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Mid South Sokon - Gas or Electric Available

Discussion in 'Sokon Electric Mini Trucks' started by Mid_South_Sokon, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Mid South Sokon - Selling Dealerships Now across the South East United States and the rest of America

    We are based in Memphis and are taking orders now.

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
  2. thanks for the heads up, I just fixed that error. I had mispelled it.

    Much Obliege
  3. tbp

    tbp New Member

    does the truck have a 4wd low range, or diff or axle lock? what sort of price range are we talking?
  4. The 4WD has both high and low, differential

    We are finalinzing pricing this weekend, but MSRP is 13k-15k..we provide both dealer and customer financing available.

    Booking trade shows and signing dealers now.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
  5. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    hi/low - electric or manual? have a neutral position? (for ya flat towers out there)
  6. xsaskier66

    xsaskier66 New Member

    This veicle looks like a Dongfeng Machine?????
  7. renchjeep

    renchjeep Member

    It's so light in the back that the rear tires are actually off the ground! In the picture, at least. Maybe the Chinese truck builders should look into levitation next?

    I currently own 3 Chinese 150cc ATV's built in 2005, and all 3 still run, to varying degrees. (I got a "great deal" on them!) 2 run great for driving down the dirt road I live on to get the mail, but I would NEVER try any kind of stunt moves or jumping, based on the crappy metal and shoddy welds. The third has pretty much become a parts source for the other 2. Mostly because parts are unobtainable.

    These Chinese "knock-offs" are really just money-pits. There is just about ZERO parts support, and they are crudely made.

    No offense to Chinese people or companies, but your stuff is a "one-time" shot, at best. If something breaks, you better have parts for it yourself, or just toss it out!

    I hope this latest Chinese foray into minitrucks will turn out better. But I am doubtful.

    Just so you all know, yes, I am the type who likes "different" things that set you apart from everyone else. I currently own 3 AMC Matador Coupes, one 1974 and two 1975's.

    So, not against being "different", but what does that get you when you can't actually use it and show it off?

  8. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    Good post Renchjeep. You are very smart!!
  9. renchjeep

    renchjeep Member

    Yeah, I was defending the Chinese truck products just a bit in the beginning, but now they have evaporated! I thought maybe it was time to see what they had developed, and at least give them a chance.

    Sorry, Chinese truck guys, but this is the truth............WHERE ARE YOU?

    Where are your dealers and parts support?

    I guess about the same place as my Chinese ATV parts and support department are!

    SAD disappointment, once again.

    It may be hard to find Japanese Minitruck parts, but it is POSSIBLE!
  10. renchjeep

    renchjeep Member

    WWW is great for finding ANYTHING! But it is a bit difficult to find parts for my 94(?) Mitsubishi Minicab 2wd left-hand drive at times. Especially things like tail light lenses.

    I know, it is a bit old, and lefty 2wd models were used pretty hard on golf courses and educational/government facilities. Lots of bashing and breaking of things went on, not leaving a lot of good parts around.

    Someday, I will have a newer 4wd model, and learn to drive from the right (or "wrong") side! Until then, the long parts searches will continue......
  11. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    The BUT guy sells them and he says they are just as good as the Japanese trucks. He says he has found the only good manufacturer in china. He says the electrics and the gas are both dependable. BUT stands for Best Used Tractors and it is not the answer for where you will find the owner of any Chinese Minitruck

    BUT = Buried Under Truck

    I will pay anyone to take a 90 degree corner at 35 on bumpy pavement. There is a reason why they do NOT sell 3-wheelers anymore.

    I know the Chinese mansfrs. are just taking advantage of US law (again) with this latest product. I have talked to people on the phone that have bought them.

    Interestingly enough they LOVE "it", but they mention in the next breath that "it" is for sale.

    THESE three wheel cycles are the devices that SHOULD be speed limited to 25. Isn't that the funny part.
  13. Socal Sonny

    Socal Sonny Member

    why is this tread still open? does anyone even own a Sokon?
  14. Why ... in hopes that someone actually chimes in someday .... actual vendor and/or dealership, maybe a owner :D

    I'm still waiting :confused::mad::rolleyes:
  15. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    We have started carrying parts for these trucks since most of the Chinese truck owners can never find parts and to be honest I am shocked at how many of these are actually out there
  16. Hii, theo mình thấy thì đây không hẳn là sự việc tệ, đáng tham khảo. Cảm ơn nè!

    Mình cũng đang nghiên cứu này, bạn xem thử: mẹ bầu nên ăn gì , thai 4 tháng

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