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More Insurance Headaches

Discussion in 'Autozam' started by charlesshoults, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. A few weeks ago, I called Geico to get an insurance quote for the truck and I got a good quote. I called them back today to actually insure the thing, and I'm told that the truck is a style of vehicle that they can't insure. What gives?

    I called the local tag office to find out how to go from chassis serial number to VIN. They know of the trucks, but as of yet, have not needed to register any. I have to take the paperwork I have for the truck (and probably take the truck itself so that it can be inspected) so that a VIN number can be requested. For $20, the form will be sent off to Lincoln and they'll send me a VIN plate that I'll have to rivet to the chassis.

    We caught the tail end of a major thunderstorm on Saturday night and had some sizable hail, between golf ball and tennis ball size. I took a few small dents to the drivers door, but fortunately didn't lose any glass. Further north, there were reports of grapefruit hail that in a few instances, went straight through people's roofs. Shingles, sheathing, ceiling, ending up on the living room floor.
  2. Runaround

    I spent about 30 minutes at the tag agency over lunch today to get very little accomplished. My dad picked up the truck in Oklahoma on my behalf, but instead of my name, the bill of sale has his name on it. So, because he is in and the bill of sale is listed for Oklahoma, Nebraska is requiring that the vehicle be titled and registered in Oklahoma, then transferred to me. I called the Oklahoma Tax Commission to get further clarification.

    I will have to have the sheriff here perform an inspection to verify the chassis serial number and the odometer reading, recording such information on an official letterhead, then along with the bill of sale, mailed back to my dad in Oklahoma. The bill of sale must have the current odometer reading listed, along with the purchase price. The original seller left that field empty, so we may need to make some adjustments. When a title form is submitted in Oklahoma, it will cost $21.00 for a non-commercial title, $20 for the first $1500 of the purchase price plus 3.5% afterward, along with a couple other fees. The lady said that proof of insurance would be required at that time. I asked her that since I'm not able to get it added to my insurance until it's assigned a VIN, how do we go about the proof of insurance. She said it can be declared as non-use, probably for a fee, so that it can be registered so that it can then be transferred.

  3. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Sorry for getting a chuckle out of your dilemma ...I went through similar junk in Ontario..weigh scales, signed receipts guaranteeing VIN#,is it a tractor?,why does it only have 3 cylinders...blah blah....I feel your pain..I swear every year these agencies/bureaucracies get more complicated...I know it's cliche' to say .."it used to be so easy in the old days"...but it was...it really was.......

    keep up the good fight ..it's worth it:):pop:
  4. Driving

    I drove the thing to work today so that I can take it to the sheriff over lunch. I soon realized that I can't convert kph to mph on the fly, so I'm going to have to make myself a little chart. The little thing does get a lot of looks.

    When I swapped tires the other day, I didn't know what correct tire pressure was, so put 22 lbs all around. It works, but seems a little soft. I may try bringing them all up to 27 and see how it feels.
  5. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    easy way to convert km to mph...divide in half and add 10..........100kph=60.....80kph=50....60kph=40...........I find around 26 psi works fine
  6. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    lol jumping through hoops.. always fun...

    as for the kph and mph, used to driving the old trucks in miles so its not too hard for me. also my 90 e350 bus is in mph so im just used to it lol (also cheat cause its usually has the other measurement on the inside of the speedometer) :)
  7. blakkmoon

    blakkmoon Member

    for an even easier km - mph conversion
    just grab a cheap gps

    after all you have been through
    another $50 aint gonna hurt too much
    and probably cheaper than the speeding ticket

    I use mine because the different tire size throws out the speedo a bit
    and if you get a garmin ( i have tried others - they suk)
    easy to download redlight camera databases
    more potential $$avings
  8. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    i used a gps when i drove to arkansas. was just easier that way. kinda hard to stop looking at my actual speedometer at first lol
  9. Registration

    The truck is now registered in Oklahoma, although it was quite a chore. First, the tag office was consulted, the information was sent off to Oklahoma City, verified, sent back, lost for a month, found, then titled and registered. The tag office said they would need to send the information to Oklahoma City, so it was. We checked a week later and the information still had not come back from Oklahoma City. Still a month later, no information. The tag office recommended we contact OKC to learn status. OKC said that they remembered seeing the file come through, processed it and mailed it back the next day. We contacted the local tag office again and spoke to someone else, who then said that yes, that paperwork has been sitting around for quite some time. We would need to title the vehicle and register it in Oklahoma, then transfer it to Nebraska. The documents have now been mailed to me and I should be able to get it taken care of shortly.

