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Mini Truck in Louisiana News

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by Radar, May 26, 2008.

  1. Radar

    Radar Member

    WAFB in Baton Rouge has reported on 10pm news on memorial day that a bill has been passed in the senate to allow mini trucks on the road and Is now on the way to the house.

    They didn't give an HB number yet, but as soon as I get one I will be emailing my rep.

    I also will post up the info for any other peeps in Louisiana.

    they had John deer gators at LSU.... yeah that is not a mini truck but when the anchor was talking about it they had a Carry in the top left of screen with K-class on the side of it.

    At least they got the Icon right.
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  2. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

    I saw that on wafb also. It's SB771. Not much information is out about it yet, but I would sure love to see it get passed.
  3. Radar

    Radar Member

    I am going to call my rep Cazioux and tell him to vote yes for SB771 since I voted for him and he is supposed to be representing us.
  4. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

    Cazioux is now our US House rep. SB771 is a LA state govt thing.

    As for status, if you look up the status of the bill:

    Whatever that means.
  5. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    Probably the bill was referred to that committee for hearings and study.

  6. Radar

    Radar Member

    thanks for straightening me out. I hate making wasted phone calls heheh.
    I guess we all wait and see then.
    I bought mine for off roading anyway but hey if I can drive on the streets legaly thats a plus.

    safer than riding a motorcycle (Hit and Run Victim).
  7. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

  8. Radar

    Radar Member

    just checked on it and its blue which means its already been considered.

    where does it go from there? considered is good or bad?
  9. Bwing96

    Bwing96 New Member

    Looks as if it's being considered but there is a date at the end of 8/15/08 ?
    I wonder if this is when it will voted on ?
  10. thomasz

    thomasz New Member

    Is it look nice? I will search web.
  11. BoDaB

    BoDaB New Member

    WOOHOOO!!!! is there a way to get in touch with them and show our suport??
  12. Muse

    Muse New Member

    Go Louisiana

    Hope you guys get after them thar land lubbers, and let out the little old trucks! I absolutely love blowing buy the doors of someone up here in SD, and them just about running off the road staring that my little UTV is passing their gas guzzling hog....er...well, maybe if we compaired milage notes that wouldn't be so...er great, but hey! At least mine will go off road and down the ATV trails! Hoping you success with your legislation...
  13. Bwing96

    Bwing96 New Member

    This is the link to contacting your Rep. or Senator, plus lots of other good information.
    I have never written to anyone and don't have a way with words like some people, but would be happy to copy and paste a letter then sign my name to the bottom of it asking for their support on the passage of this bill by Senator Hebert SB771
  14. Radar

    Radar Member

  15. rfirth

    rfirth New Member

  16. Bwing96

    Bwing96 New Member

    Instrument Author Status Summary
    SB771 HEBERT PENDING IN THE LEGISLATIVE BUREAU MOTOR VEHICLES:Authorizes the use of certain mini-trucks on streets and highways, except interstates. (8/15/08)
  17. sf46

    sf46 New Member

  18. jtpc

    jtpc Member

  19. Bwing96

    Bwing96 New Member

  20. cajunsticker

    cajunsticker New Member

    whoooo nelly,

    It's passed a few hurdles, but it has a way to go. It passed the senate and is out of the house committee on transportation. It will be voted on some time in the next month and may or may not have to return to the senate if additional ammendments are recommended. Then the Govenor will have to sign it. It won't be enacted until August 15 at the earliest.

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