg room, the leg room isnt terrible but im 6'1'' and 250lbs so all the legroom i can get is appreciated, so i was wondering how i could go about mounting the seat farther back into the extended portion?
    also I am curious to see what you guys think of the truck and if the price is fair, here is the description and the picture of it is my profile pic

    REDUCED! 1992 Diahatsu Japanese Minitruck. $7500 OBO. Includes $1500 worth of rims & tires. 4X4, hi/lo range, extended cab, 3cyl, 660cc, factory 110 power source, 49,000 kms. 1000 lb. cargo capacity. Call or text anytime.
    Registered for highway use. Very good little truck!
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  2. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    i moved the steering whee in my hijet. there is a thread on it with some pics in the hijet subforum. but with the jumbo cab you have the room to go back. but you stil have the issue of gettig the legs under the steering wheel
  3. KCCats

    KCCats Active Member

    I wish the search tab worked better!
    Is there any way to get a link to that?
  4. rethondatech

    rethondatech New Member

    I am 6'2 200lbs, I raised my seat up an inch and a half as there's lots of headroom, that helped alot and also I shimmed the clutch and gas pedal assemblies so they were abit farther forward.. helped alot.
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  5. Terry H

    Terry H Member

    I’d say sounds like a nice truck
  6. Chad Cataldo

    Chad Cataldo New Member

    I made these little brackets to relocate my seat bad about two inches. Whipped em up real quick. I’ll have to make a nicer set and powder coat them to clean it up. Worked out really well though!

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