    The tires that are on it are pretty bald, so instead of buying new standard tires, I believe I'm going to swap the shocks and springs on the front for AFCO's a bit longer and put the 23" winter tires on. Aside from that, I need to replace a tail light bulb and figure out why the windshield washers aren't working.
  10. MC5

    MC5 New Member

    i have aaa ins its really cheap
  11. absarokee01

    absarokee01 New Member

    convert speed

    Multiply by .6
  12. Well, it has taken forever, but I'm now legal to drive. I had to go to the local tag agency twice, spending about 3 hours to finally figure out what I needed to get it sorted out for Nebraska. After much hassle, I'm driving the truck daily with Oklahoma plates. I'll explain. Nebraska requires either a previous registration or an import certificate. I didn't have and couldn't get either one. So, I had to mail all of the documents to my parents in Oklahoma. They managed to title the vehicle on my behalf. It's insured through Progressive as State Farm wouldn't touch it and I've gotten it registered, so I have a real certificate of title from the Oklahoma Tax Commission. It cost, I don't remember how much to buy the vehicle itself, $97 for the registration and $165 for six months of insurance. Once I convert it to Geico and Nebraska in October, it should be quite a bit cheaper.

    I've driven the truck three times since I put the license plate on it, and I've been stopped by three people who wanted to ask questions about it. It does get lots of looks.

    Oklahoma titled the truck kind of goofy. I'm not sure anyone really knows what the things are. It's listed as a 1993 Suzuki Scrum. At least the VIN begins with DK51T. Odometer is exempt because no one can translate from Metric to US Standard.
    Last edited: May 1, 2012
  13. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    LOL...hoop jumping complete..congrats :)
  14. HardlyWarcane

    HardlyWarcane New Member

    We are luck then ! Registring mini trucks.

    We are luck then in Okanagon , Canada they have the class for the mini trucks right in the computers got a quote today of $1000.00 for the year driving under any type.
    if pleasure use only I could save another $150.00!
    My 02 Dodge 2500 is $1785.00 mind you i have all the discounts available, if not total would be $3200.00 per year!
    My 09 Ultra classic Harley was $365.00 per month again with all discounts!
    What is your yearly cost for a large bike ,car , or full size tuck to a mini???
    OKanagon Falls ,B.C.,Canada
  15. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    No problems to report in Manitoba!!!

    Here are some rates throught our public insurer. Based on comprehensive coverage (collision, fire, vandalism, theft, wildlife etc), $500 deductable, all purpose use (drive to work OK), based on living inside city of Winnipeg, no good driver discount, $200,000 3rd party liability coverage, FULL PAYMENT)

    1992 Subaru Sambar Truck 4wd - $769
    1992 Daihatsu Hijet Truck 4wd - $769
    1992 Suzuki Carry Truck 4wd - $769
    1992 Mitsubishi Minicab Truck 4wd - $769
    1992 Honda Acty 4wd - $694
    1992 Mitsubishi Bravo Van - $997

    Not sure why the Honda is cheaper than the rest of the trucks????
  16. milmor88

    milmor88 Member

    Hey I thought I would let you and others know that at least in Nebraska there is a provision where you can get a title without anything but a bill of sale as long as it was purchased before 2009...get creative with that bill of sale date...I was insured with geico for about 8 mons at 50 buck for 6 months for liability before they sent me a letter saying it was a restricted vehicle and they are dropping it. Does geico still carry you?

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