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mini truck for tall people?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by phal, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. phal

    phal New Member

    hi people, just registered here and for my first post I have a possibly weird question... :)

    Since seeing an old '93 Hijet at the dealers I'm basicly determined to get a japanese mini truck! But... with my 1.95m I hardly fit in a Hijet :(
    So now I'm looking for alternatives... the only one I seem to have available here is the Suzuki Carry... so i was wondering if anyone knows if it will be more "tall people friendly"? It does look more spacious in the pictures :)

    Best way ofcourse would to try but the nearest van is about 2 hours driving... and if i ask the dealer they'll probably tell me to come and take a look... and then try selling me another car ;)

  2. okaufman

    okaufman Member

    get one with a sunroof and stick your head out :)

    they will all probably be pretty simliar give or take a few inches.....
  3. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

  4. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    I have sold a few single cab trucks to guys that are 6'1".That's about as tall as you can get if you plan on sitting in there for awhile. The alternative is extending the cab, that way you can remount the drivers seat further back to fit your needs.
    The newer trucks 2000 and above do have a little more room than the 90's model.
    Suzuki Carry is pretty much the same as a Daihatsu Hijet as far as room.
  5. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    I am 6'6" (2.01m) and i fit in my dads subaru okay.
  6. phal

    phal New Member

    thanks for all the input and the links! starting to get the feeling I might have to do a yoga course before I will be able to drive a mini truck ;)

    moving the seat back might be an option... or maybe put in a low racing seat or something. guess the I won't realy know until I find a dealer who has one and go for a test drive.
  7. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, the seats are already quite thin...you are basically sitting on top of the engine! :p

    Good luck in your hunt. Let us know how it goes!
  8. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    lol it is pretty much a padded lid for you bum :p
  9. deshet

    deshet Member

    Are you saying at 6'6" tall that you fit in regular samba without issue? Do you mind a sharing your weight?

    Have you set in a hijet jumbo and is it much more comfortable? I am similar height to you but can not fit into my Honda Acty and it is the only reason why I am selling it. Have a jumbo arriving soon.

  10. jason mcbeth

    jason mcbeth Member

    I have a Sambar with extra tall cab,but w/o leg room does no good.
  11. Puro

    Puro New Member

    I'm 6'5'' and I fit in my 93 Carry just fine.
    I might have to boost the seat up an inch and slim the backrest a little given 9/10th of my tallness is due to my legs.
    But otherwise It's fairly comfortable!

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